Bleach Veiled Moon Chapter 5 WIP


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Wheeljack said:
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Wheeljack said:
One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone?á I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
What do you mean sudden? Unless you mean taking away the limp noodle you gave him and replaced with his canon self. Never understood why you changed him with the minor screentime he had and no indication of a difference in Minato's past.

Sorry, but stopping the canon sparring with Miya for absolutely no reason when in canon he didn't mind irritated me.
I went off Uzume stopping or allaying Minato's fears in canon as a basis for this. It was her that said Miya is used to this stuff (and likely he trusted her in already knowing Uzume was a Sekirei by that point). <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'></a>

Without Uzume there at this moment in this timeline he overreacted.
I can see your line of reasoning, except the problem with that scene is that Uzume wasn't stopping Minato from interfering. He was still trying to figure out if he should interfere or not. And they had already started sparring by the time Uzume had reassured him, so by the time he would have decided to step in they'd have already sparred long enough to see that Miya wasn't in any danger.

At least that's my interpretation.

And personally, I never saw Minato as spineless. He hasn't failed to act when he's sure of the right thing to do, like rescuing Kusano. But he is indecisive about some stuff. I don't know if that's what you're thinking of with saying spineless though. When I think spineless, I think original anime Shinji Ikari or Shinji Matou.


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So, gotta wonder. Will the Nazi Quincies be showing up in this fic? I'd think that they'd probably be perfectly happy to snatch up a bunch of Sekirei to use as expendable foot soldiers for their war with Soul Society.


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Ichigo will need his powers back if they do show up all the way in Tokyo. That remains to be seen if he will get his powers back at all for the duration of this fix. A soul reaper using his/her powers for living world matters would probably not sit well with Yamamoto.

Though being able to protect Uzume from hollows would help matters immensely.


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nick012000 said:
So, gotta wonder. Will the Nazi Quincies be showing up in this fic? I'd think that they'd probably be perfectly happy to snatch up a bunch of Sekirei to use as expendable foot soldiers for their war with Soul Society.
At this moment, no as the new arc is still too new to get a good grasp on the new players in town. Also, Bleach has a massive cast as it is, and we have a good size one for this fic already, including characters we have not touched on yet so right now we don't want to add any more than necessary.

That could, of course change if we see something we like, but that is far down the road at this time.


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Yup, plus I'm willing to bet WheelJack and Ghost have their hands full with enough potential plot material.


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And they still haven't confirmed, or implied, anything about the Fullbringers.


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Nor do we intend to anytime soon.

Mebbie. :ph43r:


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Another post to say we're alive over here. So not really checked for spelling or any real fixings, another rought as hell post until we fixed it for the final post. But hey, progress! We're actually almost done with this chapter so expect more soon.

For now, BEWBZ.


A Few Minutes Ago...

Uzume looked at Ichigo and Minato's retreating form, confusion on her face at why her ashikabi was insistent on talking with him.

"Stay here with the others and don't let them come up yet," he had said as he near dragged away the other ashikabi.

She took in a deep breath through her knows and blew it out, the matter of what had happend not five minutes ago returning to her and causing her stomach to clench. Looking down the young spritely girl identified as a Sekirei was also watching where the boys had left to before a concerned look on her face replaced her own confusion. Taking a quick glance outside Musubi was also looking where the two had lead off to, blinking as flower petals continued to dance around her.

"Hey there," she said gently to the young Sekirei and getting her attention as she lowered herself down. "What's you're name?"

The young child's eyes widened as she took a step back, uncertain. "K-Kuu is Kuu's name".

"Ah, how cute," Uzume said honestly, happy to have something to take her mind off her current problems. Unbiddenly she brought a hand up to tousle the girl's hair and giggled at the sight.

After she took her hand back the girl looked back at the direction where the boys had disappeared to. "O-oniichan," she said and sniffled.

"There, there," Uzume had said, trying to calm the girl. "It's ok."

The young girl sniffled once more and was about to say something when they heard someone else approaching and turned.

"Eh? Did he go this way or...?" Muttered Ikki as she came into view, her robe slightly disheveled but showing nothing innapropiate. "Oh hi there!" she chirped as she caught sight of Uzume and Kuu.

"Um, hey" Uzume said, standing up and unsure now what to do. "Where's Miya?" she asked when she noticed the newcomer was by herself.

"Oh she's lookin' over Nanaha-chan," Ikki answered. "She said she needed some quiet to do so, so here I am checkin Ichigo-sama's place."

"-sama?" Uzume parroted, head tilting.

"Eh heh," Ikki blushed slightly. "Well... I do owe him Nanaha-chan's life and he's my Ashikabi now so..." she paused. "Oh wait, I should call him Ashikabi-sama right? Or maybe Husband?" Her blush deepened at that, "Oh jeez... no I better just call him Ichigo-sama for now don'tcha think?"

Uzume blinked a few times, processing what her sister Sekirei had stated. "Haaah~?"

Ikki nodded to herself, "Yeha, Ichigo-sama is the best for a man like him. Anyway Uzume right? I'm-" She cut off suddenly her attention pulled to the back yard. "Oh wow, what's that?"

Uzume turned, wondering what -

Oh yeah.

Outside the petals continued to fall as Musubi once again began to twirl around, laughing at the scenery around her. "So pretty..." Ikki muttered in wonderment. She blinked as she noticed Musubi twirling around under the tree, "Hey Uzume, who's that?"

Uzume blinked turning to Ikki, "Who Musubi?"

Ikki frowned, "Musubi huh? So Ichigo-sama has more sekirei than I thought..."

Uzume shook her head, "No, wait there-"

"That means I've another sister I've yet to meet!" Ikki spoke up suddenly, cutting off her sister sekirei. "'Scuse me a sec, I'll be right back!"

Uzume blinked as Ikki then proceeded to hop towards a piroutting Musubi. "Hey wait-!" Uzume cried out futily. She sighed as Ikki quickly closed the distance betwwen her and Mussbi. "Well, this might be interesting." At her Side, Kuu blinked up at the elder sekirei in confusion while sending worried looks up the stairs.

Outside, Ikki cautiously made her way towards the bouncing girl dressed in an outfit that seemed designed to invoke mikos. Almost unconsiously, the injured sekirei couldn't help but to size up the new girl. She was... healthy to say the least. Cute too. Not as cute as her maybe but... well that wasn't important now.

What was important was making a good impression, this was her new sister after all. She smiled brightly as she tapped Muusbi on the shoulder, making the energetic sekirei halt her pouncing. "Hi there!"

Musubi turned to her, blinked and smiled. "Hi!" she chirped, raising her hand.

"Having fun?"

"Yes," she said, nodding.

"That's good, that's good," Ikki nodded folding her arms under her breasts. "It's nice to see my newest sister sekirei knows how to enjoy herself."

Musubi then paused, blinked, and then brought a finger to her chin and tilted her head. "Sister Sekirei?"

"Of course!" Ikki chirped, unfolding her arms and patting Musubi on her shoulders. "As of this mourning we're sister sekirei! Fighting to win this game and protect our beloved ashikabi!"

Musubi took up a wide stance pose and brought her hands up in the air, making fists. She then brought them down into a determined pose and gave a hard nod. "Yes! We'll give everyhing for Minato-san!"

"That's Right!" Ikki cried. "We'll train, we'll fight, we'll win, and we'll give Minato-sama all the love he so richly deserves!"

In the house, Uzume watched, her mouth hanging open and a hand weakly held up with her index finger pointed upwards.

"Yes!" Musubi chirped, her eyes burning with determination. "Together we can win this game and be with Minato-san forever and forever!"

"Hahaha!" Ikki laughed confidently. "I can just tell you and I are gonan get along beautifully Musubi-chan!"

"I think you're right Ikki-chan!" Musubi responded. And at that, Ikki let out a long confident laugh.


"By the way," Ikki suddenly spoke up. "Who's Minato-sama? Is that Ichigo-sama's last name?"

Musubi turned to blink at her a few times before shaking her head. "Minato-san is Minato-san!"

In the house Uzume had facepalmed, making a few choking noises while Kuu looked upon the others before turning to look at the stairway once more.

"So is that a yes or a no?" Ikki asked. "'Cuz I'm not sure what a Minato-san is."

"Minato is her ashikabi" Uzume called out, removing her hand from her face. Our Ashikabi is Ichigo Kurosaki".

"Oh!" Ikki nodded in understanding. "So she's not Ichigo-sama's ashikabi! Thanks sis!"


"Wait what?!" Ikki rounded back on Musubi. "You mean you aren't one of Ichigo-sama's sekirei?!" Musubi had her hands clasped under her chin as she shook her head. "B-B-But I thought this was Ichigo-sama's home!" Ikki cried out. "S-So you're... you're my enemy, Musubi-chan?!"

Musubi brought her index finger up to her chin again for a second before her eyes widened. "Ah!" she shouted like she had made some connection

Uzume, having seen that look before had a strong sense of deja vu before quickly hopping out. "Hey, wait! Remember what Miya said!"

"It's too cruel!" Ikki continued, unaware of Uzume's words. "To befriend an enemy in such a matter... it's just so cruel! Is this my fate?! To fight my friends in such a matter?!"

Musubi however deflated. "Uuuu" she moaned dejectedly.

"I know, I know," Ikki nodded, not understanding why Musubi was becoming deflated. "But such is the cruelty of the game my friend. But know this, when we fight I'll give you nothing less than my best! And I expect you to do the same my friend-tunred enemy!"

Musubi's eyes glistened at hearing the challenge. "Yes! Musubi will always give it her best!"

Ikki nodded, extended her hand out towards Musubi, "It's a vow then! Once I'm fully recovered we'll have ourselves a fair and hounerable duel that only us Sekirei can have! Agreed my friend turned rival?!"

"Yes!" Musubi chirped, taking her hand and shaking it.

Uzume stood several feet away from them and the several from the genkan behind her, mouth still somewhat open at what she just witnessed before closing her eyes and took a deep breath.

And then something else happened as another sound came out.

Both Ikki and Musubi blinked in sync, hands still clasped together as they both turned to find Uzume laughing, her shoulders shaking heavily before slapping her knee. "Oh man" she got out as she then brought her arms to her stomach. "Oh wow, I think I needed that" she said before then turning around. "Right Kuu? Kuu? She looked around before noticing the spritely girl was gone.


Ichigo sighed though his nose as he tightened his mouth while he sat at the table with his arms rested on the tabletop. Surrounding him were Minato to his right with his newest Sekirei hanging off his right shoulder and Musubi to his right. Uzume was to his left with Ikki next to her as all of them sat stiffly as Miya's lecture continued.

"Is there an issue Kurosaki-san?" Miya asked, immediately zoning in on Ichigo, having heard that sigh.

"Outside of a misunderstanding I don't believe so," Ichigo answered. "Sorry 'bout earlier again," he said turning to Minato.

"I-it's ok really," Minato replied. "Do- don't mention it" he continued, trying his best to not shiver as his eyes were rivited on the Landlady.

"Hnn" Kuu shivered next to her, her eyes wide as she stared at the landlady as well.

"Now. I have no idea what transpired in the yard nor what happened to cause the mess in your room, Kurosaki-san" she said, however she stared at Minato at this part. "But finding dirt and leaves and other things that belong outside is too much. I do not think you all want me to repeat what I have already said once before about No Violence in Maison Izumo now, do I?" she said chillingly, the temperature of the room seemingly dropping a few degrees.

About everyone at the table shook their heads, not wanting to anger the landlady further.

Ichigo just sighed through his nose again, irritated. The kid was really something else. She had come in and before he realized it vines burst forth from her hand to ensnare him which left him hanging upside down and boucning. Shock gave way to irritation and he ended up breaking the vines to a hard landing.

He shook his head at the absurdity at it now. Not even when he-

"Kurosaki-kun," said again, putting extra emphasis this time.

"Yes?" Ichigo said before Uzume suddenly grabbed hold of him. "H-Hey!" he shouted, surprised at her sudden movement. Before he could tell her anything he caught her terrorfied expression. Huh?

He turned to see Minato with the near shame expression with Musubi and Kuu holding on tightly to him.

"HUUUuuUU! HuuuUUUU!" Kuu whined as she buried her face in his shoulder.

He turned to look back at Miya who was staring at him with a tight look on her face, eyes closed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, confused.

Miya's eyebrow only continued to twitch harder.



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The young man let out a bitter grunt and uncerimoniously chugged down his beer, slamming the empty bottle onto the table as he wiped his lips irritably and gave a slight glare. For the thousandth time he cursed at the swill he drank that failed to make him forget about the earlier failed atttempt to claim that sekirei as his own. For the thousandth time he cursed her ability to manage to elude him. He knew it was useless to sit here drowning himself in self- pity and whisky this early in the day, but that was all he felt like doing. Even the heavy metal gituar session he had last night had come close but couldn't vent all his rage.

Junichi Tanigawa was seated in a corner booth in his small pub in lower Teito, one of the seedier parts of the tecnological city. Techicily, the pub wasn't his, not yet at any rate. It had opened by his father with some of the huge fortune that he had amassed in his career in the hopes that it would assist his son in possibly preparing him for a future in his orginization. At least that's what the man told Junichi. Both men knew, however, it had been more something to keep him distracted than for any financial or educational reason.

Yet and still, now even this seemed dull and lifeless. Ever since he had heard about 'the game', nothing could satify the lone Tanigawa heir. It was just as well, a man like Junichi needed a hunt, someone or something worth investing his time and effort in. And it was safe to say that the Sekirei game was that. Even without it, he would've held no intrest in this place outside of whatever spending money he could get out of the dive.

It was too early for people to start filtering into this bar and there wouldn't be that many even when they did. So Junichi was somewhat surprised to hear the door open and close and the bartender greet someone. Not surprised enough to actually pay attention but enough to open his eyes. Then he saw the reflection in the whisky bottle and his head snapped up.

"Hey Junichi," came the rough, scratchy voice. Junichi grunted slightly despite the man's tone.

"Yagami. Here to tell me you found her?" Junichi asked as he motioned for another glass.

Yagami shook his head at the drink and sat across from Junichi, a small frown on his face. "Not yet, but it's not like she has alot of places to hide. Maiko's sweeping the streets for her as we speak."

"Good good," Junichi nodded as he motioned the bartender, an old scarred street fighter, for another round. "The sooner we find the bitch, the sooner we can make up for lost time."

Yagami shook his head as the bartender gave Junichi another bottle, "Y'know Junichi... there're other sekirei out there. Ya don't need to keep huntin this one down."

Junichi stared at him for a moment. "I'm sorry," he began, his voice going a bit deeper and rougher. "I... I don't think I heard you right. Did you tell me what I need and don't need to hunt?"

"N-no, 'course not!" Yagami replied, waiving his hads in a warding motion. "It's just... y'know I... I ain't never seen ya get so... focused on one person is all."

A slow evil smile spread across Junichi's face as he rose his beer bottle to his lips, "There's a reason for everything, Yagami." He paused and took a swig of his beer. Letting out a contented groan, he continued. "I have special plans for this chick, Big and special plans."

"So what'cha got in mind?" Yagami asked.

"That's on a need to know basis," Junichi's smile faded and his hard glare returned. "And you don't need to know. Get it?"

"Got it." Yagami nodded.

"Good," Junichi nodded and took another swig of his beer. "Now get your ass out there and find my girl Yagami. I'll be right behind ya in a sec."

"R-right," Yagami nodded in agreement. "I'll see you out there then."

"Later," Junichi replied as Yagami got up from his seat and left. He closed his eyes, hearing the almost-silent movements of the bartender going back to his position and ignoring them. Soon... that sekirei would be his soon. It was a mater of time before he stole those lips and that girl finally accepted her position beneath him. Oh... the thing he'd do to her to make her accept that fact... after all she had done to him... Junichi smiled in anticipation as memory stirred, and he recalled the day when he learned of these Sekirei, and the sweet promise of a super-powered woman bending to his every want and need.
Teito. Late afternoon, Two months ago...

The sound of a shot glass hitting the bar countertop quietly echoed around the nearly empty bar. It was still relatively early in the afternoon and several employees were busy sweeping and mopping the floors or in the middle of restocking the bar and talking amongst themselves.

If Junichi had cared about listening to those around him he would have heard about the grumbling about how cold the weather had been recently but he hadn't. He was currently enjoying the slight buzz that had been building as the shot had warmed his insides as he sat alone. It was snowing again. Nothing major, but still an inconvient amount was falling down upon the streets of Teito. It was just the right kind of day for a man to be alone with his thoughts, or want to be drunk enough to forget them for a while at any rate.

And Junichi was in the mood for the latter.

Junichi felt himself bristle as he remembered how the day started, but was able to keep his composure. The latest girl he had been fooling around with had forgot to mention the little detail of her boyfriend returning from an extended leave that day, and he had to deal with some dip who couldn't keep his chick on a leash. Like it was his fault she wanted a real man to mess around with for a spell. Still, she was more trouble than she was worth and it gave him the perfect excuse to drop her like a bad habit.

Meh. He had been getting bored with her anyway.

If his old man had heard about it, all he'd do is give him a stupid look and go about his... 'business'. Junichi snorted as he looked around his father's bar. Even now, the old man was still trying to get him to learn 'responsibility' by having him more involved in his business. Even now, he was pretty much here supposed to be overseeing the place and keeping things in order before opening later. He snorted again, thinking of the few advantages of doing so as he grabbed the bottle and filling his shot glass before downing it post haste.

With that, his thoughts again turned to his current situation. If nothing else, he could hit up a cabaret girl and at least have some company to get good and buzzed with. Of course... that meant no free booze and where was the fun in that? And so, Junichi sat, killing his liver all the more and wishing for something... anything interesting worth doing.

And with that his eyes narrowed as he felt a bit of cold air, a sign that someone had opened the door. He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and waited to either hear the employees tell whoever it is to leave as the bar isn't open or it to be some other worker who was late. Well, if a worker was late, putting the fear of god into someone would be something to look forward to doing...

Hearing nothing he brought himself out of his fantasy and turned and found the first face to be an old friend of his. A bit tall for the average Japanese, he was wearing jeans and a burgundy jacket and hoody. Shaggy black hair with brown highlights fell from his head and a bit of stubble surrounded his chin. Smiling broadly he smacked his arms, ridding it of some snow and raised an arm in greeting.


'What the hell is he so happy about?', Juinichi mentally muttered as he craned his head to see who else came with him and nearly gasped.

And for the first time that day, Junichi found that he could not think about anything.

She had crimson red hair, and her beauty seemed almost otherworldly. Her slim proportion and features made him think of someone from Europe if Junichi was forced to guess. Her hair came down to her hips, and she pushed a irrant strand behind her ear. Her beautiful alabaster skin, which was white as snow from what was not covered, was remarkable. Her green eyes were bright enough to light the dim bar without even trying, and her outfit could not conceal the fullness of her figure despite it's best efforts.

Beautiful, thatÆs the only way to describe her in one word. ThatÆs the only word you needed to describe her, he mentally reaffirmed as he refilled he glass and took another quick shot to moisten his dry mouth. She was dressed in something that might have been an outfit for a prestigous private school, and was clinging to Yagami's arm as if he was her soul mate.

"Ok man," Junichi said after giving the girl on his arm a long stare. "Who's this and do I need to worry 'bout the cops showin' up here?"

"Cops?" Yagami snorted and gave the girl on his arm an amused smirk. "Heh, check my boy out here. You're so gorgeous that its a crime!"

The girl simpy giggled in response, causing the staff to simply groan and roll their eyes at the cheeze oozing from Yagami's line. Junichi simply gave his friend a half lidded look, "Ohhh kay, now I know you got her on something, cuz ain't no drug free woman falling for that BS. 'Specially from you."

"Ah! You wound me, Junichi!" Yagami sighed dramaticly with a hand at his heart. "And here I was set to introduce you to my new wife!"

"Uh..." Junichi stared askewed at Yagami before then looking back and forth between him and the crimson haired beauty. "Ok, seriously. How drunk am I now?"

"Allow me to introduce myself," The red head spoke up suddenly. She gave Junichi a small bow, and as she rose she gave him a polite smile. "I am Rias, Number-" she pauses suddenly, her hands covering her lips. "Oh dear, I almost said it."

"Oh hoh, that was a close one there babe," Yagami nodded in agreement. "We don't want you-know-who on our heads."

"Um," Junichi began in an irritated tone. "One of you two mind explaning what the fuck's goin' on here? I had a nice buzz going here and you're starting to ruin it."

Yagami chuckled as he leaned in close and put an arm around Junichi's shoulder. Still grinning, he spoke to his friend in a whisper loud enough to still be heard by others. "Bro, I got some news for ya, but you gotta keep it quiet. Life and death kind of thing. Trust me."

Junichi looked at his friend at the corner of his eye and was about to push him off and yell at him for bugging him but there was something in that smile that intrigued him. His eyes turned to Rias and took her in again before looking back at his friend. Standing up Yagami took his arm back and Junichi turned to the employees. "Take an early lunch, and make sure you lock the door on your way out!"



That was all Junichi could say as he reguared the couple before him. He felt a surge of absolute shock move through him as he regarded the stupid grin on his friend's face. His stomach clenched, whether in unease or in jealousy he could not say. The only thing he *could* acknowlege was that he had to get in on this somehow. If this was legit that was.

"I know right?" Yagami preened as Rias snuggled into his arm, her eyes closed as she smiled contently by her ashikabi's side. "I mean I wouldn't have belived it if I hadn't seen my sweet little Rias react in front of me like she did. After I winged her, we've been at it like rabbits man. She's the best girl I've ever had! And she's gonna love me forever no matter what?! It don't get no better than this!"

"Bullshit," Junichi snorted. "It's shocking enough to see a dude like you with a piece like Rias. But superpowers? Partnership? Who the fuck're you tryin' to kid here Yagami?"

Yagami's grin just grew all the more, "So ya want some proof dude?"

Junichi nodded, "Yeah, I'd like some proof. Make her fly, or shoot heat rays from her eyes. Hell, have her fire a Kamehameha for all I care. Just give me some proof you ain't blowin' shit outta yer ass."

"As smooth as always," Yagami chucked. He gave a shrug of the shoulder that Rias laid on. "Hey honey, wake up." he said softly.

"Mmmm?" Rias moaned as she began to wake up. "What is it, my love?"

"My friend want us to put on a show for your peoples," Yagami explained. "So, let's put on a show."

"Anything for you My dearest Yagami," Rias said in a loving tone. It was all Junichi could do to keep from gagging, his morbid curiosity holding his lunch down enough to see what the hell Yagami was going to do.

Rias let go of her ashikabi's arm and took a seat in his lap, causing Yagami to leer at her slightly. "Anything for me... god you say the sweetest things sometimes Rias." As her arms wrapped around his neck, Yagami gave Junichi a small look. "Better stand back, man. I dunno if what she's about to do's all that safe."

Junichi snorted agan but stood from his seat, crossing his arms as he stood at their side. Yagami nodded at his friend, "Get ready to have your mind blown." That was the only warning Junichi got as Yagami's lips softly met her ashikabi's.

And it was all Junichi could do to keep his jaw from dropping to the floor.

All he could do was stare as he saw her body had arched backwards away from Yagami, and something like black fire suddenly conversed on a point below the back of her neck and suddenly exploded outward. Many long, ovals of dark flames spread away from her at that point, 'like feathers', he would think later intensified for a moment before disappearing completely.

She tilted her head slightly as they broke the kiss and the flames died out. Rias' smile widened as Yagami tenderly stroked her cheek. "Number Sixty-Two, Rias", she said. "I am your Sekirei, and I will love you, now and forever."

"Ho-lee shit!" Junichi shouted "What the fuck,what the fuck,what the fuck,what the fuck,what the fuck?!?"

Yagami laughed at Junichi's reaction, "I know right?! Ain't my Rias the best?!" He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "C'mon babe, show him what you can do!"

"Of course my dear," she replied and extended her arm out towards Junichi. Who had to jump back as her hand suddenly was alight with purple fire.

"Oh my fucking god!!" Junichi almost screamed. "Are you serious?! Are you fucking serious right now?!"

Yagami just laughter just grew at Junichi's reactions. "So fucking serious bro," Yagami replied as the hand that was stroking Rias' cheek went down her back. He gave his sekirei a brief nod, at witch the hand ignited in amethyst flame was quickly put out as fast as it had been ignighted. His free hand claped her outstreched hand tightly, and she kissed his temple as he looked to Junichi. "Belive me now?" he asked with a cocky grin.

Junichi responded to Yagami's grin with a matching one, "I belive... that you need to hook you best bro up ASAP."
It had been nearly a week after his talk with Yagami and his Sekirei when he saw her.

In the park, alone, there was this girl wearing a white sailor fuku, black thigh high leggings and a long blue head band over her light orange hair, appearing almost pink in the afternoon sky. He could see that she was smaller than him, and rather cute. But what gave her away was this utterly ridiculously massive hammer that was near her, something he was sure no human could lift easily, but had seen her set down with no look of exertion on her part.


Wasting no time he walked up to her, his hands running through his hair to straighten it out before putting one hand into his coat pocket. Hearing someone approaching she stopped and her eyes widened slightly.

"Hello. Nice day, isn't it?" He said smoothly with a nice smile.

"Um," she got out, taking a step back before blinking. "Yes, it is," she then answered.

"Everything ok?" He asked, tilting his head as he smiled to look as unthreatening as possible.

"S-sure. No problems whatsoever," she said before smiling back.

Nice. Very nice. he thought. "Say, would you happen to have some free time? I know this restaurant nearby and if you want we could have a bite to eat," he said while thumbing the direction.

Her eyes widened and doubt suddenly filled her eyes. "I don't know..." she said hesistantly.

He then suddenly moved forward to grab her hand and her eyes widened and gave out a small gasp as he clasped it. "C'mon", he said, his smile becoming slightly tight. "I'm sure you'll like it".

"Uh, I, well," she said, completly unsure what to do.

"It'll be no problem at all. It's all on me", he said as he pulled her closer.

Her mouth trembled as she then suddenly pulled back. "I'm sorry, I gotta go" she stuttered to him as to his surprise she hopped back to her hammer and in one swift motion holstered it before turning and jumping off.

"Wow", he found himself muttering before his awe was replaced with a bit of irritiation.

So close.


That one, he thought as he turned around and walked away, both hands in his pockets, his smile now completely gone. That's the one I want. he knew.

Almost gone, as his mouth twisted slightly.

They'll be other times.

Junichi felt a surge of absolute cold move through him as his memories faded, a snarl playing across his lips as he angarly finished off his bottle of beer quickly. Stupid, he had been so goddamned stupid with how he had been going about this. He tried to treat that damned broad like she was a human. He tried to woo her with sweet words, dinners, gifts, anything and all he got for his trouble was a stuttered applogy and the frail looking ailen running off.

'That's it,' he growled in thought. 'The kid gloves are now officially off ya damned bitch. It's time you learned your goddamned place.' Clenching his teeth in a growl, he threw the empyt bottle hard at the door. The sound of shattered glass reverberating throughout the scarely populated bar.

"Oy," he barked out. "Get some to lean that up." He stood suddenly, the growing buzz fueling his anger and determination. "I'm out."

'Yashima... when I next get a hold of you, I'll make you mine.' Junichi thought to himself, slamming the door closed behind him as he left the bar. 'No more waiting. No more bullshitting around it. You're mine.'

The breeze idly played with her strawberry blonde hair as Yashima watched the sun beginning to set. She sat on her hammer, set on the ground with the handle facing straight upward, the massive dual heads large and tall enough to be used in that fashion. The relatively thin handle was to her right, and she leaned against it, her head tilted a little further so her head rested against it as she watched the day coming to its end.

It was a spectacular sight. The colors and the clouds beginning to give the sky a orange colored hue was a breathtaking image to behold yet her thoughts had been centered on other things. She sighed as she brought her legs up and curled them a bit, her now common feelings of loneliness her only companion as she looked up to see an airplane in the distance, its dark contrasting against the orange sky as it grew further and smaller into the distance.

After she had left her hotel there had been a rush, a new set of purpose that had filled her after taking the time to review what she seen in her dreams. That man, that orange haired man had to be her Ashikabi. She had heard about the possibility of a Sekirei's mind being able to 'see' the one for them, but up until this morning all she had seen in the past was the weird dream of that strange sideways place, a dream that she had several times, but this was the first time she had seen him in it.

All through the day she had searched, both atop buildings and on the streets, anxious to find him. He had to be easy to spot out. He had been tall with a shock of orange hair that wasn't common for this country. And there had been that look on his face; that disgruntled scowl that had also been nagging at her. She had made her though half the ward, doing her best to keep on move on while watching everyone.

It was so strange at the same time. This energy, this set of need. She knew she wasn't the most outgoing of people, but it had been different today. Well, almost different. But it was a start.

However in the end, there had been no sign of him so she sat atop her hammer on the ceiling of a ten story building, deflated and tired. A part of her chided herself, that things couldn't be done in a day. It may take several. The ward she was in, not to mention the entirety of Teito, was just too large to cover in a single day. Several weeks, maybe, but not a day. Yet with this came another familiar feelilng.

One that kept her stomach churning when she didn't want it to.


He had found her again. She didn't know how, but he had always managed to catch up with her in some way or another over the last two months, and each time she had left him. However, each time seemed to be a little harder than the last in some fashion.

She looked up again at the faint stars that were beginning to make themselves known and remembered that first encounter.


She had been in a park, somewhat tired after another day of no results and chiding herself for choosing the spots with the least amount of people. She knew she had to get in there and interact more, but each time she tried she found herself pulling away to the rooftops. She sighed, the empty feeling in her stomach picking up again. If only Maki and Ku-

She stopped and stiffened as she heard someone approaching and turned around quickly, her eyes widening as she saw a man walking up to her.

"Hello. Nice day, isn't it?" He had said with a smile..

She took a step back, not quite unsure what to do. 'Calm down, she told herself. Stuff like this is what you're supposed to be doing. "Um, yes, it is," she answered.

"Everything ok?" He asked, tilting his head.

"S-sure. No problems whatsoever," she said before smiling back. See? He just wants to see if you're okay. No biggie/

"Say, would you happen to have some free time? I know this restaurant nearby and if you want we could have a bite to eat," he said while thumbing the direction.

Her eyes widened. ' he asking me out. Maybe this could be... no, I don't feel anything' she thought as doubt settled in her mind and uncertainty filled her. "I don't know..." she said hesistantly.

He then suddenly moved forward to grab her hand and her eyes widened and gave out a small gasp as he clasped it. "C'mon", he said, his smile becoming slightly tight. "I'm sure you'll like it".

"Uh, I, well," she said, her mind freezing up and now completly unsure what to do.

"It'll be no problem at all. It's all on me", he said as he pulled her closer.

'Is... is he?' her mind panicked as she felt herself almost unable to pull away. Was this how it was supposed to be? Wasn't she suppsoed to make sure that she felt something? Her eyes widened as if in slow motion she was pulled closer...

A strange place filled her mind, both unclear and clearer than what she had seen before. A blue sky, she was certain, surrounded her and she found hersef on what looked to be some kind of glass, almost as if what she was on was some kind of building but... sideways? It was difficult to tell, as she could only make out the scenery up to ten feet around her before it started to get fuzzy.

But that feeling that came with it....

With a sudden bout of strength she pulled back and her mouth trembled as she managed to speak. "I'm sorry, I gotta go" she stuttered to him as she hopped back to her hammer, holstered it before turning and jumping off to put some distance between them.

That scenary that she had seen in her had up to that point hadn't been so strong, and she had first seen it a month prior to that encounter, about three or so months now.

If that image hadn't presented itself to her head, if that strong wave of... something, hadn't filled her, she was certain she might have been winged then and there. Instead, she had run.

She hadn't paid much attention to that encounter, other than how hard her heart had been racing and what had filled her mind and the wrongness she had felt when that man had pulled her to him.

Little did she know that wasn't to be her last encounter with him.

He had found her a few weeks later in a different ward, again trying to calmly woo her, in fact being nicer and not quite as grabby as he had been that first time.

And again she had felt it. That this man wasn't the one for her.

She had tried, politely, to back away and he had let her, waving and smiling to her and she had smiled back as she left.

Only to encounter him again the next week.

And again and again and again over the next two months.

Each time had been different, and each time he slowly seemed to change. In the beginning he had been nice and tried to woo her with food and with gifts at certain times, and each time she had politely refused him. As time wore on he had slowly been getting more curt, sometimes a bit more grabby, wanting her to follow him to whereever he had wanted. Each time had her heart racing and her stomach clenching as she had several times found herself nearly going with him before managing to get away once more.

She did not know how he had been finding her, but it had been coming with a certain regularity that she had actually spent more than several days, almost a week, in a hotel without leaving, scared that she would run into him again.

And then there had been last night... And another last minute get away.

She brought her hands around her knees as she brought her legs up and sat in a fetal position as the orange sky slowly darkened into night, the chilled air almost at a point where she would soon go looking for a motel to stay in.

'Please', her mind pleaded to whatever deity was out there. 'Please let me find him'.


Ichigo laid his head back on his futon, resting it on his pillow as he looked at the ceiling. Both hands were brought up and resting on his forehead, his elbows held out to the side. It was now a half an hour past dinner time and he felt like being alone at the moment with his thoughts. It had been quite the day and he was still reeling from part of it.

His relationship with Uzume.

The new girl. His new girl.

He snorted.

Thoughts of what to do filled his head with none of them giving a satisfactory answer before turning to his relationship with Uzume and felt his stomach churn a bit. It was odd. If he didn't really think about it it was like things haven't quite changed as she still acted like, well, like she normally does. She did seem to be treading lightly, but overall it was still the same girl that he knew.

The same girl that's in love with him.

The girl that he...

He grit his teeth and scowled at the ceiling.

Is it only because I'm her Ashikabi? He wondered. Would she act the same if she were human? Or if I weren't her Ashikabi?

The thought of her being someone else's Sekirei, the thought of her being with another man caused his stomach to clench and his heart feel empty. He groaned as it was not a feeling he was used to.

And now he has another in this mess.

He paused and blinked.

Outside of this morning and when they cleaned up his room he never really spoke to her. Hell, he didn't really even know what the girl was like.

A girl that would love him. Just like Uzume.

He growled as he sat up, pushing the thought away. He had to deal with her sooner or later and figure out exactly what he was gonna do with her. He clicked his teeth at the thought, not liking that it sounded like he owned her.

Which he did.

Gritting his teeth and shoving that as far as he could he stood, deciding that he could at least be courteous and make some proper introduction. Standing, he made his way to the door and down the stairs.


She was upset.

She wasn't hiding it exactly in the way she sat, her hands fidgeting in her lap and her face laced in a rare scowl as she stared at the figure before her. Despite the look on her face, her eyes were unreadable as she gazed at the woman laying unconsious before her. After a moment, she lifted her right arm, looked down at it, and made a fist, thoughtfully.

"I failed you."

She turned her gaze from her fist back to the figure laying on the futon before her, "I failed you Nanaha-chan." she said very softly, her voice almost a whisper. "And here you lay paying the price for my weakness."

Ikki's eyes traced over her sister's prone form, her mind taking in every bandage that she could see. To burn into her mind's eye every bump and bruse that she could find. Each wound both new and old struck her, to the core of her heart. A heart that had felt the sting of failure once before with Narashino, yet manage to pale in comparison to the sight before her now. A stark reminder of how far she had yet to go to achive her ultimate goal.

"I'm sorry Nanaha-chan," Ikki wispered as she lowered her hand. "I'm so sorry I failed to protect you from... her." She sighed forcing a smile as she watched her for a moment, "But you know... you know it's not all bad news. I... I found him. I found our ashikabi."

She was silent for a long moment, and then she spoke again. "He's... he's also the one who saved us from that... that Karasuba. He protected us and is nursing us back to health. We owe him our lives, Nanaha-chan. We owe him everything."

She cleared her throat, attempting to remove the lump threatening to form. "He's got a sekirei already, but it's ok. She helped him save us after all. So I know she's good people. She wouldn't be winged to him if she wasn't right?" She sighed, "So now that I found our ashikabi it... it's up to... it's up to you to wake up and.... and meet him. I know we can get stronger under his love Nanaha-chan."

She paused, unaware of a tear drop falling down her face. It landed on the floor, quickly accomanied by another and another until her face was streaked with tears, and her eyes shut tightly. She was crying silently, but a moment later, she drew in a breath with a soft sob. "So... so please wake up Nanaha-chan. Wake up so I can... so I can say I'm sorry to you properly. So you can scold me for being an idiot or for being a jerk or for whatever. Wake up so that... so that we can finally be with the one just for us.

Just please... please wake up..."


He lowered his hand.

Ichigo frowned softly, turning away from the door as he replayed the private conversation in his head. He had walked downstairs and to the door, oddly and fortunately unobserved by Uzume and passing by Minato and Kuu who were presently sitting on the genkan watching the night sky. He paid no attention when Kuu had begun to make sounds at him, almost like she was trying to ward him off when he arrived and noticed the door to their convolesent room was unlocked and slightly open. He was about to announce his presence and knock when he hesitated and ended up overhearing what Ikki had to say. He was going to turn and leave, feeling all the while like an intruder listening to something that was none of his business.

And in the end, at least, he found that what he heard wasn't all that bad. And what she mentioned about him. And Uzume.

And now his thoughts turned back to the mess he was in.

Feeling exhausted he turned and walked back to his room.



He paused with his hand on the doorknob and his head facing the door and took a breath. He turned his head slightly and saw Uzume at her door, wearing a modest, for her at least, nightgown. He stared at her for moment before giving her a curt nod and he opened his door. Turning once more to his Sekirei he gave her a slight smile he wasn't quite feeling. "Goodnight Uzume," he said before trudging into his room and shutting the door.

Uzume's head lowered slightly, completey unsure what to do next. "Goodnight, Ichigo," she whispered back and turned to close the door to her room and to turn in for the night.



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So Ichigo just can't see Miya's mask? Interesting.

@zeebee1" Don't just their authorial homolust. If they want creepy fangirls demanding that they kiss, it's their own business.


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Could Miya's mask be a spiritual manifestation of some kind that uses actual reiatsu?


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I was just assuming Ichigo's cool points were too high to be affected by it. That and facing down things that make Miya look tame in comparison.


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God dammit, Ichigo, you don't just leave a crying girl alone like that. Go and give her a hug, you big dummy.
nick012000 said:
God dammit, Ichigo, you don't just leave a crying girl alone like that. Go and give her a hug, you big dummy.

It does make sense that Ichigo would give them their privacy. Also, he's a big doofus canonically when it comes to women.


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Tsuki_CB said:
I was just assuming Ichigo's cool points were too high to be affected by it. That and facing down things that make Miya look tame in comparison.
Pretty much this.

It's the actual 'smile' like Unohana gives in that you-think-everything's-alright-but-you're-in-deep-shit smile that would get to him. Miya's already done that, but she likely hasn't put two and two together on that yet.


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His 4th dimensional being prevents him from being affected by the mask.


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Unohana: number four
Number 4 is death.
Unohana: the only captain the fourth division ever had.
Unohana: the only captain who got a group of arrancar to withdraw rather than fight.

Miya has nothing on Unohana, and Unohana will always be far more terrifying than Miya. We still don't know much about her, and the unknown is way more terrifying that what we already know.

Ichigo can see the Hanya if I remember correctly. He was just curious rather than scared. Miya was miffed and hit him with the ladle instead.

Uh, Wheeljack? Don't let Miya put two and two together. Her continued attempt to affect him should be funny for a while. He could probably go so far as to get annoyed when the sekirei keep clinging to him when it pop out. Just an idea.


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He said we. He clearly said, with bad grammar, that both of you were going to bed at the same time. It is only natural to assume that he meant you were sharing the same bed. If you broke up without telling him then you should apologize.

You better not have cheated on him.


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zeebee1 said:
He said we. He clearly said, with bad grammar, that both of you were going to bed at the same time. It is only natural to assume that he meant you were sharing the same bed. If you broke up without telling him then you should apologize.

You better not have cheated on him.
Ah. So that's what caused it. I didn't notice the typo there.

Seed00 said:
Uh, Wheeljack? Don't let Miya put two and two together. Her continued attempt to affect him should be funny for a while. He could probably go so far as to get annoyed when the sekirei keep clinging to him when it pop out. Just an idea.
Honestly we do wanna use it as a bit of a running gag. The trick though is to use it sparsely and appropriately enough so it doesn't wear out its welcome.


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Personally, though, I'm looking forward to the next chapter, or piece thereof, to see Ichigo wind up doing something like <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>this</a> on that abusive fucker's ass.


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Actually, I was thinking that he'd impale the guy with a lead pipe. He should have enough upper body strength to do that.