Bleach Veiled Moon Chapter 6 WIP


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zeebee1 said:
Did you actually finish the Benitsubasa one?
Benitsubasa one is finished, and we've opened it to anyone who wants to continue it. And if we have an idea we'll likely make another snippet.

A Curious Stranger said:
I just want to see Don Kanonji in this story somehow though. That'd be nice.
The Kurosaki family was watching his show in the chapter that Ichigo brought Uzume home. It was a small cameo.

blackmamuth said:
hmm, kon and kuno. No, wait, kon/miya, perverted plushie and the proper landlady...

wonder how that would work!!!
Knowing Kon's luck Miya would only respond to his plushie form and and reject any of the bodies that he occupies, like Ichigo's time to time. So it'd be torture in that she likes him only in the form that has no 'equipment' for him to 'have sexy time' with Miya.


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So, are you working in an snipped as you stated in the author notes?

You commented about the poll, that chad was winning. What Sekirei that is currently unwinged would suit Chad? Kuno?


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The more omakes and side stories the longer the actual story takes. I suggest you stay on tack.