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Karasuba would be lying if she said she didn't care at all when Miya abandoned the Discipline Squad for a human doctor named Kurosaki Isshin. Hell, she would be lying if she said that the fact Isshin managed to make her stoic former captain laugh didn't shock her. But in the end Karasuba swallowed her questions as Miya walked out the door. Besides, it wasn't like Karasuba couldn't check in on the holder of the God's seat. And "playing house" with her new pet human might soften Miya just enough to give Karasuba that critical edge when it came time to kill Miya in the years to come.

The second surprise for the Black Sekirei came when she discovered that Isshin came with a ready made family for Miya as well. Her terrifying commander, Number One herself, was now a wife and mother.

Just the thought made Karasuba want to vomit.

But even her disgust at Miya's actions did nothing to sate the nugget of curiosity that had developed over what had drawn her away from the Sekirei Plan. That curiosity blossomed into a passing interest in watching Miya's new family from a distance.

All in all, Karasuba didn't see much that was all that interesting about them. Isshin was an idiot, one that reminded her in some ways of Minaka really, although every so often he would move in a way that spoke of someone versed as well in combat as as he was in the medical arts. The younger girls were even less interesting than Miya's husband. The one girl, Yuzu, was so saccharine that the only reason Karasuba didn't kill her outright was concern over what Miya would do to her.

Buy the older boy, Ichigo, was another story.

The first thing that caught Karasuba's attention was how he, unlike his father and siblings, utterly rejected Miya's attempts to become integrated into his family. Simply put, the strawberry-haired youth wanted nothing to do with Number One. Just the distant sight of Miya's hurt look was a balm to whatever passed for Karasuba's soul.

The second thing to catch her attention was his fighting. It seemed that Miya's surrogate son had developed a habit of taking on the local street gangs in Karakura town, sometimes with odds worse that ten to one, and winning. It was something so different from the average human that it was more than worth taking note of.

Finally, there was his personality. In many ways, Ichigo was like the Miya of old; cold and aloof. He never let anyone get to close to him, with the exceptions of his little sisters. Even those that called him friend didn't seem to know him.

But even for all of that, watching him was more of a hobby than anything else.


"Come on, you bastards. You want me, here I am," Ichigo challenged with an almost feral glee in his voice.

That glee was noted with a smirk by a woman with pale gray hair from her perch on the roof of a building across the street as she watched while Ichigo got into another scrap.

"There you are, Karasuba," a voice piped up with a note of disdain.

Karasuba looked idly over her shoulder to regard her new partner in the second Disciplinary Squad, Number Eight, Yume where she stood. Like Karasuba she was dressed the traditional black robes and lighter dark gray coat of the original Disciplinary Squad. Unlike Karasuba, the brunette Sekirei of Fate looked thoroughly annoyed. "Something I can do for you, Yume?" Karasuba asked as her smirk widened a bit.

"Where have you been?" Yume demanded as she stalked up to her partner, arms folded under her ample breasts.

"Oh, just out people watching," Karasuba playfully drawled before she returned her attention to the brewing fight. It looked like things were just getting good. Maybe today would be the day Ichigo finally decided to eliminate the local pests rather than just beating them into submission?

"You hate people," Yume countered as she moved to stand beside Karasuba.

"I suppose I do," the Black Sekirei noted with her usual irreverent mirth.

Yume finally turned her attention to the strawberry-blonde boy roughing up a group of thugs and snorted in disgust as she commented, "I suppose that explains it. You would enjoy watching something like a single opponent getting beaten by sheer numbers."

"Maybe. But I have little doubt the boy will win. He's beaten worse odds than this before, after all," Karasuba defended.

"So you've watched him before, then? What caught your attention about this human? Other than the obvious, of course," Yume inquired as Ichigo did indeed turn the tide of battle and beging to deliver a skillful and rather savage beating to the street gang that had "cornered" him in the alleyway.

"I suppose you could call him a little hobby of mine. Like a favorite pet," Karasuba airily replied.

"Again, you hate humans, Karasuba. Other than his rather disturbing violent tendencies what caught your attention about this one?" Yume asked.

"Just that that one is Kurosaki Ichigo," Karasuba admitted.

The look of shock on Yume's face was almost as entertaining as the look of pain on Miya's whenever her attempts to bond with Ichigo failed as the brunette exclaimed, "That's Number One's adopted son!?"

"Indeed it is. And he's becoming quite the little fighter. He has a habit of cleaning out the local trash like those thugs before they become too bothersome. Never finishes them off though. But I suppose he's still young," Karasuba explained. "The best part, though, is that as far as I can tell dear Miya has no idea."

Something in Karasuba's tone of voice felt like a stone in the pit of Yume's stomach as she narrowed her eyes and commented, "You watch him often, then. And Number One."

"Every girl needs a hobby. Besides, he's slightly more interesting than the rest of the human infestation on this planet. Look at him. When he lets himself he really enjoys the battle. That's rare in humans," Karasuba explained.

Yume decided to do just that and took a moment to truly concentrate on Miya's stepson. Indeed there were flashes of joy as he fought, as well as equal parts sorrow and disgust that flashed across his face as the last gang member dropped. It was clear that as much as he liked the conflict he did not enjoy the results of his efforts. Yume could see, even briefly from this distance, that he had a good heart. Then, with almost startling speed, the fight was over and his face closed down into a disinterested sneer before he strode off, hurting but victorious.

"Hmm, he let them live again. I wonder how long it will take before he realizes that you have to exterminate vermin to really get rid of them?" Karasuba mused with an almost disappointed note in her voice.

"You do realize Miya will end you if you hurt her son, don't you?" Yume asked after a pause.

"That would be a fight worth having," Karasuba replied with a mad gleam in her eye before she calmed down. "But it's a thought for another time. I'm content to just watch. For now," she teased.

Yume bristled at note of something in Karasuba's tone of voice that she could not quite identify. She hoped this passing interest in the eldest Kurosaki child would fade from her partner's mind in time.

"So why did you seek me out, Yume. Do we have another assignment?" Karasuba asked, breaking the other Sekirei's reverie.

"A group has managed to take a newly awakened Sekirei and are trying to experiment on her. We are to retrieve her and eliminate the group that has her," Yume reported.

"Sounds fun. So who did they nab?" Karasuba asked.

"Number eighty-eight. Musubi," Yume replied.

"Well let's go get her back then," Karasuba suggested with a feral sneer.

Yume nodded in agreement as the pair leaped off. As the moved, she wondered if she should make time to talk with Miya about Karasuba's interest in Ichigo when she got back from the mission? After all, it would probably be best if Miya was aware of the Black Sekirei sniffing around her son. The last thing this world needed was Karasuba trying to influence anybody toward her way of thinking.


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The mention of Ichigo looking sorrowful and disgusted seemed out-of-place since I don't think he's ever shown an expression like that whilst fighting or expressed feelings like that in general towards fighting. If you're trying to demonstrate how he dislikes his own battelust, it would probably be better to mention it after the fight was over. When fighting I'd expect him to move between scowling (either angry or determined) and grinning from enjoyment.


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If she's interested in Ichigo, I wonder how much more so she would be in Kenpachi.


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Finally have a chance to post a message as I have a bit o' bad news...

My computer has been down for the better part of a week now. Its either a motherboard problem or a OS corruption problem (or both). My brother in law has it and will fix it for free, but him being IT means that his time is sparse. Hopefully it won't take 8+ months like last time (which is why BID got that big delay in 2010). The other problem is that I also no longer have a laptop. My lovely one year old niece a few months ago introduced it to a full cup of water...


Dhampyr, I like what I see so keep it up when you get a chance.

A few notes to make as it seems it may take a bit longer for part two to come out and there were somethings that we couldn't fit right into the first bit:

It's only Karin that has taken up kendo and Yuzu sits in with them as Miya won't leave her by herself (not to mention the twins are still in elementary school).

Miya is very respectful towards Masaki's shrine and prays to it in asking forgiveness for her 'intrusion'.

A reminder on location:

<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'></a>

This is a map of Tokyo as a whole. The East section (the part in the green) is what gets the most visibility as the Capital. It is also where Sekirei takes place, within the borders of the green section.

When Ghostface and I were researching we had looked at this map and was also reveiwing Bleach: Souls for locations for where Karakura is. Bleach: Souls describes it as being in the center of Tokyo, away from the cities. I took that more as if you look at Tokyo as a whole, as there is a map (not the one of Karakura proper) when it mentions this and one of the borders in a ersatz way looked similar to Hachioji's. We looked it over, thought center of Tokyo and decided that Karakura would be located in Hino (and most definately outside MBI's jurisdiction) in the Western section of Tokyo for our story.

And looking at some of Sekirei's maps in the manga and anime, it would seem Izumo would be placed somewhere around Arakawa, northern Taito or southeast Kita.

One other thing to comment on is that I had a helluva time thinking of a timeframe for Sekirei for when Miya left MBI and how long it would be before the Plan commenced. I would think Miya and Takehito had a few years (or maybe even less) together before he died. However in that timeframe Yume would have joined the Disciplinary Squad and rescued Musubi, who is shown to be a small child yet is full grown when she meets Minato which doesn't seem like a long time later. Would anyone else assume that some of the Sekirei were matured by MBI faster than others?


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Dhampyr, I'm pretty sure that Yume was part of the first Disciplinary Squad.


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zeebee1 said:
Dhampyr, I'm pretty sure that Yume was part of the first Disciplinary Squad.
Nope. The first DS was numbers one through five, Miya, Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu. They were in charge of defending the island from incursion and protecting the ship and its secrets.

The second DS was just Karasuba and number eight, Yume.

The third is the current one of Karasuba, Benitsubasa, and Haihane with Natsuo as their Ashkabi.


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That just goes to show how powerful Yume was. I have to wonder if Karasuba ever had a chance at victory.


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zeebee1 said:
That just goes to show how powerful Yume was. I have to wonder if Karasuba ever had a chance at victory.
Yume was stupid powerful as shown by how she one-shotted Benitsubasa and Haihane effortlessly (something Kazahana was incapable of) when she awakened after Musubi was eliminated. Some people complain that in the dub she refuses to fight Karasuba because she is too powerful and Karasuba would have no chance. Honestly, that may not have been far off.

Although, in her defense, Karasuba is a monster in her own right. She's also a nihilist at heart. She wants EVERYTHING to burn, including herself. Even if she could never reach Miya or Yume in power she would still want to fight them. The thought of a battle to the death on that level is one of the few things she would honestly covet above all else.


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The big issue is that Karasuba was already fighting Yume. She only stopped when Musubi woke up. So the fight would continue until one of them was dead.


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Seeing how the Karasuba/Yume fight is anime only, we don't know if it's canon.


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Checked the manga again just to make sure: Karasuba never showed up at the bridge; she only appears in a flashback when Yume wakes.


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Hmm. You know, it occurs to me that if In Flight and Veiled Moon were crossed over, Ichigo and Shirou are basically polar opposites. Shirou cares only about others, and not at all about himself, while Ichigo is fiercely protective of his nakama and doesn't give a fuck about anyone outside of it.

To put in MtG terms, Shirou is White/Blue and Ichigo is Red/Black.


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They'd get along fine. Shirou hasn't gone on any protecting binges. In fact he's completely willing to eliminate any opposition to his group, but he's not willing to take down Karasuba or damage MBI. He could, but it would make him and his Sekirei vulnerable. That's basically the complete opposite of what he's supposed to be like.