Venom/Anti-Venom: Road to Hell


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So, wanted to write something involving Venom. Especially Flash Thompson Venom. Bit hard to do considering the convoluted mess that is 616 Marvel Continuity and that's the only one he exists in. I also mourned the loss of Anti-Venom.

And so this is possibly the start of a <s>horrible fight to the death</s> Beautiful friendship between a symbiote-addicted bilateral amputee war veteran and a symbiote-hating religious cancer-surviving homeless man.


When one thinks of Eddie Brock, they naturally think 'The super villain, Venom.' Except that 'fact' has been out of date for a long time. Brock's moved on, found religion around the same time he found cancer. Somehow, he beat it and in the process became 'Anti-Venom,' a crusader against drugs, criminals, and every last symbiote on the planet. Someone that could really be called, in many ways, a 'super hero.'

Until today.

Because he sacrificed being Anti-Venom to save millions. The 'Spider Island' epidemic, as it now being called, had the potential to threaten the world with a mutagenic plague until it was cured by Brock giving up every last one of his Anti-Venom antibodies to create an antidote. Well, almost all of them. Though he doesn't know it, I managed to snag a vial of his 'symbiote' when we fought earlier. I was supposed to bring it in to be studied at base. I'll have to tell them it broke in the commotion when fighting against the Spider Queen.

I have this feeling I'm going to regret this, though that might be coming from the voice in the back of my head whispering angrily. I'm Flash Thompson, America's Agent Venom and the symbiote is warning me that I'm about to make the biggest mistake of my life. I ignore it.

Carefully, I pull out the vial, and the symbiote's fighting me every step of the way. Its still exhausted and drugged, but the terror and bitterness flowing through it are quickly giving it strength. If I let it go unchecked, it'll only get in the way, so I quickly pull out another bottle of sedatives and swallow its contents. Not the healthiest option, but if it wants to keep me alive, the Venom symbiote will have to process the pills for me, which will keep it quiet and calm.

With my window of opportunity quickly fading, I look over at Brock. He's pale, unconscious and shallowly breathing. Not surprising considering Reed Richards basically took away his immune system. Carefully loading the syringe with the vial's contents, I prep the shot, careful to not let any of the white, caustic material touch us- me. Careful to not let it touch ME.

This was now or never. Nobody here to stop me or observe this. Easy enough to let Brock claim a miracle, he's definitely deserved it. With trepidation, I pierce a vein and inject him with his pure anti-symbiote go-go juice.

I wait and look for any signs of success. Seconds turn into minutes. Nothing changed. Only one way to be sure.

Carefully, I bring our hand down onto Brock's shoulder before instantly recoiling as a thin layer of white-caustic goo springs from where we've touched him, the symbiote sreaming in agony, letting me feel the horrible agony it feels. A noise from Brock signals that he's coming to and that all that needed for the frightened whispers of the symbiote to beg we flee.

Even without its desperate murmurs I would have gone. The symbiote and I can still do a lot of good, today proved that, and I still have things to do. Within seconds, Anti-Venom is looking around frantically, most likely for us, but we're already gone.

Have to report to base. Betty's waiting.



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Finally got around to reading this. And boy this is going to bite Flash in the ass, isn't it? Brock's power negation? weird healing? (not sure how else to call it right now) is even a pain to deal with for Spider-Man and he doesn't even have a symbiote.

Nice touch with the us/we.


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Thanks. Yeah, he really did.

I've been actually rewriting the next few sections because Brock as Anti-Venom has been portrayed as pretty humorous in the comics, but the guy is still a messiah complex psychopath. I want to write him as a threat, but credibly so.

But to Flash and the Venom symbiote, its actually pretty terrifying and Flash was banking on the fact that Brock would be too busy doing good than hunting them.

However, Brock saw Flash's face, and lack of legs, and he was once a reporter, which means he knows how to investigate. Unfortunately, Flash didn't really consider this fact so he's really not really safe anywhere.

And with the base which stores the symbiote ruined for the moment, he's really got no time to rest because he's going to have to keep aware at all time to keep the symbiote safe from Brock and himself in control of the symbiote. Not to mention no hero trusts him, Spiderman wants the symbiote dead, and its looking pretty bad for Venom.

Add in that Hall Corporation is up to something and you're gonna see some carnage.


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Here's the preliminary chapter one. I haven't heard from my beta in like a week so I'm just gonna go ahead and post it as is.

Well, without further ado here's chapter one.

Cosgove presents
Venom/Anti-Venom: Road to Hell
Issue 1: Regret

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

IÆm not particularly inclined to disagree.

My phone rings, its distinctive tone telling me who it is before I even look, but the symbioteÆs already grabbed it and is holding it out to me. It doesnÆt really like my phone and that dislike has only gotten worse recently. But, as expected, its Betty. I hesitate my thumb over the answer button, ready to talk it out and let things be over once and for all, before chickening out and blocking the call, like the numerous times IÆve done so before.

I pocket the phone and rub my hands over my face before slamming down a fist on the concrete beside me. The symbiote had warned me, tried to protect me, but I had ignored it. Now Brock was working to ruin my life, and now things can never go back to the way they were. It had begun the evening after I had returned to base after æSpider Island.Æ I had rushed back to the hospital and tried to reach any of my friends to see if they knew where Betty was, but to no avail.

No matter how hard I searched, Betty was nowhere to be found and worried I decided to head home for the minute to grab something to eat before continuing my search. The lights had been on and I entered our apartment relieved before my blood froze at the sight I saw. Eddie Brock was sitting on my couch talking to Betty. He had figured out who I was.

It turns out BrockÆs first instinct wasnÆt to help people, but hunt us. And the symbiote was still with me, would be for a few days. Apparently setting off the last resorts of fail safes for the symbiote had majorly wrecked the base.

And the moment Brock and I had locked eyes, the symbiote tried to react, to protect Betty. I did the only safe thing for her and fled. Five minutes later and I was across the city and in hiding, trying to keep it calm. There was only one thing I could do, which was to keep out of the way until the base was fixed and my tenure as Venom would end.

ItÆs been two days since then. IÆve been constantly on the move, eating fast food and drinking coffee when I can. Sleep is out of the question, not with BrockÆs on the loose, the symbioteÆs gotta be kept under control, oh and the massive ball of lead in my stomach of how my lifeÆs been ruined, all topped with the symbioteÆs constant whispering in my ear.

A figure lands behind usm as we sit on a buildingÆs edge. It isnÆt Brock, Spider-man, or the Avengers or else we would have already been gone. We still tense, though, as Spider-girl lands and the information on her the base had fed me flashes through my mind. A careful glance reveals that sheÆs tired, not suprising, but ready to fight.

IÆm not though. IÆm tired, bitter, and more than a little upset. Going to have to keep her off guard and confused so that I can make getaway if she persists. I turn my head back towards the street, picking up my cup of coffee, long since cold, and take a drink. The cold liquid filters through the symbiote and into me, an odd sensation IÆve never really gotten used to, but I canÆt afford for anyone else to see my face.

The symbiote keeps me informed. At my lack of confrontation, she cautiously approaches. I reach into the bag next to me and smirk as she tenses before relaxing as I pull out a candy bar. ôIÆm not in any mood to fight, and IÆve got no reason to. IÆm a good guy. Chocolate?ö

I almost see the eyebrow raised behind her mask. itÆs a good costume, the same as Julia CapenterÆs outfit, and I feel old observing how young she is. When IÆd been her age IÆd only dealt with football and fanboying after Spider-man, too young to make a difference in the world, never as smart as Pete was. I shrug after a moment when she doesnÆt grab the proffered candy. ôYour loss.ö

Seconds later IÆm stuffing the bar in my mouth as the symbiote gets all lovey-dovey on me at the presence of the stuff. SheÆs still ready to fight, though.

ôIÆm really getting sick of this. I save Captain AmericaÆs skin and help Reed Richard get the cure for Spider-Island and people still treat me like IÆm a mad dog.ö

She snorts and crosses her arms. ôNot surprising considering what Spider-man told us about you. Tried to kill an innocent person before trying to kill him, too. Sure sounds like Grade-A hero material.ö

I know, IÆve heard it too, from Pete and Betty. I shake my head, clearing my thoughts before rage can seep in. I need a drink. ôDonÆt go lecturing me on all the details when you werenÆt there! And furthermore-ö

I break off as my phone rings again, the generic tone, held in front of my by the symbiote. Its General Dodge. I raise a finger at Spider-girl. ôOne second.ö

I quickly answer the call and DodgeÆs gruff tone rinds in my ear. ôThompson?ö

ôYes sir?ö

ôBe at base by Nineteen Hundred Hours.ö The phone clicks dead. Dodge is never this abrupt, somethingÆs up. Before I can continue my line of thought my blood freezes as I hear Spider-girl mumble my last name curiously. She heard. A commotion ensues down below and IÆm almost thankful before I see the carnage down below. A large tank rampages down the street before crashing into a bank, running over a man without breaking.

IÆm moving before I can even think. I land atop the roof of the tank with a loud metallic thud. ôyou ran that man over. You didnÆt even slow down!ö My throat is raw, IÆm seeing red with rage.

ôOne of many today, hero.ö His tank continues to quickly scoop out money from the vault. ôDo your worst! Better than you have tried to get into the HijackerÆs impenetrable tank!ö The tank starts rocketing off into the street and the symbiote adheres to the surface to keep me on.

ôNone have succeeded!ö

My mind jumps back to the paper I saw yesterday at in a gas station. The Hijacker had been caught in the early morning of Spider-Island by Spider-man before he could do anything. HeÆs already back on the street murdering people. That man on the street - needlessly dead - gotta Kill this son of a bitch!

I exhale, trying to calm down, get my anger from redlining enough to lose control. The Tank rolls onto another street and I try to get in front of it before anyone else can be hurt. My heart stills as I see and mother and child in its path, cowering beside their car. I try to move, but it isnÆt enough and my eyes shut reflexively as I hear the horrible crunch of the tankÆs rampage.

I stare at the mangled, flattened remains of the car, covering where their bodies would have been.

Everything is frozen - for a million years.

The moment and sight hang there, like an eternal nightmare.

Then we wake up.

WeÆre on top of it -weÆll kill him. We slam onto its roof with our arms, it doesnÆt dent and we try- again and again. Nothing works. When we look up, we donÆt freeze, only act. No more innocents will die. WeÆre in front of it, holding it back, yelling for the innocent to run. They do. Good.

We put all of our strength into pushing up on one side. It resists and we think we might fail- but we remember the mother and child- and we find new strength. We lift it onto one side and watch as it desperately spins, but its no use. We wonÆt like it escape. We let it look like it crushes us in its last, desperate attempt.

Lure the prey out.

It finally stills moments later and a hatch opens. The prey scurries out- crowing about victory as he opens a hatch and picks up bags of money that have fallen. His words of his plans fall on dead ears as we slink out of the shadows.

ôToo bad youÆll never get to spend it.ö

We backhand him, sending him flying. WeÆre going to drive him to where he murdered those innocents, drag him if necessary.

I think on his fate as we advance. I could take him to the cops- vehicular manslaughter, fleeing the scene of the crime - heÆs get life in jail.

We catch him as he runs, slamming his face into the car wreckage where the innocents lie beneath, dead. He cowers backward, hands held upwards in fear. We break them. His screams please us.

He doesnÆt deserve life anywhere. That mother and son dead in Tiems Square. Everything taken away from them. I feel rage- my ugly, bitter and hateful rage - and I still as I hear a child cry. We look left, see Spider-girl andà the innocents

I feel sick as the rage still refuses to abate, the symbiote feeding on it, and my fatherÆs words pass through my head.

ÆIÆve been a mean son of a bitch. You came into this Earth a smiling baby boy who brought joy to our homeà but I changed that.Æ

The childÆs crying, scared of me, and hiding behind his mother. For a second I see myself crying as my father drunkenly rages.

æGave you the pain and rage that my old man inflicted on me. Taught you the same fear and mistrust. I know thereÆs nothing I can say to change the lasting effects my rage will have on your life.Æ

I stare at Spider-girl, sheÆs afraid, standing between them. Ready to protect them from me. From us. From what I let us become. And, in this moment, I think I understand the symbiote more- Brock, Gargan and meà weÆre just like my old man, poisoning it with our venomous hatred. Making it into something monstrous in its efforts to please us.

I return us to our usual appearance before approaching the Hijacker. ThereÆs a foul smell in the air as he cowers. I see him and I feel the anger, but I keep control - use it instead of it using me - as the symbiote silently observes. I pull out my gun and point it at his face and I can hear sobbing.

ôP-p-please s-spare me!ö

I cock my head and the trigger. ôI should kill you. You ran over that man and others by your own admission. You would have taken away the future of that family!ö I point a shaking finger at the mother and son. I stomp my foot onto his chest and bring the gun barrel into contact with his mask.

ôI should hurt you -make you suffer like those killed and have you beg for your life before I let you die in terror.ö My voice is cold, detached. Mechanical. I wait for a moment, no more than a heartbeat, before holstering the gun.

ôBut I wonÆt - Because than IÆd be no better than you.ö I step off of him before grabbing his collar and bringing him to face-level. ôYouÆll go to jail and youÆll stay there. If I ever find out you tried anything ever againà IÆll hunt you down like the monster you are.


His head nods frantically.


I headbutt him. Hard. HeÆs left unconscious in my grip, so I web him with my other hand before attaching him to a street light. I turn to see everyone watching me, the mother and son still cowering behind an uncertain Spider-girl.

ÆYou never let your personal demons get the better of you like I did.Æ

Shame flows through us as I swing away, ignoring Spider-girlÆs outcry, running from her like I did Betty.

Yeah, dad, IÆm sure youÆd be proud of me if you saw what your son has become.
Nice. That's a better out look on, and treatment of the Symbiote than I've seen from the comics in a Long long time.

The Venom Symbiote is the ultimate Jealous clingy girl friend. But the idea that part of what makes it so crazy is that its taking up the crazy from the host is a pretty good one.

(I'm still kinda pissed what they did to Toxin, his cop partner hopefully isn't dead, and hopefully will get him back to act as the conscience.)