Bleach Visitor from Another World... (kinda)


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AN: I blame Shiro and TPK for this.


Within the first week of living in the human world, Rukia died. Well, technically, her gigai died, but to the girl, it was the most painful 2 hours of her life followed by her spirit falling out of her body. And then, without telling her reluctant roommate, she hightailed it to Urahara’s shop.

When Ichigo opened his closet door the next morning, intent on getting her out, he was faced with a pale corpse with dried blood coming out the eyes and nose. He screamed. His dad screamed. His sisters screamed.


“Why are you here, you imbecile?” Rukia snarked in her brand-new gigai. (Urahara had whipped up a stronger body for her in a couple hours, guaranteed to not bleed from the eyes or nose, just in time for school.) “You weren’t at school, when they called your home, no one answered, and I had to track you down with this weird thing the candy man made.”

Ichigo looked up from his seat from the inside of the jail cell. “I. Woke up. To a dead girl. In my closet.” He stood up and grasped the bars. “Why were you dead in my closet?”

“I don’t understand, is this somehow a problem?”

“MY FAMILY THOUGHT I WAS A SERIAL KILLER!” Ichigo screamed, spittle flying out.

‘Ew.’ Rukia flicked his spit off her face with a practiced air. “That can be taken care of with a minor memory wipe. Anyone else saw you… uh. Get arrested?”



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Love it. Made me LOL.