What (anime) are you watching?

I watched the first five episodes of BNA: Brand New Animal while on night shift. Probably try to get the majority remaining tonight.

I think they designed Michiru for max cuteness factor. I totally want to boop her nose, in all honesty. I do wonder if there's an in-universe reason why she's only like, 20-25% on the furry scale while everyone else is full-blown anthro furry. I notice that she doesn't even reveal her name until the 2nd episode, ha.

Also, is Michiru really 17/18 during the events of the first few episodes? Huh. I would have pegged her for being more like 14ish. Maybe it's her normal clothing, especially with those boyshorts of hers, or her flat chest that's throwing me off :p Also, though it's off-screen, there's the implication that the bears baseball team stripped her of all her topclothes in episode 5...

Michiru's parents haven't appeared on-screen (yet?), but they really, genuinely do love her. Her mom made a cake and put a picture of it on her FaceLook page for her birthday since obviously they can't meet in person, and Michiru basically said she stayed in her room for close to a year after turning into a beastman before deciding to head to Anima City. That means her parents actually didn't have any xenophilia against beastmen (or at least, not enough to overcome their love for their daughter) to throw her out, and let her mope around for a year.

I'm actually, genuinely surprised that Michiru was able to turn back into a human in episode 4. I would have thought it'd take the majority of the series to do so.

On that note, I'm going to guess the ending will be something like 'Michiru has the chance to get a cure to become fully human again but turns it down to stay in Anima City'. In that event, the show needs to do a very good job in the remaining 7 episodes of showing Anima City for the better, because holy fuck, it's a dystopian hellhole underneath all the nice buildings. Child slavery, drug-running, and fixed gambling on baseball that commonly results in fatalities.
And finished watching the remaining 7 episodes.

Up to about episode 9 it's a reasonably alright series. Starting about episode 10, it starts to fall apart, with episode 12 an absolute trainwreck. Batshit plot twists out of nowhere with no foreshadowing. Michiru's personal ending was pretty much exactly how I expected, but it didn't do a very good job of selling that the crapsack part was changing for the better.

I might have a fic idea or two, but I'd probably throw out the last few episodes and the whole overarching bad-guy conspiracy and just make it a slice-of-life fish-out-of-water.

Also, I'm mildly amused that she's absolutely flat as a board. There are some characters with obvious chests, but Michiru...isn't one of them.


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Have not found too much in the new season stuff at Crunchyroll I actually consider viewable outside of the updated slime series, and to a lesser extent the updated Re: Zero... Was hoping for updated Shield Hero or Arifureta...

Currently rewatching Utena and Please Twins off Blu Ray and DVD, respectively.

Eventually, I want to see about the new Irregular at Magic High School eps on Hulu.