What (anime) are you watching?


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Anyways, I've watched episode 5 now.


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Episode 6 of SPY X FAMILY


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I loved Anya's little "I'mma fuck this bitch up" moment. This is such a great series.


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Anya smugface is indeed great.

On another note, something I'm not going to be watching

Me a year ago: "Wow, this LN sucks. Don't bother reading it, it's a piece of crap even by LN standards. Total nonsensical story progression and zero-to-a-hundred pacing of power scaling."
Me today: "What the fuck do you mean they're making an anime out of this?!"
Episode 7 of SPY X FAMILY

Also, episode 2 of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. Getting huge 'everyone's big sister' vibes from Yuna


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binge watched the Genius Prince series the other day. Interesting, I liked it, not quite as much as realist hero, but it was quite humorous. I wonder whether it would have any more to it though, considering I don't often see Universal put out a anime series, even through Funimation.