What are you watching?


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Okay, I know these section of the boards doesn't seem to be very popular, but I figured I'd try this. If no one else replies, I'll delete this thread in a couple days. I know some TV Shows are only shown in certain countries, but pretty much everything can be downloaded nowadays. I mean I saw someone was uploading freaking Eastenders on another forum I visit.

Been watching Legend of the Seeker and the BBC Robin Hood; average shows but some good entertainment value.

Also watched the latest episode of Prison Break; to which all I can say is... What a bitch!


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define "t.v. show" cause seriously are we talking actual live action series, animated series, or the psuedo-live tv stuff from Discovery and Science Channel? ooh and do you want current stuff or well boxsets that get regular attention or stuff we dl off of whatever p2p service we frequent?

reason I ask is cause the only thing on tv I watch even semi-regularly(meaning I rember it's the day and time it's due to be on) is Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters, Time Warp, MonsterQuest & Man vs. Wild mind you this is what I regularly actually try and catch, success rates vary wildly. if I'm actually flipping channels instead of just scanning thru the guide, well I almost always stop for the various Law&Order shows, Burn Notice, and the various CSI's(well miami generally get's avoided like the plague if only cause I loathe Caruso).

the animated stuff that get's watched is Ben 10, most of the DCAU(brave and bold I haven't been able to get into, too silver-agey for my tastes, I utterly LOATHE the batman, and I haven't tried to dl Static Shock or the LoSH stuff but that isn't anything against them), and I try and rember the air times of Danny Phantom. again if I'm channel flipping channels then if I pass it Fairly Odd Parents, SWAT Kats, the various modern Marvel cartoon series, and well that's about it for the animated set I bother with regularly.

and as to boxsets, well B5 s1, The Dresden Files, The Flash, Firefly & Eureka S1 all get semi-regular rotations thru the dvd player. and as I'm such a fan of the series' and they're currently available, there are several full sets I intend to add to that list.

honestly though my tv viewing is sporatic at best and the tv generally stays on Ink'd the power rock digital music station so I get non-stop music as I play D2, im with friends, read online manga or books, or fanfiction or the like. while it's easier for me to watch my shows on dvd or dled somewhere, I utterly loathe commercials and well watching the paceing of tv or movies annoys me as unlike something written I'm stuck at the pace of the medium as opposed to being able to read the story as fast as I can/want to.

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TV shows I regularly watch are:

Lie to Me
Top Gear
Mock the Week
Have I Got News For You
Match of the Day

Shows that I have enjoyed but have finished include:

The Wire
The Shield

Shows that I've got to get around to watching:

Burn Notice
The Mentalist
Weapon Masters

I may get around to updating this list as/when I start new shows.


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Doctor Who (When it's on)
Myth Busters
Ice Road Truckers
That 70's Show
Two and a Half Men
Trailer Park Boys
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Don't watch T.V all that much but that's what I look for when I do... Well, and various Movies on the Movie Channels, but they don't count...


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TV Shows as in live action.

Castle and Life, are they any good?

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Andy2kk said:
TV Shows as in live action.

Castle and Life, are they any good?
Yeah, though Life hasn't been renewed for a third season.


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Does anyone know if Chuck was renewed for the fall season of NBC?

I've been looking into it, but my google-fu is weak. It would be nice to know if one of the only reasons I watch NBC is going to be continued.
The shows I have been watching lately are.......

Top Gear
Burn Notice
Law & Order Criminal Intent
Law & Order Special Victims Unit
Time Warp
Dirty Jobs


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Shows I watch, eh?
  • Heroes
  • Castle
  • The Mentalist
  • Fringe
  • Doctor Who
  • Reaper
  • Lost
  • Mythbusters
  • Supernatural
  • Bones
  • Prison Break
  • Numb3rs
Of course I didn't add the shows that have already finished their run, like Stargate, Buffy, and so on.


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I don't watch alot of tv...

Top Gear
Fifth Gear
Auto Gymkhana
Autobachs Super GT highlights
Burn Notice
Life on Mars
Ashes to Ashes
(The Quattro and Cortina are bonuses)
Doctor Who
Law and Order
Most of SSTV.
Anything on Discovery

Various reruns.

Seibu Keisatsu. Series 1 and 2.
Magnun P.I
Rockford Files
Knight Rider
Some of the older Kamen Rider series.
Charlies Angels.

I get alot of foriegn language channels. So far I like CCTV 4 and the German and Italian programs.

There's more but I can't remember.


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I don't have TV... but do shows that WERE televised count?

If so, I watch online:

Harper's Island
Doctor Who
And I'm gonna start watching MI-5 cuz it looks interesting.

That's not counting anime, because it has its own category on this board :lol:


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Saw the Pilot for Warehouse 13.

Not the best show I've seen, or the most original. But, it's definitely interesting.

Reminds me of a story idea with these people who worked at a 'Storage Facility' that was more like a really big dungeon. Of the RPG variety. Sending stuff down was easy. Just use the teleporter array. Getting it back? Heh. You had to hire a Retrieval team to go down and get it. Not to mention the fact that you needed a mage and a FAET-user in order to get anywhere...

I should really try to work on that story again...


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Kamen Rider Decade

oh and when I saw Lisa's mask from the Vizards?

I so totally wanted to shout 'HENSHIN!'


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wingthesword said:
Kamen Rider Decade

oh and when I saw Lisa's mask from the Vizards?

I so totally wanted to shout 'HENSHIN!'
Kamen Rider! I've got that whole series on Download... heh. I haven't read any reviews for it, just a short summary of the first series and seen some pictures...:D I think I'll take being suprised over this series.


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After many years of ignoring and not even looking the direction of Farscape, I've decided to watch it. Always just saw Rygel and though it was a cheaply made puppet show. But it's not bad. Next in line might be Babylon 5, but I've avoided it for so long I can't even remember why anymore... think it was cause I was a Trek fan...:p But now I've come across Farscape and Babylon 5 to download, all movies and series, I figure it's worth a gander.


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I've recently watched seasons 1 and 2 of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And I am filled with HATE and RAGE.

Because there is no season 3.

I feel sorry for Summer Glau, really. She's one more Awesome-TV-Series-Abruptly-Cancelled-By-Arseholes-at-Fox away from having a pattern.


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I like DS9, it had good characters, which is something that V'ger never really managed.


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Chuck is back on Sunday! Yay! I'm excited to see the new chicks in Chuck's life even though none of them are long term :/


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Chuck was awesome. 3 episodes in 2 days? Awesome.

Next episode: about Cpt. Awesome. More spy and funny stuff... Awesome.


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Been watching alot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 since I've gone back to college.

Still prefer Joel over Mike for the riffing, Joel just seems funnier to me.


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British TV is mostly good TV. :sisi:

- Top Gear
- Primeval
- Mr. Bean

I need to get cable subscription that shows british programs.