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Keep in mind Alucard is basically a teenager who just killed his father, whom he loved and was lonely. He wasn't exactly as vigilant as he probably should have been and he paid dearly for it.
Actually, I kind of understood why Alucard might have not been fully capable of dealing with it.

No, what was stupid how the twins went about the whole thing. I got the idea that, because Alucard wouldn't tell them how to move Castlevania, that meant that Alucard had somehow betrayed them. The idea is laughable, especially when one considers the idea that Alucard may not even have any idea whatsoever in how to even fix the castle's ability to move anywhere in a blink.

That might be also the reason why the twins were really insistent in knowing how to move the castle. They had to get home with their new knowledge "now", not in however long it took them to get to Alucard from Japan (at minimum, considering the timeframe they are living in, I expect it to have taken at least a year at best...it might have taken them longer.)

They might have managed it faster if they got on the Silk Road, and managed to brave their way through the challenges there...which might explain what they were talking about when they mention how they got "good" at betraying their potential enemies on the road.

Still doesn't excuse them, though I do pity them for ending up as a grim warning for anyone who might approach the home of the heir of Vlad the Impaler.


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10 episodes into Kamen Rider Decade. So far it's been enjoyable, even if I haven't seen any of the preceding series so I'm probably missing a lot of context for stuff. Not as good as Gokaiger in my opinion thus far, but then Gokaiger was my first Super Sentai so I'm probably biased in that regard.


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Got nostalgic the other night, watched the oldd Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... :)


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I've been watching Star Trek on Netflix, and currently going through The Next Generation.

I remember watching the series on television and now I'm remembering one particular episode that so far, I have not seen so far on Netflix. Now, whether that's my memory actually creating an original episode in my brain or just me going nuts, I don't know. I tried seeing if the brief synopses on the available episodes held a hint, no joy.

I remember the episode having Enterprise meet a spaceship, but the crew was made up from children/young teens, and I "remember" them being really belligerent towards Picard, but then they either saw Wesley (or another child of similar age, but I recall it being Wesley). They beam him aboard and wanted him to do something, I don't recall what it was about, but Wesley eventually manages to convince one of the girls on the crew to let him escape...and for whatever reason, the teens activate a self-destruct. That's about what I remember.

So, is my memory going nuts or what? Time willing, I may make or break this mystery eventually, since I'm on the end of Season 5 now.


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Fairly certain you're remembering a mix-up of episodes, there. Wesley only appeared a few times (less than a handful) post mid-season 4. There were 2 episodes (1 Next Gen, 1 DS9) that dealt with teens/young adults helming a spaceship, but as I recall, Wesley didn't appear in the TNG one.


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Hmm. You're probably right. I will admit that it has been enjoyable to watch it uninterrupted, because when it was on TV, I was more interested in playing video games during the time it was airing.

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Started a rewatch of The Sopranos today, since it was my day off. Got through nine episodes of season on before I took a break to watch Nigella Lawson's new show, Cook, Eat, Repeat.

The Sopranos still holds up as excellent long form television drama.

And Nigella Lawson is a proper MILF.
I was perusing Netflix and saw Stargate SG-1 was back on after years of not being there. They still haven't added back Atlantis or Universe, but I was still excited to see it all the same.
Gotta say, everytime after watching the SG-1 episode "Meridian" I can't help but think that radiation poisoning is like the absolute worst way to die.


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First four episodes of Schitt's Creek.


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Not watching, but I was recently reminded of how neat I found the intro for the old Goosebumps TV show