What are you watching?


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I liked B5, a lot, and my one brother has always been in love with the series., and to this day uses a image of the Victory Class as a background on his systems. But that series was quite frankly never meant to be done in HD. It has to due with the way it was actually originally filmed. Even the link tot he article you gave points out all the hoops they had to go to to remaster it.
Well, the series is finally coming on Blu-Ray, "fully remastered in HD," according to the promo materials. No word if it's this version or if they did a second re-mastering attempt. 110 episodes + TV movie pilot, available for pre-order at $100, December 5 release in the US and Canada.

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I've been enjoying a rewatch of The Wire.

Still holds up after 20 years.

Damn, I'm old.


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Finished watching Netflix's One Piece Live Action last night, and I am not gonna lie, that was actually pretty enjoyable experience. I find myself actually waiting for the next season to start, it was that well done.