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Lord Raa

Exporter of Juice Tins
Caught Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Pretty good, some nice moments. There are two post movie scenes, the first one's a little spicy given that things are supposed to be looking up for the web-slinger, the second is more amusing.

Also saw Blinded by the Light, a coming of age musical about a young Pakistani lad and his discovery of Bruce Springsteen. Not something I would have chosen to see, but something I can recommend.
Saw the "Sound! Euphonia" anime movie with my sister.

Great animation and sound design, but some pretty choppy editing. Lots of unspecified time jumps.

Lord Raa

Exporter of Juice Tins
Crawl: a nice tight creature feature with alligators.

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw: Ridiculous, but charming nonsense.


California Crackpot
Finally watched Endgame. Just... Wow. I teared up more than once. Grest film.

Lord Raa

Exporter of Juice Tins
Watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It's pretty good. It's a Quentin Tarantino movie, so it comes with certain things: Great music, snappy dialogue, lots of profanity, brutal violence and feet. Lots of feet.

If you don't like Tarantino's work, stay away. If you don't mind it, and want to see some quality filmmaking (the driving scenes are fantastic), then check it out.