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Saw The Suicide Squad rebootquel last night. It's enjoyable dumb fun.


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Finally saw Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Plot went about how I was expecting it to at 1/3rd of the way through the movie. I found it overall meh, and pacing fairly choppy. I'm fairly happy with the casting of the two daughters, and how they manage to pull off the whole 'Bill & Ted, but female' shtick without trying to give it a feminine twist or anything (heck, it feels like the costume design was to make them as tomboyish as possible).
*prods TV channel* How does The Silence of the Lambs qualify as a "classic" movie? It's only 30 years old?

And if that's "classic," what does 80s stuff like Ghostbusters, Wall Street, or Top Gun amount to?!
Depends on an individual's perception. Personally, I consider Ghostbusters a classic. I think for anything to be considered a classic, it has to be genre defining in some way. While not overly fond of Silence of the Lambs, I can easily see why many would consider it a classic. Between the performances of Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster and the overall tone and story of the movie, it pretty much defines what a Suspense-Thriller can be.


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I watched the MLP G5 movie.


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Went to see Dune in IMAX today and i have to say it was worth the years of wait for it. A couple of the choices of how they changed some characters or how the scenes were a bit dark on the lighting didn't agree with me, but over all i was heavily impressed with the movie. And i swear Stellan
Skarsgård as Baron Harkonnen seriously made the floating fat bastard as menacing and creepy as my memories of the books recall, although they probably missed the homosexual pedophilia on purpose with people being the crybabies they are now-a-days.


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Careful... say that too loud and it might prompt action in Texas... I read just today the governor of TX (Abbot) has gone on some self made quest to start ridding high school libraries of the many books filled with what he claims is porn.... Apparently of particular interest is anything referencing anything related to the LGBT community.... Rolls eyes...

If anyone finds the above offensive I'll remove it... but I felt it an odd coincidence...
That's an actual legitimate concern and has little to do with the LGBT community per se. It's part of the ongoing issues between parents nationwide and the National School Board Association, as schools are genuinely peddling sexually explicit content in their classes. This is a situation I've been monitoring closely on actual news sites and locally, given that I am a parent myself. As proof, parents actually brought in their kids assignments and read exerpts of what their children were being assigned. It wasn't far removed from something you'd read in Hustler or Penthouse or any other sexually explicit media.

Needless to say, multiple school boards have come under a lot of scrutiny- for both the sexually graphic material and for including the ultra-racist CRT based curriculums in their classes. Something the legacy media is trying to down play as the battle between Parents vs School Boards and State/Federal Governments has been a hot button topic and one of the reasons Biden's approval rating is abysmal.
Watched Ghostbusters: Afterlife today. In fact, just got home from seeing it in IMAX- barely 10 minutes ago.

Fucking. Awesome.

As both a movie and a tribute to Harold Ramis- and honestly, as a love letter to old school Ghostbusters fans who were let down by the "All Female" Ghostbusters, this movie nails it perfectly. Jason Reitman captures the magic of the original films in a way Paul Feig utterly failed to do. While the 2016 Ghostbusters Movie did have it's high points and interesting tales to tell- it focused far too much on comedy, CGI effects and Chris Hemsworth fanservice to really be an effective reboot. It didn't help that they billed it as the "All-Female" Ghostbusters, automatically turning many die hard and casual fans off the movie due to "going woke". While not a bad movie by any stretch, it wasn't a good movie either and didn't really feel like a Ghostbusters movie.

As a die hard fan who had aspirations as a kid of becoming a Ghostbuster when he grew up, Ghostbusters: Afterlife suffers none of the problems that the Reboot movie did. They find a good balance of comedy and drama- knowing when to be funny and when to be serious.

That being said, the following isn't too spoiler-y, but just in case, I'm marking my review of the movie with a spoiler alert just to be safe.

McKenna Grace utterly kills it as Phoebe Spengler- the *ahem* "spiritual" successor of her grandfather the late Egon Spengler. The main plot mostly focuses on her and she handles being the primary lead like a champ. Egon's presence, despite Harold having been dead for several years at this point, is very much felt throughout the film as Phoebe unravels the mystery of his death. Giving her a Ray-like best friend in the form of a kid calling himself "Podcast" certainly helps. Meanwhile, her older brother tries and mostly fails to be the Venkman-esque character, but does so in a way that makes his character relatable and endearing. Paul Rudd's character almost does a much better attempt at becoming a new Venkman, but... Spoilers. Meanwhile, Ray's Occult Bookstore makes another appearance as the semi-retired Ray Stanz sadly relates the tale of how the Ghostbusters fell apart. Peter Venkman's story arc across all three movies and even the 2009 videogame comes to a satisfying conclusion as it ends exactly how it begins- with Sigourney Weaver's appearance in the film as Dana Barrett being my absolute favorite cameo of the original actors (though Ray answering the "Are you a God" question again was a close second). Winston Zedmore's post-credit scene really brings the movie home as he shows that, despite Egon's estrangement, the Ghostbusters were more than friends, colleagues and coworkers, but a close knit brotherhood- a family.


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Saw Jungle Cruise last night. I thought it was an okay movie, for something based of a Disneyland ride. Emily Blunt was great in her role, and Dwayne Johnson was good, but not one of his better roles. Overall, 7/10.