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Watched the Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie last night. Good flick, lots of cameos and callbacks for old school fans. Plus, one entirely unexpected person who I never thought I'd see again:
Ugly Sonic!
Saw Top Gun 2. People online have called it Ace Combat: The Movie, and I can see why. That said, I'm a little annoyed that half the supporting cast got short shrift--for example, the pilots who weren't selected for the actual strike pretty much exist as name cards, while Maverick's superior officers were basically stock characters--and the other half had characters and storylines that were woefully undercooked. Except Rooster, to a certain extent.


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Enola Holmes. I enjoyed it, and the actress who plays Enola does a really good job. Complaints...the plot twists were all obvious from a kilometre away. Soon as they showed her mother's secret meeting I was pretty sure it was going to be about women's suffrage. They did Mycroft dirty. And Enola actually does almost no real detective work in the film. It feels like it was literally all cryptography stuff and nothing else. Meanwhile, Sherlock in two scenes does more deductive reasoning stuff.


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I finally got around to watching the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie since it leaves (Canadian) Netflix on the 14th. I enjoyed it. It seems just a little...generic, I want to say? Like, it exploits the Sonic mythos well, and isn't afraid to have fun, but it feels like the movie is weirdly split into three parts: a 'I'm lonely' beginning, a cross-country romp middle of the film, and then an action-packed last third. And somehow, it feels like a generic alien with superpowers could have been substituted in the entire film easily.

The ending credit roll pixel animation is pretty great.