What did you have for dinner?

Lord Raa

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I had double ham, eggs & chips at this pub - http://steamin-billy.co.uk/railway/

I may force Meinos Kaen, Moshulel and EagleCeres to go to this pub when they arrive in September. Mainly because I like the beer and the food is good.


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I made a stake and pork pie a few days ago. Very tasty. I cooked the stake, pork and the rest of the ingredients for six hours in a slow cooker, then put everything in a dish, added the pastry and cooked it in the oven.



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nuclear death frog said:
crazyfoxdemon said:
Applesauce.. Lots of applesauce.. Got my wisdom teeth pulled... So I'm kinda limited on what I can eat.
Oh gods I remember having my wisdom teeth yanked. Had chipmunk cheeks and drooled blood for days, and couldn't eat anything solid at all. There could be no better summary of that week than "It sucked."

Hope yours isn't as bad.
One of my friends described it as "getting punched by freaking Goku." Blink and when your eyes open the procedure is done.

Had mac&cheese w/tuna for dinner. I've noticed that tuna goes with almost everything. A lot of things it shouldn't actually.


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The tears of my enemies.


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I made a side dish which went down very well, so I thought I'd share it.

It's partially based on this recipe: Pan-Fried Pointed Cabbage with Leeks & Bacon.

First I fried two strips of smoky bacon and two strips of Serrano ham. Once good and crispy, I put the strips to one side.

Instead of leeks, I used very finely sliced carrots. I fried the red onion, tbsp. butter and carrots in the bacon fat in a pan over a medium heat. Once the onions were soft, I added half a sliced sweetheart cabbage and a second tbsp. of butter. I stirred it while the butter melted.

After a few minutes, I added a tbsp. of dark soy sauce, some salt, and some pepper. I stirred it until cooked tender, then put it in a large bowl. I then crumbled the bacon and Serrano ham and stirred it through.

The end result was lovely.

Lord Raa

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I had chicken casserole.

Skinless, boneless Chicken thighs
courgette (or zucchini, if you prefer)
Chicken stock
Assorted flavourings including tomato purée and Worcestershire sauce)

I'll allow you to work out your own method, but the chicken thighs were poached slightly with the hot stock and the courgette was roasted in the oven for 20 mins.

Was most delicious.


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Had fried rice and beef nachos from my local Mexican place. Mmm, good.


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Fried chicken strips in home made tortillas with home made mango chutney.


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My dinner tonight is a wild pig I shot in my yard 2 days ago.

Rising Dragon

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Really, really good, actually. But I wasn't the one who made it; that would be my brother, and he only cooked it about two minutes on each side after marinating it in... something all day. I forget what. He said next time he might bump it up to three minutes per side; what we did get was extremely medium rare.


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Grilled turkey breast, collard greens, and homemade mac and cheese.

Sweet potato/Apple/Pumpkin pie(s) for dessert.


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Spaghetti with meatball dinner.... and for dessert a chocolate mint pie.
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I am cookling rice for a planned plate of shogayaki as I type.


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Gonna do cheeseburgers on the barbeque with toasted Ciabatta buns.