What games are you playing 2: The revenge

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Working my way though act 2 of Divinity OS 2. Lots to do so far, starting to run into some optional minibosses and really unexpected fights. I've got enough spells now that I really need to invest a bit into memory, so I can increase my options in a fight.


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Rebuilt my aging gaming rig. Midtier to the max, she now sports a Ryzen 2600 re replace my old 2600k, 16 gigs of DDR4, and a RX 580.

Tossed it in a new case too, much quieter and more compact.


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Nice. Pictures?


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Been screwing around with Calamity mod for Terraria doing a Revengance mode playthrough, shit is hard as hell.


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No pictures of the new rig yet, not that there is much to see. I just shoved the parts in a Corsair Carbide 200R, stock Ryzen 2600 cooler. I'll grab some pictures later though.

As for playing, Got to act 4 in Divinity ORiginal Sin 2. MAn, it's like hitting a difficulty wall, should have gone all genocide like on act 3.
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise.

A HnK game made by the people that make the 'Yakuza' series.

I never knew I needed Kenshiro, wearing a tuxedo, making a drink in the manliest way possible, before presenting it to the customer, saying "You are already drunk."


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Spider-man PS4; The Heist DLC

No, Felicia, I do NOT trust you.

That said, I actually LIKE your costume here more than the one I usually see in comics.



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That is a better revamp costume than she's gotten before.


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Going to be dicking around in the Fallout 76 beta on pc tonight. See my fellow vault dwellers in the wasteland.

Edit: Never mind, Bethesda's goddamn launcher deleted the download...FML.
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I grabbed a used copy of Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition from EB games for CAD 25+ tax. (PS4 exclusive game from Sony)

Wasn't expecting much when I inserted the disk, but damn. The reviewers weren't kidding when they said this was a gorgeous looking game. The graphics are simply amazing! Something of a surprise to me was that the game comes with a graphics slider - visuals or performance. The visuals mean rendering it at 2k+ resolution or something and since all I have is a 1080p monitor, left it at performance.

Story wise, I'm yet to do The Proving. Mostly wandering around and admiring the view.

It's weird to say now, but whenever I saw the game, I had this impression that fighting machines would be a very hard thing. Turns out, it isn't so (am playing story difficulty). It's very fun and approachable.

And getting addictive.



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Horizon starts to really shine when it gets into the story proper, I was hooked on it. The game pretty much requires you to learn each enemies weakness to exploit if you want to survive some of the tougher fights and not feel like you're facing bullet sponges.

As for me, I picked up Tetris Effect and Hallow Knight. Both are amazing so far, with Tetris being one of the more beautiful games i've ever played.


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So Astro-Bot.

Belive the hype, this is the coolest and most interesting platforming game in many, many years. It makes fantastic use of VR and really makes you feel like your a part of the game world.
Playing Heroes of the Storm most nights, free to play, simple enough to learn and understand, good way to waste some hours. Assuming I can get a decent internet connection.

Stardew Valley, though I'm hitting the "beat the game" slump where nothing major is happening and I'm just running the farm.

Thinking about screwing with Kerbal Space Program again. Takes too damn long to accomplish a lot of stuff, but it's interesting and there is a lot of space to explore in it.