What games are you playing 2: The revenge

There's probably a Shield Bash mod.
I know for a fact this is a thing that exists.

EDIT: Here you go.

Deadly Reflex also has bashing, does a lot more, but is also a much bigger pain to install. If you have the patience to install it and all the required stuff, I recommend this one over the other just because it does lots of cool stuff. Especially if you don't have a lot of other mods installed.

If you just want the bash key to work to fit in with your habit, go with the simpler mod. It will do the job. Also better if you have lots of mods, as it doesn't do quite as much and is more likely to be compatible with a bigger mod load.
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I JUST found out that Radiant Historia had an updated re-release with extra scenarios and DLC content released last year. FUCK! Why do I always find that kind of stuff out so late ?! HD portraits with multiple expressions and new CGs all over the place, I LOVE IT!


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Looks like Humble Bundle has a limited time Neptunia bundle going on. Loke like $12 buys you one a lot of Nep.
Looks like Humble Bundle has a limited time Neptunia bundle going on. Loke like $12 buys you one a lot of Nep.
Neptunia is nothing new to me, but holy shit is Japan weird sometimes.

Anthro game consoles turned into waifus as a long running action RPG series.

That sounds awful, but somehow it's not.


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Futzing around with the full release of Space Engineer, been a looooong while since i played. Them removing uranium from planets is going to screw early game ship/ ground vehicle building for a while.
Slime Rancher, because it's currently free.

It's an "upgrade your farm" kind of game with an exploration element to it. It also has a bit of "fun with physics" going on.

A neat chill time sink so far. You can "die" but there's nothing that's a serious threat here. That's not the point of the game.

It is more in depth than I originally thought. Lots of different varieties of slimes, but they have different properties that make containing some easier than others. Some are jumpers, a few can fly, some explode, etc...

You also don't want to pen up too many, or they'll use each other to get out of their pens and overrun your farm, which is a pain to deal with.

There's also a combination element. The slimes produce crystals when you feed them that you trade in for money, but they'll also eat them if they are a different type, creating a larger more powerful slime that has the attributes of both, and will produce two crystals when fed.

It's totally worth free. So if you don't already have it, be sure to grab it.


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Gamefaqs has a poll up about how many consoles you have hooked up to your TV ready to play. I have 11, I think I have a problem.


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Gamefaqs has a poll up about how many consoles you have hooked up to your TV ready to play. I have 11, I think I have a problem.
Really? I don't think I've even had 11 consoles over the course of nearly 40 years of life. What consoles, if you don't mind me asking?


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Can't speak for Karnath, but I have 16 across a CRT, a 720p TV, and a 1080p TV.


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Just hooked up not including some of the older ones in boxes I have PS2, PS3, PS4 Pro, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1. I also have a SNES Classic but since it's more of a plug and play thing I don't really count it, I also have a Nintendo and a Sega Genesis in boxes somewhere with games from my childhood.
Let's see now...

There's the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Intelevision, Colecovison, NES, Master System, Turbographics 16, Snes, Genesis, Sega CD/32x, N64, PS1, Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast, Jaguar/w CD, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PS4, and Switch.

That's 23 working game consoles in my home, 25 if you want to count the 32X and Jaguar CD as separate systems. Most of them are boxed up as I emulate most of the older systems with a Raspberry Pi.

Those are just game consoles that hook up to a television, not counting handhelds and PC.
Beat Slime Rancher.

Not bad, but not much to do after you get the ending.

It's also super easy to min-max your farm and automate it fairly early on. Focus on fully upgrading pens and gardens first. Do the Wilds DLC as well as this helps, you unlock it by doing a mission for a specific NPC using the terminal on your ranch, you only need to do one to get the message that unlocks the teleporter to the new area.

Once you get going, put about half your plorts into crafting and cash in the rest. Spend it on upgrading your ranch and the club you'll get mail about. It unlocks things, and gets expensive fast, but it won't be long before you're drowning in money once you get a stable ranch going.

There are a few types of slimes that need to be kept separated from the rest.

The first two you'll encounter are Rock Slimes and Boom Slimes, they knock their "plorts" around and can send them into other pens. There are some areas on your farm that are ideal for penning them that are far enough away from other penning space that they can't manage that.

The third is a late game slime called a Phase slime. They need to be kept isolated as they can phase out of pens. They stay "in" them sort of, but have alternate bodies that roam around and can be a pain to contain. The phase bodies can eat things, and this includes grabbing one too many plorts.

Plorts are crystals that are harvestable resources that slimes produce.

You can combine two types of slimes by feeding one a plort from a different type. It creates a larger hybrid slime that produces both types of plorts.

However, if one of these gets a hold of a third type of plort, they turn into a slime eating monster that can quickly wreck your ranch if you don't notice it in time. They are easily dealt with, but can make a mess of things if you don't catch them in time.

At any rate, you want these big combination slimes for a few reasons.

A big one is that slimes have favorite foods. This matters because you can use the favorite food of either type of slime you've combined. This means turning meat eaters into omnivores. Once you're able to grow food, you can grow a favorite food type right next to them, making keeping them fed a breeze, this gets even easier once you get worker drones and auto feeders.

Meat is more fun to feed them, but harder to keep a consistent supply of. Meat is chickens, and you need a male and female to breed them. Males count towards the pen total, and both males and females have a chance to become an "elder" after producing a chick. Elder chickens are useless and take up space. They also don't produce nearly as fast as plants.

If you cross a meat eating slime with a slime that has a favorite food that is a vegetable or fruit, you can simply feed them the plant and they'll stay happy.

You still want to keep chickens. Particularly the stony, painted, and briar types. You'll need them to feed certain types of giant slimes that act as literal gatekeepers. You just don't want to be using them to feed your slimes if you don't have to. You'll also want a good supply of veggies for the same reason. There's no good reason to bother with penning the basic chicken type outside of the very early game.

It's also worth it to keep different slimes that eat different food types separated. So, veggie slimes go in one area, fruit slimes go in another. This matters for when you get drones, as you can only have two in an area, and they can only be set to veggies or fruits, and not both. Puddle slimes and fire slimes should also be kept separately for the same reasons. Once you unlock all the areas, you'll have plenty of room to do this, by the time you run across them, you should have the areas all unlocked.

Another benefit of the big slime types is that you don't need as many. Four or five to a pen is plenty. That will produce more plorts than you'll ever need once you get going. Do not ever keep more than two types of small slimes in a single pen, or more than one type of hybrid slime.

The smaller slimes you can keep around ten to a fully upgraded pen. It will hold around 20 or so, but you'll just end up running out of food and they'll be irritable all the time.

There are three types of slimes you don't need to bother with cross breeding. Pink slimes, fire slimes, and puddle slimes. Pink slimes have no favorite foods and are the base type of slime. You'll need a lot of their plorts, but there's no real benefit to combining them with other types.

Puddle slimes need a special type of pen and don't consume food, and fire slimes need an incinerator and ash from burning stuff. Just grow a veggie plot nearby and toss veggies into it on occasion. You can also automate that as well once you get drones.

I recommend putting fire slimes at the lab area and puddle slimes in the docks. There's a free pool in the docks area you can dump a few extra puddle slimes into in addition to the four pond plots you can build in that area.

I had absolutely zero use for a storage silo. I built one and it ended up being a waste of space.

Drones need water to run. Just splash them about once a day.

Do not use the spaces on the elevated area just inside of the cave area of your ranch for slime pens. They are bugged and slimes penned there will sometimes just disappear. Especially the cat type slimes for some weird reason. Just use those plots for gardens to feed whatever slimes you're keeping in the lower area.

You'll eventually get teleporters. I recommend using them to teleport around your ranch rather than setting them out in the world. It makes doing busywork much easier. There's enough for one for each area of your ranch, plus two more that can be used for the end game areas, which are far enough away to warrant having a teleporter for convenience. Unlike most other machines, they cannot be retrieved and have to be rebuilt if you pick them up. It's best to set them and leave them.

Do not set up resource gathering machines at your base, it's a waste. Specific ones go in specific areas to produce certain resources you'll need, and you'll get more rare resources if you put them in these areas. It's fairly easy to figure out what goes where, the names of areas will clue you in for the most part.

It's fun and worth playing, but I don't see myself playing it again to be honest. A lot of it is exploring the world and finding stuff, once that's done, the farm itself isn't that interesting. It's more a means to supply your exploration than a compelling game loop on its own. It's interesting enough while there's a world to explore and a reward drip feeding it, but once that's over there isn't much incentive to keep going.
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Picked up a playstation classic. Also got myself a 32 gig USB 2.0 drive and so it's off to hack this mofo.

Started ripping my psone collection as well, though it's slow going. Anyone have alternative sources for ISO's? I've got a few psone games digitally i'd love to put on the PSC as well.