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Pardon, but - DS4?
Dual Shock 4. The PS4 gamepad.

You can connect one to any PC using Bluetooth, and Steam natively supports it.

For non-Steam games there's a free open source program called DS4Windows.

Basically, it works with any PC game. I usually use a Mouse and Keyboard for gaming, but certain kinds of games, such as side scrolling platformers, twin stick shooters, and certain types of 3rd person games, are better with a gamepad.

The PS4 controller is far better than the Xbox gamepad for PC gaming. It has a touchpad and gyro in it, both of which can be programmed in Steam or DS4Windows to behave how you want.

One of the nice things about using a gamepad on PC, is that you can basically rebind the controller however you want for any game. Don't like where they put the jump or use button, and the game has no way of rebinding it in the menus? Just use the Steam Controller Configuration, Xpadder, Joy2key, or DS4Windows and bind the buttons how you want them to be.

You can even bind keyboard and mouse commands to a gamepad, meaning you can turn that D-pad into hotkeys. Steam even allows you to make how you press the button do different things. For example, you can make it so pressing the B button does different things if you press and release it, hold it down, or double tap it.

Most PC games allow for simultaneous keyboard and gamepad inputs. So you can usually mix and match the controls to work however you want.
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DualShock 4. It's the PS4 controller.
Okay. Yeah.

Bloodstained is Castlevania.

Not "kind of like Castlevania". It's a new proper Castlevania game, not that Lords of Shadows nonsense. It's just "unofficial", but actually more "official" than the last few Castlevania games.

Order of Ecclisia specifically.

Yes, it does tug on Symphony of the Night nostalgia strings quite a lot, however, mechanically it's a lot more OoE.

It's also hard. Normal difficulty is the lowest difficulty, and it's the second tier of most other Metroidvania difficulty tiers.

There's actual incentive to collect all the things as well. The first time you make a food item and use it, it gives you a permanent stat boost. So gathering ingredients and actually making stuff is worth while.

Grinding for money will also net you some really nice weapons early on from the shops after the tutorial area.

A lot of items and gear can be crafted or bought, whichever you prefer. A lot of stuff you need to craft at least once, and then it will show up in the shops.

There's rare loot and gear you can't buy as well.

Really enjoying this game. It's looking like it's going to be quite the time sink and will be worth several playthroughs in the future.

Iga knows what he's doing. This game is basically the death of the last temptation I might have had to ever buy another Konami game again. I hope it breaks every sales record for every Castlevania game ever released just to rub it in.
The God Cross sword is secretly OP.

It's a craftable weapon you can make using one of the 8-bit coin items.

It's easily the best of the swords you can make, but doesn't look like it in the menu because the stats are pretty meh for it. I did some save scumming to try out all the weapons you can make with the 8-bit coins, and that sword won out among the weapons of its type.

It's base damage is low, but it does light damage, plus the down forward attack shoots a projectile that hits twice for decent damage, and it inflicts stone with a fairly high chance, which instakills a lot of enemies.

The best shard so far is the arrow one you get from the archers. Out of all the ones I've tried, and there have been a bunch, it does the most damage for the amount of magic it uses.

I also really like that your switch ability switches between entire loadouts and is not just weapon swapping. You can set up your gear to make the most out of whatever weapon you're using.


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Ah, I see. Thanks Contra, Shiro.
In Bloodstained, sit at the piano in the gardens with the Fairy Familiar.

There's also a unique animation if you sit down with the book familiar.

The amount of cool little details in this game is amazing.


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The God Cross sword is rather nice, but it's quickly outclassed by the Spiral Sword, which you get around the same time. It's worth taking a few minutes to farm that and a greatsword shard (made from getting a sword shard).

I just restarted and cleared the third boss again. And then discovered the jojo poses you can make Mariam do.

Damn i love this game so far.
The God Cross sword is rather nice, but it's quickly outclassed by the Spiral Sword, which you get around the same time. It's worth taking a few minutes to farm that and a greatsword shard (made from getting a sword shard).

I just restarted and cleared the third boss again. And then discovered the jojo poses you can make Mariam do.

Damn i love this game so far.
God Cross is amazing in the first half of the game, but gets less effective because enemies have stronger resistances. It's still useful for dealing with bigger damage sponge enemies though, just less so with the smaller and faster enemies.

It's about useless for bosses though. You can't instakill them, and that's the biggest strength of the weapon. Otherwise it's just an okay sword with a decent special attack.

The Encrypted Orchid is what is carrying me through now. It can stun lock weaker enemies, hits multiple times, and has a decent range for a sword type weapon. It's better than the Spiral Sword.

It wasn't as good in the first third or so of the game as it is now, and I don't mean just because I upgraded it. It was legitimately less effective than God Cross even against weak mobs because God Cross would instakill them so often. Now the reverse is true.

I just beat the 8-bit nightmare secret and got the third upgrade for the Encrypted Orchid.

I'm gonna do some grinding, beat the 8-bit Overlord boss a couple more times, and upgrade the 8-bit Pistol and God Cross all the way.

Like I said, God Cross is still useful, just not as much against regular enemies.

Also, hang on to the Kung-fu shoes. They are useful long after their damage makes them useless as weapons. You can use the kick special to cross gaps you normally couldn't. A good example of this is one of the chests you're not supposed to access until later on the ship can be reached by using the shoes special attack to kick yourself across a gap you normally couldn't make it across.

You can't reach everything on the ship until after you get the teleport laser.

Also, the fairy is hands down the best familiar for a first time playthrough. Farm the gardens until you get her as soon as you reach them. Her damage output is low, but you can craft or buy special fairy healing items that she can use on you. You have to touch her to activate them when she holds them out.

She points out breakable walls and hidden passages. It is worth pointing out that you do need to still search for them, smack a wall if you think it's suspicious. She's not 100% effective and sometimes misses stuff. She's effective enough it's worth keeping her around though, as wall items are often health and magic boosts, or decent items. I only found the 8-bit Nightmare level because I was using the fairy for example.

The Silver Knight and Sword are tied for second.

The Welcome Company shard is also broken as hell. It creates a protective barrier of paintings around you that damage anything they touch and can block some projectiles. It also uses a set amount of magic and isn't a drain MP spell, and lasts until all the paintings are destroyed, or you leave the room. You get it from the paintings.

The game never tells you that I'm aware of, but you can press down and jump in the air and do a kick stomp. You can use this to bounce off of enemies, avoid contact damage, or get to the ground faster. It does a small amount of damage. There's an achievement for doing it a bunch of times on one enemy. If you have the double jump power, you'll do your second jump first, but can shorten it and drop by double tapping jump quickly while in the air.
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Castlevania games never tell you about the jumpkick, iirc.
You have to earn it as an ability in some of the games and it is explained to the player.

In Aria of Sorrow you have to absorb the skeleton soul to do the stomp move.

In Lament of Innocence it's one of Leon's skills, and must be earned by killing a certain number of enemies.

There are only a handful of games where you get it as soon as you can double jump, and in at least some of the Castlvania games with multiple characters not all of them can do it.

It does make sense here, as the two games this seems to draw the most from, Symphony of the Night and Order of Ecclisia both have the stomp available as soon as you can double jump.

On an unrelated note...

I glitched out of the double dragon fight.

I passed through the floor during the fight by jumping down like you might on a two way platform when they did the attack where they put their heads together. I was trying to slide under the attack and ended up just jumping down below them and was able to come back around and kill them by attacking one of them from behind where it couldn't touch me.

I think I might have passed through one the spots where the floor breaks when the fight ends.

If repeatable, this will likely be a speedrunning tactic.

If not, resetting would have cost me about 45 minutes. I'm also pretty sure I would have won anyway, as it was late in the fight and they died after only two hits.

It's mostly interesting because of the speedrunning thing if it can be done sooner in the fight.

Also, I've noticed that the vengeful demon hunting quest lady is super pissed that a bunch of Castlevania characters are dead. It seems like that might be a passive aggressive dig at Konami by Iga.
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I just realized you can put map markers on the map with the B button. The map screen doesn't tell you this.

That would have been really useful to know for the last ten hours or so.

Also, despite what the game beats you over the head with, there is absolutely no penalty for having too many shards. You just get a slightly different bad ending if you fight Gebel too soon.

I've been selling the ones I know I won't use because money is useful, but if you want to collect them like Pokemon and power them all up as much as you can, feel free, it doesn't alter the ending at all. It's entirely flavor text.

Also, just in case someone wasn't aware. Heal with food, not potions. You can carry a lot more of it and it's cheaper than potions. You only have to craft a food item once, and it becomes available for sale. You can stack 99 of them.

The only exception to this is to be sure to give your fairy potions to hold if you're using her. Healing potions are optional, but she's useful for healing status effects, so I try to keep those topped off.

I've also noticed that drops slow way down when farming after about a dozen or so. So if you're farming, grab about 10-12 of whatever it is, run off and craft some stuff with it, and then come back.

When you max out a passive shard's rank, it becomes a permanent toggle and you don't need to equip the shard anymore.

High Jump is flight. You can keep doing it over and over in the air and it costs no magic. It doesn't really break anything, as by the time you get it, you should have invert anyway. One of the components to craft it is impossible to get without it I think, at least not without some major sequence breaking.

There are still a few areas you can't access without Invert, mostly involving places you need to flip to slide into a narrow passage. High jump is more convenient if a place is just high up though. Double jump also resets every time you use it, that's useful for fine tuning your movement in the air.

Also, the armor you use to get to the Oriental Lab makes the race guy a joke. Just use speed beam to beat him the first time and then use his own power against him for the rest of the shards.

Also, fuck the money boss. My hand gave out before he did because I had 6 million when I ran into him.
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"Finished" Bloodstained.

Main Quest is done anyway. I've still got some secret bosses to kill and a few other post game odds and ends to get done before moving on to the next difficulty. Need to do some farming as well, as there are a few shards I want to max out. Not even going to try to max out every shard or collect all of them. At least not this time.

The fact that I grabbed My Friend Pedro may postpone my second playthrough for a bit. Still going to wrap things up before moving on.

Most excellent game. Really hope it's the start of a franchise. Way Forward really is starting to become one of my favorite publishers ever.

Keeping shards or not does have an impact on the final boss, but it's entirely cosmetic and impacts pre-fight dialogue only as far as I can tell. The actual ending doesn't change.
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My Friend Pedro is awesome.

It's everything a Deadpool videogame should be, but doesn't have anything to do with Deadpool.

Super Neptunia RPG is not.

I like Neptunia as a franchise, but this has not impressed me at all.

It's a side scrolling platformer as far as navigation goes, and an awful one. The controls are clunky and paths are often obscure. The animation is also terrible, the sort of thing you'd expect to see on old mobile games.

The combat is simple and seems to lack depth so far.

The humor is cute and shallow, as you'd expect, but it's not nearly enough to carry this game so far. This seems to be the only saving grace, as it is typical of the series. It also seems to be a good introduction to the series, as everyone has amnesia and it reintroduces the characters, which would be good for newcomers.

I'll give it a bit more time, as reviews say it improves, but so far I'm not sure I'm going to play this for very long.

EDIT: The battle system has improved, the 2D platforming has not.

With the introduction of formations and swapping out skills the battle system has turned out to be decent, it just sucks for the first part of the game. The item usage during combat is a bit clunky though. I like how enemy information such as health bars and weaknesses are shown on a pause screen.

Elemental weaknesses also play an interesting role in combat, as using an elemental type that an enemy resists actually takes away from your AP meter and can put you into negative if you're not careful. Using an element an enemy is weak against grants bonus AP as well.

I can see this system keeping me interested enough to get through this. It's supposedly a pretty short game, which is one reason I decided to get into it.

Also, the game does a poor job of explaining some of the mechanics. Sometimes even explaining them a bit late. The tutorials aren't done well.

The worst part of this game is easily the platforming. Jumping and moving about seems to lag horribly, and it's just awkward. Fortunately, I've yet to run into any part that is challenging, and it also seems to be penalty free. Falling into a bottomless pit just seems to reset your position.

Still can't say I recommend this, unless you're a huge fan of Neptunia.
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Heretical Grinder 9/9 just melts things. Just remember to pack along a few magic restoration items.

I think i'm at the final two bosses now, but a tad underlevel/equip. Doing a bit of farming tonight to even the odds, will probabaly kill them tomorrow night or this weekend.
Heretical Grinder 9/9 just melts things. Just remember to pack along a few magic restoration items.

I think i'm at the final two bosses now, but a tad underlevel/equip. Doing a bit of farming tonight to even the odds, will probabaly kill them tomorrow night or this weekend.
I've killed all the bosses, have 100% of the map, and 100% of the enemies. I'm also fairly sure I've found all the secret walls and passages. Not all of them go towards 100% of the map, but between the fairy and the reveal hidden walls shard, I'm fairly certain.

I finished all the bosses at around lvl 50. I also had all my gear focusing on Luck for the entire game to make farming easier. So I'm not doing near as much damage and am not as tough as I could be.

You can only get 5 of the Silver Knight and Shortcut shards in a run.

I currently have 112 Luck, and that helps with farming.

Enemy number 44 was a huge pain in the ass to find. It was just dumb luck that I stumbled across it. He's on the train and you need to sit in the chair to find him.

You do not need to sit and wait on him. He runs on a timer, so you only need to wait a certain amount of time and then sit on the seat by the open window to spawn him. It's the only spot you can sit, so finding it isn't hard. You'll know he's near when you start seeing the eye animation.

So clear out the train, then go back and sit and it should be close to when he appears if you weren't in a hurry. Alternately, you can just ride on top of the train and hit the passing lampposts to farm gold. The time is slightly longer or shorter depending on what direction you're going. It's shorter on the trip away from the castle. That doesn't matter much as the fastest way to farm is to just take the trip back and fourth.

He is almost a mini-boss. He takes a ton of hits, stun locks, and inflicts curse on you. I usually just use the time stop ability to get behind him and pound on him until he's dead. He drops the curse resistance shard. On the plus side, his shard drop rate is three times higher than most other shards. You can also just get on top of the train car and range attack him to death.

Enemy 44 is the absolute worst shard grinding enemy in the game. It only appears in one place in the entire game and takes about three minutes per attempt at least because of how you spawn him.

Most other enemies you'll need to farm have at least one spot where they appear right inside a door. So you can just run in and out of a room over and over to farm them.

Beating the ninja guy's race in the last area also helps a lot with endgame farming. As I mentioned, you really only have to beat him once, and using the armor that makes you invincible to spikes and such makes him stupid easy. After that, just use his own power against him to get the other 8 shards.

The run power does a small amount of damage to enemies you run into, and you can run right through a lot of them. Some will stop you, but you can usually just keep going immediately after. You can farm small weak enemies by just running back and fourth over them later in the game. This is useful against frogs, and the flytrap enemies.

The homing arrow shard is super useful throughout the game. It makes getting certain shards and such much easier. It's probably the best offensive spell in the game, as it uses a small amount of magic for the damage it does. Plus, it's a homing attack.

Sword whip is also useful for grinding for shards and materials. It's not as powerful as the Encrypted Orchid, but once you're strong enough that one or two hits kills most things, the reach it has makes things go a little quicker in some area.

The fully upgraded bit coin pistol is also pretty powerful, but you need to give up some luck to make the most of it. With the right gear it's extremely powerful. There's a hat that gives you unlimited special ammo so you can just use diamond rounds forever, and using gear that increases attack speed makes it God tier.
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Enemy 44 reminds me of the mudman in SotN. It was unfarmable and only shows during a single boss that cannot be repated.

I had no idea I can repeat that race. I'll have to do that.
Enemy 44 reminds me of the mudman in SotN. It was unfarmable and only shows during a single boss that cannot be repated.

I had no idea I can repeat that race. I'll have to do that.
I've figured out the timing for when 44 shows up. The best place to watch for when to sit down is on top of the train just behind the hole that leads into the car where the seat is.

When moving away from the castle towards the lab, there's a big grove of trees towards the end of the ride followed by several individual trees. Jump down at the third single tree and sit down and he'll show up immediately.

On the way back to the castle from the lab, there's a bridge towards the end of the ride. Sitting down just after the fifth lamp post goes by past after the bridge starts will trigger him immediately.

I usually clear out the train of enemies, they all have shards and some have useful drops, then sit on top of it farming gold from the lamps until I reach the trigger spot.

Be sure to get the bird enemies on top of the train. They drop strawberries, a meat item, and a useful lightning spell shard.

The cannon on the train drops the firearms shard. You don't have to farm him there though, as there's another in the lab area. However, if you haven't already gotten it, you might as well just get at least some of it done while farming the curse shard.

I'm also pretty sure the train is the best early game gold farming spot. Especially on Steam using a gamepad. You can just bind your attack button to a toggle and turbo using the Steam Client and just stand on top of the train for the whole ride. Haven't done that myself beyond one back and fourth trip because I didn't figure out those purple lanterns were farmable until I was past the point it would be useful. Still, I tested it out just as proof of concept and it worked.

Once you get the gold augment shard maxed out enemies start dropping 1k, 2k, and 5k bags of gold fairly regularly. It's faster to just kill the weak stuff around the starting area at that point.

Just got the 9th Curse shard. It was a huge pain, but wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Like I said, his drop rate is triple most others, and I have stupid high luck and a ring that boosts shard drops.

Finally got all the food items done as well.

Fruits are almost exclusively dropped by flying enemies such as the bird people and succubus enemies.

There are also food ingredients that can only be found in blue chests in specific areas.
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100% on Bloodstained.

Finished normal difficulty at lvl 88.

Well, almost. I didn't 100% techniques and will probably go for that in NG+. I barely touched it this run.

It'll be easier to do when I can just use whatever weapon when I come across the bookcases that have the instructions for special moves. I think I'm going to play something else for a bit before I do that though. I'm a little burned out from the grinding I had to do to get this done.

I should really have known better than to think that wouldn't bother me...

Fortunately, it only took about twenty minutes.

I used time stop and both the Millionaire boss and the hallway right outside the save point in the Oriental Lab.

The Millionaire boss is right next to a teleport and save room, can take a pounding, and spawns bunny demon helpers. The techniques level based on hits, so the more enemies you hit with one, the faster it levels. I did this for the blocking techniques and stuff that I could spam easily by holding down the button such as the spear rush and rapid fire techniques.

I could stack four enemies right up on top of each other in the Oriental Lab hallway, so I did most of the technique leveling there. I just used the fast travel point to reach the save point just outside of the Millionaire room to use the save point to refill my magic. It's the only place on the map with a save point and fast travel room that are so close together.

EDIT: Gebel's Glasses grant Infinite MP. They don't mention it anywhere in the item description. Would have been nice to know as it would have made leveling up techniques much easier to do.

Not a huge deal, as it took less than an hour anyway. I'm not too annoyed by it, as I only had the glasses for maybe the last hours of play. Getting the last shard was close to the very last thing I did.

The only thing NG+ seems to take from you is sequence break shards and items. So double jump, movement beam, keys, and that sort of thing.

You can basically complete item lady and food lady quests immediately if you have the stuff in your inventory from your last playthrough.

You keep all your gear, items, and unlocks. Also, Shards stay leveled up, even the ones they take from you.

Playing through hard seems to be pretty trivial if you got 100% on the previous playthrough. I'm basically able to one shot everything so far because I'm lvl 90 and have all the best gear. The first boss took two hits, and I think that's because I used the pistol to kill it instead of a melee weapon.

Not to mention, with infinite MP, several powers basically break the game completely. Time Stop is a good example of this.

I don't think you're meant to get 100% on your first run.

Not that it's going to stop me from playing hard as an unstoppable Goddess of Death or anything. I'm totally okay with that.
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Have to go out of town in a week for a while, so I didn't want to get into a game like Yakuza Kawami where I'd probably be playing for more than a week. I'm sure I could beat it in less time, but I'd rather not rush it.

I'll have my laptop, but won't really have time for games until I get back.

So, Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon and EDF 4.1 it is. I know I could take a while to truly "beat" EDF 4.1 with all the unlocks and upgrades, but I won't be invested in a story or have to readjust to the gameplay once I get back from my trip.

IA is kind of crap, but weirdly for reasons that should have made it a better game.

The positives are more familiar controls for a traditional 3rd person shooter, Steve Blum phoning a role in, a more stable game due to how they sectioned off areas, and nicer textures.

It's set in Detroit and is supposed to be the American side of the story.

The negatives are that it doesn't feel like EDF. It's lost the camp. EDF from Japan feels like a Godzilla movie production wise. The voice acting is like a badly translated dub. It's B level sci-fi and very self aware about that.

Also, some of the things they did to make it more stable negatively impact the scale. EDF feels huge, but IA feels smaller.

Insect bodies vanish instantly, and the destruction is much simpler. It looks and feels empty and your squadmates are irritating. Yes, black sounding guy, you've seen Independence Day.

IA also doesn't have an ending really, because they were going to do that with DLC. Then the company that made it folded. On the plus side, it took less than a day to beat the campaign because it's only 15 levels, and I have no interest in playing through it ever again. Glad I got it for stupid cheap.

4.1 is much more familiar to me. In fact, it's a remake of 2025 with some new features and more classes. I'm okay with that.
EDF 4.1.

Turned things up to Inferno difficulty after two levels because anything else was too easy. I'm currently on lvl 10.

Those with Arachnophobia shouldn't play this game. The early level with the Orb Weavers isn't that bad, but once you go underground and the jumping spiders start appearing and attacking you from the dark, it will freak any spider hating person out completely.

You can just hang back in the first couple of levels and just collect stuff to start Inferno difficulty as the AI will win the level for you.

I say this because your starting guns do next to no damage to enemies to the point you'll have a hard time killing anything with them. Letting the AI win the first couple of levels should net you some weapons strong enough you can actually hurt enemies from drops.

On Inferno it's one or two hits and you're dead if you haven't played through the game on lower difficulties, and it's easier to blow yourself up. It's still entirely doable even just starting out, but it's actually challenging.

Friendly NPCs kill me more than any bug, mostly by running in front of me when I'm firing explosives. The AI in this game is brainless.

The best way to deal with the AI is to kill any commander AI character that spawns. They'll have a red helmet and are easy to spot. Then you can take over the squad and they'll mostly follow behind you. Otherwise they'll follow the commander around and they will gleefully lead the team into your line of fire without fail.

This doesn't completely stop the AI from running in front of you, but it does reduce how frequently it happens. I still end up blowing myself up more often than the enemies kill me.

Some would say "don't use explosives" but when playing in single player on Inferno difficulty without leveling up a bit in lower difficulties, that's not an option. My weapon options are still limited and it's the only way to deal with certain situations and survive.

Fortunately "levels" are short enough it's not a huge pain to restart anyway.

The dialogue is also very nostalgic. It reminds me of 90s era translations of Japanese games and lower budget anime. You usually don't see translations this bad anymore, and that's part of why the game works.

I also forgot how insane the weapons can get for this game, even at low levels. I'm basically coasting on a beam weapon and a sniper rifle so far.
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Back home and nearly done with EDF 4.1. I've got about ten levels left.

Still as gloriously stupid as it ever was. That's actually a strength for this game.

I love that they basically close to literally translated the dialogue so it's intentionally bad. I also wonder why my squadmates aren't morbidly obese given the amount they apparently eat.

The difficulty really ramps up around lvl 50. I had to farm a bunch of health and grind for better weapons a few times after hitting a level that was a bit of a wall. I just kept restarting the game and playing through the five previous levels to where I was stuck if I was getting insta-killed. That usually nets about 15-30 armor upgrades per level.

The difficulty is actually a bit inconsistent, with some levels even later in the game being a cakewalk, and a small handful of early levels being difficult for what you have. Though, again, I'm soloing Inferno difficulty and that has something to do with it.

Prior to around lvl 50 you can pretty much faceroll through the game. After that there are a lot more levels where charging in like you would in a group is not an option. They also take a bit longer to complete due to the sheer volume of enemies.

However, all levels are entirely possible to solo on Inferno as a Ranger. You really have to strategize a lot and be clever about how you take on hordes, especially in levels with lots of spawn points.

The ship spawners aren't so bad, as they usually don't drop a new load until you clear out most of the last one it dropped, and they can be fired upon from pretty much anywhere as long as your weapons have the range when they are vulnerable.

The tunnels are a pain because they not only keep pumping out mobs to keep the max number of possible of active enemies, but are also located on the ground, which means they are often not visible and must be hunted down.

Overall, it's the definition of a mindless shooter though. It's campy fun, but I do wish there was a sprint button.
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