What games are you playing 2: The revenge


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Did the first MR story hunt for MHW: Iceborne.

Man i've missed this game. Time to start the gear cycle all over again.


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I just recently got Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year edition and am currently going through the DLC. I've already platinum'd the main game, but I'm looking forward to finishing the story.
Stumbled across OpenMW, which is kind of like GZDoom, but for Morrowind.

It basically replaces the engine for the game with a newer one.

It still looks and plays like Morrowind, is compatible with most mods, allows for even more modding in fact, and has new effects, physics, AI improvements, and various other neat quality of life features.

It doesn't work with Morrowind Script Extender, Morrowind Code Patch, Morrowind Graphics Extender, or other mods that modify the exe, because it replaces that part of the game. They basically work by modifying the engine rather than the game files.

However, it does include some of the features of some of those mods, including distant terrain, and several code patch features are included. Also, a lot of the bugs in Morrowind are actually caused by the engine itself, so it's more stable on top of looking nicer.

Plus, you can still mod it, most mods work because they alter the game files rather than the engine side, but some will have issues.
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I got a Nintendo switch. The newer one which comes in the red box. Playing Zelda: BOTW - it's fun. Finished the tutorial plateau and am at the first beast - the elephant. Did the puzzles inside, but am stuck with the boss fight. Perhaps I'll wander off and get back to it later?

I got a Nintendo switch. The newer one which comes in the red box. Playing Zelda: BOTW - it's fun. Finished the tutorial plateau and am at the first beast - the elephant. Did the puzzles inside, but am stuck with the boss fight. Perhaps I'll wander off and get back to it later?

BotW is pretty unforgiving. Gone are the days when even a grunt mob takes only half a heart when it hits you.

Having the right gear and leveling it up at the fairy shrines can help a lot as well. It's not that hard to farm rupees, especially if you learn how to snow bowl. There are spots you can drop the snowball that will always win if you are positioned right. This is hands down the best way to farm money in the game.

Best thing to do is do some shrines to get your health up, and build up some food. Damage boost, and stuff that will fill your hearts up. Defense boost food might help as well, but generally damage boost will get you through a tough fight better than it will. You can do both, but prioritize damage buff and health food.

Damage buff food is super easy to get once you start running into the Yiga clan. They always drop bananas. They are also fairly easy to gather from banana trees as well, which aren't that hard to find near to beach regions.

Buy ancient arrows and use them on bosses. Shoot them in the face with them. You don't need a ton, but having a few will make things much easier.

Stamina food is also useful to keep a few of around as well. It can get you up to places you normally couldn't reach earlier in the game as you can eat while climbing. It's not that hard to find stamina mushrooms even early in the game. Not that useful in a fight, but it can be useful to get some of the better items a bit sooner.

Also, hunt with bombs. You can also bait most animals with apples. Some of the more annoyingly skittish animals can be easily killed by placing a bomb nearby to where they are wandering around, setting some bait, and waiting for a bit.

The stealth suit works on fish when you're swimming just as well as it does on bugs and such on land. It makes them much easier to catch. It's better than the Zora gear if you're fishing.

Wolves are especially easy to hunt and drop higher quality meat. You can just drop bombs behind you when they are chasing you to kill them. This is useful for both healing and money, kabobs sell for a lot given the amount of effort they take to collect the ingredients for.

I tended to hoard full healing items like durian and mushrooms until the endgame, as it's kind of a waste to use them when you have ten hearts or less. You only need to use one full heal ingredient to make a meal that fully heals you.

The answer to running into a wall in BotW is generally just stocking up on the right types of food. Outside of the anti-burning potion, potions are essentially useless as food does everything they do better.
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Also, spit curses into the sky every time it rains whilst trying to get somewhere.

Unless you get the rain climbing gear, in which case you laugh at the sky. Pretty sure that was a free piece of dlc, but it's been a while since I played.


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I thought the preferred method of locomotion in that game was to send yourself flying using trees, bouncing off enemies, or now bouncing off your own bombs?
Octopath Traveler.

It's neat, very old school Final Fantasy with some neat mechanics.

I'm playing on PC, which means I can disable that awful overdone Depth of Field effect with an INI edit. It does expose some odd textures on occasion, but overall looks much better in my opinion.

I've actually been playing on and off for a while, but haven't actually "played the game" so far. I've pretty much just been gathering everyone by doing their first chapter, and then grinding. Maybe an hour or two at a time, and not every day. I've been at it for a while.

It's super easy to grind in. I managed to get everyone, get them all up to lvl 99, open up the entire map, get all the job classes, have decent armor and gear, and enough JP to get everyone maxed out with at least three jobs before I even started any of the second chapter storylines. The four secret jobs need tons of JP to max, which was the very last thing I did. One of them also has an XP boost bonus skill, making the last third of leveling a little easier.

I like that they tell you which skills don't stack as well.

This also got me all the fast travel points, which is nice as the game is rather huge actually.

I actually only just started doing side quests and the main quests, and a lot of the side quests are done instantly because I already talked to, stole from, and scrutinized most NPCs. There are a few in areas you can't access as well as some that show up only after you've progressed through some of the quests, so there's still always a few to check out even if you grind like I did.

Areas tell you what level you should be before entering, and you have to interact with things to move the story along. So you can visit places and shops beforehand. The only areas that are blocked off are story related dungeon areas. So you can go to lvl 45 and 50 areas to grind easily as soon as you outlevel the lower level areas as there is nothing keeping you out aside from your current level.

The random dancer skill Bewildering Grace also makes this much easier, as it occasionally gives a boost to XP, it can be x2 up to x100. I gave it to Cyrus as a secondary class. I usually start out a battle by using it after I gain some BP to buff it during turns when I'm breaking enemies, then don't bother with it again until the next battle.

About half the time Bewildering Grace also causes a negative effect, so it's not good to use if you're already hurting from previous battles. It's never killed me though as I always use it when I'm in good shape at the start of a battle. It has made some battles leave me on the verge of death though, so be sure to save often if you're using it to bump up XP. Most areas have a save point you can hang around while grinding. Buffing it with BP ups the risk/reward factor.

Everyone has SP recovery, Health Recovery, and half my characters have surpassing power. I have two Dragon Scarves [SP recovery] and Beast Scarves [Health recovery], and use those on characters that don't have the job requirements for those abilities. Two you get from Tressa's parents, and the other two are side quest rewards. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got them from exactly, only that they were side quest rewards.

I've got Cyrus as a sorcerer and main. He's my main elemental damage dealer. I use lower cost Scholar spells to find them, then use the Sorcerer x3 equivalent to chew through their weakness.

Therion is my Runemaster. It makes him not useless. He pretty much does nothing unless a battle goes for more than three rounds, but the Runemaster class destroys bosses. Not on his own, but by enchanting everyone's weapons for multiple rounds to do damage. This takes at least two rounds, which gives me time to work out elemental weaknesses ahead of time. The damage is calculated by how much elemental attack the weapon has, not the character. So giving everyone one weapon that does a ton of it leads to doing around 7k damage per normal attack.

Actually, Therion is not great, but you need him to open certain chests, so he's kind of stuck in the party permanently. Giving him Runemaster makes him useful. I basically never use him to deal direct damage. I also dump the skill that reduces enemy encounters on him when I'm using it, which is pretty much the rest of the game at this point. I also maxed out his Evade as he's pretty squishy otherwise.

This is my biggest complaint about the game, as you're basically stuck with using him because he's the only character than can do this. Pretty much any other character has an alternate. Theiron can steal, or you can Trade for the same items as Tressa. Ophilia and Primrose both have "follow" abilities. Oleric and H'aanit can challenge NPCs to get them out of the way. Therion and Alfyn's Inquire and Scrutinize both work the same way.

Ophilia is my Starseer. Heals and buffs of course, and the Starseer magic makes her a useful damage dealer. I've got her elemental defense buffed out as much as I can, as that affects how effective her healing is.

H'aanit is my Warmaster. She is pure damage. She's also a permanent party member. Her hunt skills compliment Warmaster better than Warrior does I think. Rain of Arrows is basically why.

That's my "main" party.

Tressa has Thief. I don't really use her outside of her story missions. She's not completely useless, better than Therion really, but pretty much bottom tier. Having her in your party is a good way to make money, as she randomly finds it when entering a new area.

Alfyn is another character I never use outside of his missions. He's the jack of all trades as his stats are pretty much decent at everything, and great at nothing, which is why I don't use him much. He's not bad, it's just that you get better results with anyone else. I put hunter on him as a second class, just so he'd have one when I'm doing his missions.

Oleric is my tank and I gave him Alchemist because it makes him the hardest tank you can make him. You don't really need one in this game once you get to about lvl 60. I use him to get through NPCs standing in front of doors. and that's basically it.

H'aanit can do this as well, but you have to fight those battles using your captured beasts, which burns through them as they can only be summoned limited times, and I have a nice collection of high level ones I'd rather not waste. Oleric can pretty much faceroll through the toughest of those battles after about lvl 60 if you've stacked his physical defense anyway, and you don't use any resources using him.

If not for the game basically requiring you to use Therion or miss out on some potentially nice loot, he would probably be in Therion's slot most of the time.

Primrose is a Scholar. She was pretty useful when I was grinding, and having her and Cyrus made hunting for weaknesses go much faster. Her dancer abilities are also fairly useful early on as she has some useful buffs. She kind of fell to the wayside though.

Anyway, Steal from everyone. Tessa's merchant ability does the same thing, but costs gold. Stealing cost you nothing, seems to have zero penalty outside of having your reputation blemished if you get caught, and save scumming can deal with that as every town has a save point. Or, you can do like me and just grind levels until you're pretty much guaranteed 80-100% chances, at which point the rare occasions you need to buy your reputation back don't amount to much.

You'll get a good store of healing items, junk items for selling, and okay level gear.

Some things you actually have to buy via Tressa and can't steal, and they are pretty pricey. Always worth it though if you have the gold, as this seems to be how you get some of the stronger gear in the game as far as I can tell.

Also, scrutinize or inquire everyone. This not only nets you free "hidden items", which are usually consumables, but also grants buffs to in town interactions. Making stealing, challenging, bartering, etc easier to do. It will also occasionally unlock new items in shops. This includes side quest NPCs, and you should do that before talking to them as they sometimes relocate to other towns after you speak to them. You can steal or scrutinize them without interacting with if you want to put off side quests.

Always try to break as many enemies as you can when grinding, aside from stun locking them for a round and dealing extra damage, you also get an XP bonus for it.

Try to break groups of enemies all at once. Focus on enemies with higher shield levels first, and then try to break them all in the same round. Then buff up your attacks with BP and unload on them with multi target attacks. Even if you haven't reached 3 BP yet, do it anyway. This will lead to shorter battles with fewer resources burned.

Make sure you have at least one weapon with decent elemental attack for every character. Set them aside for a bit for high damage output if you're just using a character for physical damage, but hang onto them and don't sell them. Only sell them off if you find something better and have enough to go around.

I'm guessing the extra job class bosses are probably some of the toughest in the game. They are optional, and even at lvl 99 were easily able to wipe me out if I got bad RNG.

Go for Runelord first, as this job makes dealing with the rest much easier. Just slap it on Therion and max it out as soon as you can, have someone else to deal with heals in your party so he can focus on doing this job, use your elemental damage dealers or scholar analyze skill to find an elemental weakness, make sure your characters have weapons with high Elemental Attack selected, then have him use his maxed out rune points to slap on whatever elemental weaknesses they have onto everyone's weapons.

Give as any character that has a max BP skill that does damage the warrior class at some point. Late game, you'll want the limit break ability as their maxed out BP skill will usually hit the 9999 limit at later levels, especially after you break an enemy's resistance shields. I've yet to hit the 99,999 limit, but have managed 14-20k damage with pretty much all the damage dealing Max PB skills I've used.

You can also break that limit with the Runelord elemental attack buff with certain weapons after breaking an enemy. Usually it's less, but I've hit 12-15k with it.

EDIT: I've discovered that some of the late game armor and weapons are in fact not the best thing for every character, which is kind of neat I guess. This is especially true of the Elemental Stats for Attack and Defense. Casters and healers should both prioritize these stats, and some of the mid tier armor and weapons are actually better in this area than any of the late game armors and weapons, which seem to prioritize physical damage and defense instead.

It actually pays to hang on to some of the earlier game gear and compare and contrast what you're putting on everyone and how it affects their stats rather than just slapping the most expensive version of whatever armor or weapon they use on them.

For example, elemental defense directly impacts how much healing your healing characters like Ophelia and Alfyn can do. The same goes for elemental attack with your magic casting characters such as Cyrus and Primrose.

You do want those expensive end game armors and weapons for your physical characters, notably characters with the Warrior or Warmaster jobs.

Therion I ended up maxing out evade on, which actually has the best available stats on early game armor. It seems to be the best thing to do with him actually, as it is his best defensive stat. You can't really turn him into a tank, and his elemental scores don't really impact how effective Runeblade is due to how it works.

It is in fact not best to just put the most expensive armor and weapons on every character. A lot of the later game staff weapons don't have great elemental attack and are more for physical attack for example. I presume those are actually for the Warmaster's use as they actually weaken your mage classes. I still give that class one with a high elemental attack over physical damage anyway, because of how Runeblade buffs work.

Also, weapon stats don't stack. So whatever weapon your character is currently holding is the one that impacts their stats. So it doesn't do you any good to stack several elemental attack weapons on a character. Give them the one weapon with the best elemental stats, and then focus on physical damage with the rest if they can use more than one. Just make sure they are holding the correct weapon when you are casting magic.
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I thought the preferred method of locomotion in that game was to send yourself flying using trees, bouncing off enemies, or now bouncing off your own bombs?
Absolutely, but you do have to learn how to time that, which isn't that hard, and then how to land safely.

The paraglider does work for a safe landing, but it can be tricky to get the timing right if you're using it to get around after you've launched yourself.

It is super easy to sequence break BotW though once you learn how to do that.

There are a lot of speedrunning tricks that can be used to make shrines much easier as well. None of them are particularly tough, especially once you figure out that farming ancient weapons from the battle ones is a thing. They reset with everything else when there's a blood moon, meaning that once you can manage to take out the tougher ones, you've pretty much got no reason to use any other weapons aside from the Master Sword and the occasional royal weapon. Especially after you get the Ancient Armor.

Also, you can't stack food strength buffs on the Barbarian armor so don't waste food if you're using it, but you can on the Ancient Armor as it is a separate buff that only affects certain weapons.
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I stumbled across copies of No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2 for PC that were boxed up in storage that I had completely forgotten that I still owned.

Both games were also released on the PS2, but weren't really great ports on that platform as I recall.

I had to use my laptop to create an ISO file from the disks, as my new PC case doesn't have a disk drive in it. Not the first time I've done that, but it's been a while.

It runs fine and appears to have no issues. I do need to have the game disk mounted on a virtual drive for it to run as it uses disk based DRM, but that's really the only minor quibble.

So I'm playing those games again over the next day or two. It shouldn't take any longer than that to beat them both.

I've forgotten almost everything about them to be honest, but do remember it has a ton of great dialogue and set piece elements in decent early 2000s era FPS/stealth titles. Henchmen in the game can have several minute long conversations that can get pretty hilarious. Listening in is entirely optional, but often worth it.

It is a bit cutscene heavy, some of which can be pretty long, and those parts of the game aren't nearly as good as the smaller scenes throughout the game tend to be.

The game was one of the biggest influences on the show Archer, [the game's protagonist is named Cate Archer and a lot of the humor is very similar]. It has that whole Austin Powers vibe as well as it is set in the 60s, but takes itself slightly more seriously. There's also a lot of Get Smart in there as well.

It's a shame that the rights being such a mess means we'll probably never see more of this series, or even a rerelease, but I do remember really enjoying my first playthrough of both titles.
Huh. NOLF and NOLF 2 work fine, but Contract Jack won't because it relies on a depreciated DLL.

No big deal as it was just kind of okay and fit in between the two games and was really short as I recall. Not worth the bother of trying to mess around in the registry to get modern Windows to take a depreciated DLL, as it's one of those that doesn't go in the game folder, but rather needs to be registered in the Windows system folders to work.