What games are you playing 2: The revenge


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I've been playing 999 on Steam. It's been about 10 years since I played it originally on the DS, so I know all the twists. Nice to replay it. And holy crap, the voice acting is pretty decent!

Got the Sub, Coffin, and Axe endings so far.


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Playing 999 again.

Most of this post is spoilered because I've already played the game before and want to discuss notes instead.

I first went through Door 3, which results in a bad end no matter what.

I actually know what June's whole freakout is supposed to be about in the shower room...it's not just seeing a dead body, because she knows it's there and who it really is. It's because the instant you go through Door 3, you're going to result in a bad ending, so she's going to die in this timeline, and she knows this.

When you're doing one of the puzzles in the shower room through Door 3, Santa talks about how a fever usually doesn't drive the body up to 107°F, but external sources could. I saw where it was going and thought it was going to be a subtle reference to Akane in the incinerator...then he just flat-out mentions being burned to death in an incinerator as a possible way to heat the body up lulz.

Going through Door 3 also results in something a little weird, since I think when you get to Door 2, it's the only door that's available. So June and Santa _should_ be coming with because you have the option for up to 5 people to go through a door, but they don't. I think that's how that flow route plays?

Also, knowing how the plot works really makes some things feel kind of sketchy. How tough must it be for Santa to know he's going towards a bad end, but he has to continue with it because it gives Junpei meta-awareness of alternate timelines? And then him and June have scenes with Junpei the only other one present, and they're acting it out to manipulate Junpei. If Seven is actually in on the whole game and wasn't drugged, then ditto. And in the Safe ending, when Ace rants on about Zero's precognition, I wonder if he has realised that Zero must be somebody with advanced power in the morphogenetic field.

As for the Safe Ending, there's a few details that aren't really revealed,
but which I can deduce from knowledge of the full game now. First, I assume Clover was able to get her note through Akane's morphic resonance from the past from the future. Second, I assume Santa disappeared and was acting as Zero at the end over the intercom, and gassed Junpei. Third, the comment that this path was 'inevitable' is true, because this ending is required for the True Ending.

Also, I do have a OTP.
It's actually a OT3. Junpei x Akane x Clover, with Junpei and Akane having full knowledge of their playing through all three games, and Clover through 999 and VLR.


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Finally finished 999. Gonna replay VLR next


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I have been playing Virtue's Last Reward the last few days off and on, though I've been working the last four days too.

16 hours in.

I've just now gotten as far as only allying through all the routes will allow me, so now I started with the betray routes. The first route I'm going down is Cyan/Ally - Betray, which is kind of fitting because Alice is a bitch who kills you if you choose to ally two times in a row, so if I'm going to start betraying, it'll be against her. As always, there's a lot of interesting tells to notice about the few characters who actually do know anything. Dio and Tenmyouji know what year it is and what Radical-6 is, but never tell the cast. Dio of course is working against everyone so he won't, while Tenmyouji is probably thinking 'I have no idea what goddamn part of Akane's plan this is so I just won't say.' It's neat to see all the little things hinting at the twists, too.

Actually, I think I did Betray once already, against K on the route where allying him would let him get out the 9 door. But I don't really count that, I guess. Also, the whole Radical-6 thing is obviously fictional within a fictional story, but it'd be a lot harder for it to take off now in 2028 of the real world since you can be sure after this pandemic, governments are going to be throwing a ton of money at virology.
Not sure if this would be the right thread, but somebody went and actually made a petition to Sony to change the PS+ games for this. The games are definitely awful, and already free of PS Now, but wouldn't it make more sense to just cancel your PS+ Subscription for the month and completely deny Sony your money?
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Wait... So what exactly happened? PS+ switched games for the month as a joke? Is that right?
Wait... So what exactly happened? PS+ switched games for the month as a joke? Is that right?
The two Games for PS+ For this month are Farming Simulator and City Skylines. Two simulator games that are both already free on PS Now. People are not happy with this.


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Finally finished Virtue's Last Reward replay at 28 hours.

When the game was originally made, I don't think it was too much of a problem or strange for Sigma as the 'player character' to be unvoiced (to help hide the twist). It seems odd, but nothing too unusual. However, in the Nonary Games two-pack, going from 999 with everyone voiced including Junpei, it definitely feels weird.

I think the only time I had to use a guide was in the Rec room, both for the billiard balls puzzle and for throwing the darts by order of weight.

One thing I don't get is on the Cyan Door route why everyone assumes Dio will betray on the Moon Doors. This seems an artifice of something else, because nobody ever mentions that he only has 5 BP on this route since he allies with Luna in Round 1, so a Betrayal still only gets him to 8 BP and everyone will be a lot more cautious of him.

There's a couple of other moments where game theory states either option will have the same result, so you may as well go with the moral option of Ally. The big one I can think of off-hand is on the last vote of Luna's ending. If she was going to Betray you, it doesn't matter if you choose Ally or Betray, you still won't get 9 points. So you may as well Ally. But neither Sigma or Phi think of this.

The other thing that's still a little weird is that nobody _ever_ considers if they've been infected with Radical-6 once they know Quark (and in some timelines, Alice) has it. I get that they can't use the ADAM on themselves to test everyone or else they'd realise they all have Radical-6, but I feel like it's something that should have been written around, since it's reasonably common knowledge that some viruses can be airborne contagious, and the newspaper article makes it fairly clear that it _has_ to be airborne to be that infectious. It leads to a little bit of artificial stupidity on the Laboratory escape room when Dio steals the Axelavir, because every second he holds onto it is another second for Quark to be transmitting the virus to others, including to Dio himself.

I'm glad I didn't have to betray Luna once to get all the endings and achievements.

Also, Word of God is that in K's ending, K set things up to see if Sigma would choose between K or Phi. Definitely a case of K not thinking things through! Of course Sigma's going to choose the person whose flesh he can actually penetrate with the neostigmine!

Finally, I love how humorous in a sense Quark's ending is. I remembered the ending, just not which route it was down. But Sigma gets his hopes up that he can help 'repopulate the planet' with four sexy ladies when he doesn't have much male competition. Then Alice offs herself, and credits roll. Not to mention he himself is an old man so he's in the same position Tenmyouji is :mad:. And Luna is a robot so she can't 'repopulate'. And Zero Time Dilemma SPOILERS
Phi is actually Sigma's daughter, to boot
I've been caught up playing Fallout 76. Despite what many say about it, I enjoyed playing it even before Wastelanders, but Wastelanders has made the game even more fun.


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I've been caught up playing Fallout 76. Despite what many say about it, I enjoyed playing it even before Wastelanders, but Wastelanders has made the game even more fun.
My only complaint is they didn't upgrade the size of the player stash, i've already ditched nearly 200 stimpacks and massive amounts of crap in the time since Wastelanders launched and i'm still constantly riding the cap.
My only complaint is they didn't upgrade the size of the player stash, i've already ditched nearly 200 stimpacks and massive amounts of crap in the time since Wastelanders launched and i'm still constantly riding the cap.
That's the whole reason why the Tinker Workbenches have the Bulk "Item" crafting recipes. It's so you can bundle up mass junk and sell them to the vendors. It's the only way I've managed to keep being able to enter things into my stash. Personally, I don't like how display and shop items also take up room in your inventory. Though it does help that most of what I sell is ammo. Making periodic trips to my camp to place more excess ammo in my shops has people regularly coming to my camp and buying it up. I was leary of selling Mini Nukes at 25 caps a peice, even though the robo vendors sell them at 100 caps, but a person recently bought up all my Mini Nukes.


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Nice on the Minis, at 12lbs a piece that would eat up stash space like no tomorrow. But yeah i've been bundling up scrap since the launch of the game but somehow i still seem to be stockpiling crap like no tomorrow.
Nice on the Minis, at 12lbs a piece that would eat up stash space like no tomorrow. But yeah i've been bundling up scrap since the launch of the game but somehow i still seem to be stockpiling crap like no tomorrow.
Each set of Power Armor takes up 10 lbs a peice as well. I currently have two frames- an empty one for when I reach Level 50 and can craft my Ultracite Power Armor and the one I currently wear with the Vault-Tec Engineer Paint Job, a T-60 Power Armor Set, with a T-51 Left Arm. It's been frustrating that I can't find a T-60 left arm.

Steel Scrap seems to accumlate quickly. If I don't bundle it regularly, I end up with a huge over abundance that I'll have to go out of my way to scrap laser rifles/pistols just to have enough plastic to bundle them.

I've already reach max affinity with Sofia, and I've managed to rescuse Beckett and recruited the Wander. I am kinda disappointed you can only have one companion at your C.A.M.P. at a time, though I can understand why. It's weird, however, when I go to my C.A.M.P. and Sofia treats me like a cherished friend and then I go to someone else's C.A.M.P. and she treats me like a stanger.


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From what i hear the camp companions are going to be able to be used as actual world traveling companions some time this year, probably going to find out this week when they dump the roadmap on us.

And yeah steel does seem to build up quickly unless your actively using it for ammo or other types of crafting, hell i keep mine so low i have to actually go on steel runs through Big Bend Tunnel for weapons to scrap for mass crafting the 5mm i use for my gatling (scrapper perk card ftw).
Edit: If you didn't know about it, i think your still able to get a free set of Ultracite from doing the last of the BoS quests in Glassed caverns.
I scrap so many weapons, hoping to unlock mods for weapons, that wood and steel are hardly ever an issue. Though I am considering remodeling my house at my C.A.M.P. again. I've only just started the BoS part, but I managed to purchase plans for the Ultracite Power Armor from another player for a total of 600 caps.

Are they changing the map format? Because I actually like the current one. It's different from the FO3/NV/4 map.

The Ammo and Med finding perks in the luck category are nice too.

I've been told that you can get a set of X-01 and Excavator Power Armor as well from other quests, but I haven't encountered those quests yet. Though considering the Enclave quests come after the Brotherhood's, it's not surprising.

Any idea on how to get the garden floor plans?


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Ouch on the buying ultracite plans, unless its the mods, you can get a set of the plans from the head paladin's quarters on the computer and the actual set of armor like i said off the quest to the glassed caverns. And i don't think they're changing the map at all, just going to add more crap like they have been.

As for the X01 and Excavator, you get the blueprints, have to craft the darn things for yourself. X01 is part of the enclave on a computer in a quest locked part of the bunker while the Excavator you have to go to Garrahan Mining HQ in the lower reaches of the Ash Heap.

Garden Floor meanwhile comes from the the Settlers for Gold Bullion after you finish that part of the main quest, can't remember what level of reputation you need, but i know they're like 500. I would offer to build some if i had the blueprint, but i blew my bullion on the BP for a Gauss pistol and Plasma Caster.
My thing for my primary playthrough is power armor and heavy weapons (I can never keep enough Plasma Cores no matter what I do) and collecting all the plans I can, so I'm not broken up about buying the Ultracite PA plans. Honestly, they were just called Ultracite Armor, so I had no idea I was buying plans to be able to build my own Power Armor.

I was wondering when the gold would come into play. I've seen the machines in Foundation and Crater, but had no idea what they were for.

One thing that does irritate me, however, is the damned Order of the Tadpole Quest. I generally play alone, but now I have to find some way to revive a companion to complete the quest.


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Playing Life is Strange now. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, and I got it on Sqeenix's latest HB.

I've gotten through the first two episodes now.

I've been playing this game fairly blind, with only one thing that I think I was spoilered on a long time ago That Mr. Jefferson, the photography teacher, is apparently evil or something? I'm actually having a bit of a blast with this. The VA for Max is spot-on both for dialogue and for her inner voice, and the dialogue writers nailed it too. There hasn't been too much frustration, and the game helped me out with the one frustration spot so far, finding the last bottle in the junkyard. I did save Kate, which I assume is something that you can't always get given the end of chapter stats has a did/didn't save Kate divider, so I take it there's probably a good ending and a less good/bad ending. I sure hope that the good ending doesn't require me to remember to water my plant every day!

That said, there is also a format spoiler. Since there's only 5 episodes and each episode has covered a single day, it's obvious episode 5 will be Friday, which is the day of the newspaper Kate sees in one of her tornado visions.

My theory thus far for the story is that Rachel Amber got caught up in some bad s***. Nathan Prescott is involved in this mess, and so far it seems like something like drugs or guns, something so bad even his family wouldn't be able to cover it up. Right at the end of the first two episodes, there's a brief scene of binders of girls' names. In episode 2, a binder with Kate's name is shown. Whatever happened to Rachel, Kate knows something that's too much for the perpetrators involved, so Nathan Prescott drugs her, and the viral video of her is taken. Victoria isn't involved in the mess, but is encouraged as a third-party to bully her. The intent would have been to get Kate to quit or drop out and leave town, not kill her. David Madsen the security guard is catching on to this conspiracy, but everything he does just makes himself look suspicious. In the episode 2 ending, there's a scene of Victoria crying, so she thinks she went too far in bullying Kate. There's been vague mentions of the Indian tribes so far, so there's probably some Native American influence in Max's time-rewind power and presumably the impending tornado. The whole spirit vision of the doe gives that impression, too. Not sure how Frank the drug-dealer fits in, since he has Rachel's bracelet.


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Got sucked back into Eve Online thanks to a streamer friend playing and rousing my interest in the game again.
So, just got done playing the first Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC...

Going into it, I'd just got done doing pretty much everything there was to do before hand. I even went into it with a 100% Achievement rating. So anyways, I went into it, thinking that, much like the rest of the game, we were going to play through events we'd seen in the anime/manga and that I'd play as Goku/Vegeta through the Battle of the Gods Arc. Without spoiling, I come to find out that I was wrong. Sure Beerus and Whis do make an appearance, but what happens is completely different from what happened in the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movie or the Beerus Arc in Dragon Ball Super. I'm actually kind of excited to see just what happens in part two.

As for the rest of the game, it was pretty awesome. Some things happen slightly different from the manga or anime canon, but all in all it was pretty good. I was shocked to see Tien losing his hand while fighting Napa. This was one of the very few games that actually have that event happen and they didn't even shy away from showing Tien's hand flying away. Of course, Piccolo didn't lose his arm fighting Raditz, nor did they show him ripping his own arm off, confronting Cell for the first time, but that wasn't unexpected.

It was kind of nice to see some of the events that get glossed over or otherwise skipped in other games. Piccolo taking on the transformed Gohan, for instance, is rarely ever seen or mentioned in most Dragon Ball games. Gohan having magic hulk pants made me giggle, but given censorship laws in videogames, was unsurprising.

It was also nice to see various Dragon Ball characters in various side missions. From Bora and his son, to Suno and Eighter and Master Shen and Mercenary Tao and even Launch (both the blue and blonde haired versions) make an appearance, as do the Pilaf Gang and Arale. One in particular side mission had me laughing: While playing as Trunks (Future) you encounter and help Eighter (aka Android 8) and help him out. All the while, Trunks never realizes that Eighter was once an andriod of the Red Ribbon Army, as he vowes to save people like Eighter in his future from the android threat.

I also thought it was pretty cool to see Towa and Mira from Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 1/2 (in fact, their appearance in Kakarot shows what they were doing between those games). Same with Android 21 from Dragon Ball: Fighter Z, though she's simply refered to as "Lab Assistant".

I laughed and cheered when Buu attacked Goku while the later was summoning the Spirit Bomb, only to see Goku teleport away and then fight Buu long enough for Hercule to slip in and grab Vegeta, so Goku could teleport back and throw it.

All in all, if you love the Dragon Ball Franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a must have.
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Minecraft Dungeons.

Only available through the Microsoft store on PC.

Mostly because I've played out Torchlight II for a while and wanted something in this vein.

It's a surprisingly competent "my first Diablo" dungeon crawler. It's clearly designed so little Timmy can play and not get crushed.

The game is designed around a controller, but the KB and M controls also work well.

The normal difficulty is a pushover and anyone with any experience with these kinds of games will breeze through it. It's required to unlock harder difficulties.

The harder difficulties do offer a little challenge, not a lot, but some.

It's simple for what it is, but works. Might be a little overzealous with cooldown timers, but that's my only gripe really, and it's extremely minor.

Armor and gear creates classes, so all starting characters are exactly the same and the difference is simply cosmetic.

There is no level cap for your character, but gear caps at 108. As far as I can tell, the only thing you get when you level is an enchantment point.

You have an unlimited heal potion with a long cooldown, and potions found in the world are instant use as soon as you pick them up.

You also have ammo for ranged weapons, but you have a lot. Enough that you can spam it pretty often.

There's a lives system, you get three lives in a level before you have to restart.

It does have some interesting mechanics, one interesting one being that upgrade points stay tied to weapons until you scrap them, in which case you get them back. That's not completely original, but seems well implemented here. You get one point per level, and the more you have, the higher level enchantments you can unlock.

It's neither amazing nor bad, will scratch the dungeon looter itch if you have one and want something new. It also isn't terribly long, but is designed around replayability.

Worth it for $20. I wouldn't pay more than that though.
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So it's Persona 4 but with mods then.
Since it's Golden, Marie too, or whatever her name is. And a bit of other extra content.
Well yeah, but I imagine people will just model swap Marie with Elizabeth or something.