What games are you playing 2: The revenge


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Anyways I just beat Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, in the original I didn't like Shulk's original love interest, I hated her character model. In this new version they really improved it.


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So after laughing my ass off at all the Yiga clan fails i picked Botw back up and remembered why i put it down again. I just don't have the quick thinking or hoarding instinct to play this game. i bum rush everything and end up losing all of my melee weapons. Still fun though
I take issue with any game that gives the player weapon durability, but in the hands of an enemy, that same weapon is indestructible.


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Can we also point out how stupid it is to have torches in your weapons slot?


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It's because there's several weapons that can do fire effects, and a torch can accomplish the same attacks and effects, just with little upfront damage unlike them.
So I got Saint's Row the Third Remastered on a friend's recommendation. Can somebody tell me what radio station plays what kind of music? Or if I can add my own music, since I'm playing on the PC?
So I got Saint's Row the Third Remastered on a friend's recommendation. Can somebody tell me what radio station plays what kind of music? Or if I can add my own music, since I'm playing on the PC?
If the radio stations are the same as they were in the original SR3, Gen-X should be rock. That was my favorite station.

I've only played the console version, so I can't say whether or not you can add custom music to the PC version, but I do know that you can set up a custom soundtrack from the available music.
So, I saw a new Star Wars game coming out and after watching the trailer, pre-ordered it.

Anyone else looking forward to Star Wars Squadrons?


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Update: fuck you lightning Smaug and the giant mokoblin outside your temple. but thank you for the spear


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Ghost of Tsushima....where between my dishonorable tactics, and my new sword techniques...I've decided to pattern my self after the Battousai when not wearing 'Ghost' armor.

But are you remembering to pet the damn foxes?!

So I played A Bird Story and Finding Paradise back to back. Both are sequels to To the Moon.

SPOILERS for both

So A Bird Story is about an hour long. It's fairly neat and full of whimsy, but there's very little interaction. It also ties in substantially to Finding Paradise. I honestly think it should just have been put right in Finding Paradise as a sort of 'prequel episode' instead of two separate games.

To the Moon was a fun game for its premise and how it delivered with the whole idea of scientists going into the memories of a dying person and modifying his or her memories to give that person an 'alternate life' so to speak. Finding Paradise fleshes that out further, then subverts it some more. I caught on decently early that Faye was a part of Colin's imagination, but not how strong a part of his mind she was. It took me a lot longer to realise exactly what she represented, too. Faye with bird wings is a very beautiful bit of symbolism, since she represents Colin's ideal of his pet bird after it left. It certainly gave him the confidence booster he needed in life, too. Considering he was a latchkey kid, no surprise there. Honestly, it even sidelines Colin's real, flesh-and-blood wife. I almost feel like the game missed a bit of an epilogue. Since there's some dialogue that suggests that what the doctors do is recorded in video for 'proof' or something afterwards, I wonder what it would be like for Colin's wife to see he had such an overactive imagination he had an imaginary birdgirl friend into his early adulthood.
I finished the last three episodes of Life is Strange.

It looks like some of my theories were close, and others not so much. Nathan Prescott was definitely involved, and in something his family wouldn't be able to cover up. The reason Jefferson tried getting Kate to kill herself was because she remembered too much of the photo-shoot. I was right about Victoria not being involved. She's just an alpha-b****, which makes it a little surprising she was going to be their next target. They wanted Kate to kill herself, not to leave town. David Madsen was on the right tracks, but was just a little behind Max because he doesn't have her time-rewind powers. There's no indication of what gave Max her powers, but it's strongly suggested the tornado is a result of multiple realities crashing together from her photo-time-travelling and forming as a tornado to wipe Arcadia Bay as a temporal anomaly. Since the only appearances of the spirit doe are in the junkyard, where Rachel Amber is buried, and in Max's visions, it's possible the spirit doe is Rachel, giving Max her powers. In the 'Sacrifice Chloe/Save Arcadia Bay', this makes a weird dichotomy since the story doesn't actually accomplish anything with Max's powers. If she never had them in the first place, the story would have ended like it did in the sacrifice Chloe ending. So my headcanon is that at least in that timeline, Rachel's spirit gave Chloe five days left of having a 'happier' life before she has to die, even if retconned past-Chloe shot in the bathroom doesn't experience any of that.