Wheel of Time fic

A couple of corrections for the last part, now that I've read it (been too busy to check the forum for ages...)

You're consistantly misspelling "aes sedai" as "aei sedai". A search and replace should fix it easily...

Second, Amador is the capital of Amadicia, so the whitecloaks would be using Amadician coin. IIRC, only Tear and Illian have nations named after their capitals (or the other way around).

Also, it's Elayne Trakand - you had some extra letters in there in your version.

Other than that, nice story, and good to see it being updated again. Been waaay too long since I read anything decent in the WoT verse. Can't wait for the new book(s).




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For appropriately quoting Jon Irenicus, I can safely say that your awesome is >9000.

Too braindead at the moment to write anything approaching a review of sorts, but I'm deliriously happy to see this fic being alive. (if, admittedly, with a delay of almost three weeks << dur. caveman stupid and blind)


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I still think that line should have come from Ishmael instead of the hardly that impressive Eladia. I mean Irenicus was a absolute badass. Eladia is just a puppet for people to manipulate for their own ends. Ishmael sort of has the brains (or at least he HAD them before 3000 years of the wheel grinding over them got rid of them) and the sheer POWER to make that line work. Oh well.

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Halcyon7 said:
I have confidence in Sanderson, namely because his Elantris debut novel was impressive, and the reason Sanderson is splitting A Memory of Light into several parts is because he wants to write more than what was originally requested of him. Something along the lines of 3 to 4 times more.

Which means we'll have a WoT every year for the next three years! :D

To answer your question, I'm going to ignore it, sorry. RAFO.
Did you read his Mistborn series? Ten times as good as Elantris, the world building, creative magic systems, and ending blew me away.


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Effing wrong thread (just deleted a post that had no business being here).


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This thread needs a revival, its just too damn epic to let rest uncontinued.

It has been favorited, and ill be recomending it anywhere applicable that i come across.


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Ask, and ye shall recieve.


The roadblock came not too far after. When Rand saw them, the large, half moon of white garbed men, bows nocked and horses restless, he snorted.

ôFinally.ö He drawled. Rand leaned to side, and whispered conspiratorially to Tallanvor, ôI was wondering when they would stop their childish little tricks and actually commit.ö

Distracted by the rather pressing problem in front of them, comprehension was delayed a few seconds. ôàtricksàwait, you mean-ô TallanvorÆs mouth opened. ôThey were the ones sabotaging us.ö An angry scowl soon blossomed on his face. ôI knew those horses were hamstringed too neatly for some bandit.ö He muttered.

Rand blinked. ôYou mean it actually took you until the horses? Huh.ö A pair of horsemen were detached from the rest of the Children, standing apart, an obvious invitation. ôI guess theyÆll hire anyone as Lieutenant-Captains these days.ö Rand whipped his reins smartly. Night broke into a fast trot. ôCome along, Tallanvor.ö He ordered chipperly. ôWeÆre going to go lie ætil our pants catch aflame.ö


ôI am Dain Bornhald, Lieutenant-Captain of the Children of Light.ö The man û boy, really, perhaps only a tad older than Rand himself, at least in terms of age û nodded to the second Whitecloak beside him. He was stone-faced, bald and clean shaven glaring dully at the both of them. Rather obviously a bodyguard or personal manservant. ôThis is Child Garet, my man.ö

ôA Lieutenant-Captain, you say?ö Rand replied brightly. ôWhy, what a coincidence! Tallanvor here is a Lieutenant-Captain as well!ö Tallanvor nodded from his saddle, still rather sour-faced. Really, itÆs little tantrums like that which is the reason he hasnÆt been promoted, IÆd bet. Rand mentally tutted. Honestly, all you do is tell him to not speak until spoken to during the big important meeting, and he immediately starts pouting. What a girl.

Bornhald eyed Rand, weighing him. ôAnd that would make you?ö

Rand smiled mirthlessly. ôRand AlÆThor. IÆm in charge of this little band of ours.ö No ranks. No titles. Yet he clearly established his authority by talking down to Tallanvor, and by showing he was of greater status somehow, to be placed as leader. Now, Master-High-and-Mighty-Whitecloak canÆt be exactly sure who he might offend when he tries to intimidate us. ôItÆs been a pleasure meeting you. Now, seeing as we are on a rather tight schedule, if you could just, I donÆt know, shuffle-ô Rand made tiny shooing motions with his hands, demonstrating how the Whitecloaks might go about it. ô-your men aside, we could be on our way.ö

BornhaldÆs eyes narrowed, his mouth twisting slightly in displeasure. Rand smiled airily. It seemed the man didnÆt like being patronized. He kept admirably to his task, however, drawing himself up to speak.

ôWe, the Children, would like to extend an offer of escort.ö RandÆs eyes widened marginally, before he threw on a mask of disinterest. He was taken by surprise. He did not like being taken by surprise. ôThe roads are dangerous these days, and we would be ignoring our duty to the Light if we allowed a royal personage such as the Daughter-Heir of Andor to travel unprotected.ö

BornhaldÆs face was remarkably blank considering the amount of complete horseshit coming out of it. So, theyÆre playing the, oh-poor-you, look-how-dangerous-it-is, why-donÆt-we-æescortÆ-you-all-the-way-back-to-Amador card? Rand snorted. He knew very well that if the Children managed to get Elayne into the Fortress of Light, sheÆd be a political prisoner, perhaps for the rest of her days. As if IÆd let that happen. Pretty birds like her arenÆt supposed to be locked away in towers.

ôA generous offer, to be sure, and I thank you for your concern.ö Rand replied, in a lofty tone. He examined his fingernails in a very bored manner. ôHowever, we already have reinforcements coming. DonÆt we, Tallanvor?ö Rand sent a sharp look at his second-in-command.

Tallanvor was remarkably quick. After only a brief confused pause, he replied, ôAre you referring to the reinforcements from Andor or the Tower Guard being sent out to greet us and carry us into Tar Valon, your Grace?ö

Your Grace. Oh, I like that. Rand barely hid his smile. Tallanvor, you just earned yourself a recommendation for a promotion. æYour GraceÆ was only a title used with earls or other direct vassals of the Queen. Which implied that he knew the Queen, personally at that. Well, I do, but this implies that she wouldnÆt let me rot in a dungeon if I was captured.

ôAh, yes, the Tower Guard, I forgot about them. Quite nice of them, really.ö Rand smiled lazily. ôYou see, Lieutenant-Captain, we were attacked by bandits a few days ago. Dreadful business, absolutely dreadful. Luckily, I had the foresight to bring messenger pigeons should we require a little extra aid.ö He spread his hands. ôSo you see, we need no escort. You may be on your way.ö

Now you have no politically acceptable reasons to take us into custody. If youÆre smart, youÆll take off. If youÆre smartàoh, dear. Rand watched as BornhaldÆs face darkened. It seems this one isnÆt smart at all.

ôYou brought no messenger pigeons. There are no reinforcements.ö The Whitecloak spat. ôIn the name of the Creator and Light most sacred, you will be coming with us. Failure to comply will be recognized as treason to the Light.ö His horse danced in a nervous circle, perhaps sensing the hostility. ôAnd will dealt with accordingly.ö He finished, his teeth bared in a snarl.

TallanvorÆs sword managed to clear its sheath a single inch, before Rand barked at him harshly, ôI gave no orders to draw, Lieutenant-Captain Tallanvor, you will stay your sword!ö The horses whinnied nervously, and danced, but violence was averted. Tallanvor slid his blade back slowly. His lip was curled, and he stared at the Whitecloaks in a manner very similar to a wild beast, waiting for his chain to be severed. His fingers remained curled around the hilt in a very suggestive manner.

Rand prodded Night a little closer to BornhaldÆs horse, staring into the coldly triumphant manÆs face with complete apathy. ôSo thatÆs how itÆs going to be, hm?ö He asked softly. ôYou really think that your men can defeat mine?ö

ôWe outnumber you five-to-ô

ôOh, numbers!ö Rand threw back his head and laughed. Contemptuously. ôYou have more men than us. I forgot. Of course.ö

All of a suddenly, Rand wrenched his reins sideways, and he was dancing around BornhaldÆs man, Garet. He cocked his head, staring, scrutinizing the man like a fascinating insect.

ôWhatÆs your name again?ö Rand asked, in a voice all childish curiosity. His wild eyes and toothy grin would have looked strange on a child, however.

ôàGaret Tyborin.ö The man said slowly, cautiously, keeping a steady eye on Rand. His face was stony, but his hands tightened around his reins.

ôHow long you been a Whitecloak, Garet Tyborin?ö Rand shot back at him, immediately.

The manÆs lips tightened at the slang term, but he answered regardless. ôWhat life I led before matters not. I am now and forever a Child of the Light-ô Rand was waving him off halfway through the sentence.

ôRight, right, of course you are, Garet.ö He murmured. Night suddenly halted, and Rand leaned over and ran a thumb down the manÆs cheek. He recoiled, but Rand had already pulled his hand back. ôRough shave, which means no expensive razors. Which means common folk.ö He spoke more to himself than anyone else. Abruptly, Rand grabbed GaretÆs hand, wrenching it upwards so he could examine the palm. Garet snarled and pulled, but Rand bore it all the attention of a man to a moody horse he was thinking of buying. ôCalloused hands, mostly in the palm.ö He twisted the hand to the side. ôScars on the knuckles and back of the hand.ö

Rand released the hand and trotted back in front of Bornhald, who looked to be seriously contemplating violence right then and there. Rand pointed a finger at Garet. ôThis man was a peasant, a farmer, less than a year ago.ö He announced, as if heralding a great discovery.

Bornhald scowled. ôWhat life he led matters-!ö

ôYes, yes, it matters not. Do you even know what you sound like?ö Rand asked dully. ôHis life before matters not, but how long heÆs led this new life does. HeÆs your personal bodyguard, and yet heÆs been a soldier less than a year. That doesnÆt speak promisingly of the rest of your troops.ö Rand spread his hands wide. ôNow, my men, IÆm fairly sure theyÆve been soldiers for quite a while. I daresay there isnÆt a single one who has been in the good QueenÆs service for less than a decade.ö

ôNot a one, your Grace.ö Tallanvor put in. His face was blank, and yet his eyes were gleaming. He had caught on.

ôExactly.ö Rand waved a finger triumphantly. ôSo-!ö

ôI grow tired of your pointless rambling.ö Bornhald said flatly. ôHead back to your men, tell them to relinquish their weapons and surrender, or be purged in the name of justice. Make your choice.ö

ôOh, you want to get down to the point. Very well, then.ö Rand beamed. It did not reach his eyes. Night trotted around BornhaldÆs horse, until Rand was nearly hip and hip with the Lieutenant-Captain. Rand slowly slouched in his saddle.

Then, fast as a cobra, RandÆs hand shot out and curled around the rim of BornhaldÆs breastplate, and tugged him close, so that Rand was nearly nose and nose with him. The reaction was instantaneous; Bornhald growled and went for his sword, as did Garet and Tallanvor.

Bowstrings creaked along the entire Whitecloak line, arrows being nocked and sighted. There were numerous rings of steel as the QueenÆs Guard drew their swords, and the stamp of many a eager horse upon the ground. Each side waited for the order. Bornhald tugged at his sword, but for no use. RandÆs free hand held it firmly sheathed.

ôFriend of the Dark!ö The Whitecloak spat venomously, attempting and failing to pull out of RandÆs grasp. ôYou would break the sanctity of truce?ö Rand leaned over slowly and spoke in the manÆs ear, quietly, like feathers upon stone.

ôWithout a secondÆs hesitation. Now, Lieutenant-Captain, let me inform you of the situation we have here.ö RandÆs voice left no room for nonsense or interruptions. ôI have two score of the finest soldiers in Andor, and two Aei Sedai with me. We are less then a dayÆs ride from Tar Valon. Your inexperienced men are stretched out in an extremely ineffective line that could be broken with a strong wind, and I have their leader captive. Right now, you have two options. You can give Garet there an order for your men to move aside and let our entourage through, or you can die here.ö Bornhald squirmed particularly hard at that, but Rand only pulled him closer with a snarl.

ôI do not fear death in the service of the Light. Do it! Spill my blood here. My men will kill yours down to the last man.ö Bornhald hissed.

ôAre you sure?ö Rand asked, a cold smile on his face. ôAbout everything, I mean. Are you sure that your men can defeat mine? Are you sure that I donÆt have reinforcements coming from either direction? Are you sure you donÆt fear death? Because let me assure you, if you fight me here, you will have doomed the entire Children of Light to extinction. Andor will declare war. As will the White Tower. And perhaps Cairhien, too, you know thereÆs been talk of arranged marriages between the royal courts.ö Rand let go, and shoved Bornhald back. The man regained some of his composure. However, his eyes gleamed with calculated rage. ôMake your decision, Whitecloak. Save us both or doom you all.ö

Rand watched the gears turn in the Lieutenant-CaptainÆs head using a number of external signs. His fists curled around his reins. His knuckles went white. His jaw clenched, hard. His eyes narrowed. Rand breathed an inward sigh of relief as he saw Bornhald grit his teeth and turn to his man.

ôPart the line.ö Bornhald bit the words off like nails. In fact, he probably would have preferred chewing iron.

Garet was aghast. ôMy lord-ô

ôDo not question me!ö Bornhald roared. Garet blanched and made a swift retreat. The enraged Child turned to Rand. ôI promise you, Rand AlÆThor. One day I will make you suffer for this...indecency. You cannot hide from the Light forever.ö Bornhald abruptly tore his rein sideways, and rode off.

Rand remained silent as the Whitecloak commander made his way back to his men; now that his goal was achieved, there was no need for more antagonism. He turned to Tallanvor, who was staring at him with an odd mixture of respect and shock. ôOrder the men to form up. As soon as we pass, sent everyone to the rear guard. WeÆre doubling the pace towards Tar Valon.ö

Tallanvor bowed his head. ôCommander.ö He murmured.

This time, Rand was sure he meant it.


The city of Tar Valon was as wondrous as the stories claimed, the White Walls gleaming, and the Tower rising like a snowy mountain from the ground. Dragonmount was a looming presence, so close now that it loomed above them, the ever-present smoke from its peak staining the sky.
Rand ordered the escort off to the Tower GuardÆs barracks with orders for a days worth of rest and relaxation before setting out again. He also wrote and signed a recommendation for Tallanvor, with his own personal seal on it (cute little thing with a lion collared to a rose bush on it, heÆd got it with the job û MorgaseÆs joke). Tallanvor had acted confused, but Rand was sure he knew what was in the letter û man was clever enough.

Together, Rand, Elayne and Elaida made their way into the TowerÆs courtyard. Servants in the tabard of the White Flame of Tar Valon rushed ahead, carrying Elaida and the Daughter-HeirÆs bags towards their chambers. Rand resisted the urge to grimace, as he watched as Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin herself, glided her way across the grounds to meet them, followed by her Keeper. He felt ill at ease, restless, and Rand had to fight the inclination to glance around his shoulders. Perhaps it was all the Aei Sedai.

ôElaida, my daughter, how nice it is to see you again.ö The most powerful woman in the world said pleasantly. Something in the former advisorÆs eyes told Rand this was not the compliment it seemed. Said suspicions were confirmed as the Amyrlin proceeded to move right past Elaida and focus on the nervous girl behind her. ôYou would be Elayne? Come, now, girl, speak up.ö

ôYes, Mother. I am Elayne Trakand, Daughter-Heir of Andor, by the-ô Elayne stopped as the Amyrlin began waving her off her titles before she began, something that brought the smallest of smirks to RandÆs face.

ôYes, yes, by the Light and the grace of the Creator and all that. That is all irrelevant here, IÆm afraid. Here, you are but another learner in the ways of the One Power. Are you prepared to accept that?ö The stern womanÆs voice was suddenly very dire. It was obviously less of a question and more of a demand.

Elayne swallowed, but was not cowed. ôOf course, Mother.ö

ôGood! Well, come along then, I sure Leane would love to show you to your chambersàö Rand cocked his head and scowled ever so slightly, as the collection of women began to move off, obviously intent on or willing to ignore him. He could appreciate a good barb when it was offered, but this was just deliberate misandry.

ôMother, please wait a moment.ö Rand called out, respectful, as he used one hand to fish inside of his coat, pulling out the missive that the Queen had gifted him with the moment before he left. Rand briefly twitched as a invisible gaze settled upon him. He had snuck a glance at it, using a hot knife to lift the seal without damaging it û it was a request for several Aei Sedai gifted in some Talent called Coaxing to visit the palace and a explanation of his purpose here; in other words, boring. All Rand could recall of the Talent was that it had something to do with farming. ôA message, from the Queen.ö

The Amyrlin let a mock surprised look cross her face, before accepting the letter. ôThank you, my son. And you would beà?ö
Rand forced a smile, and a respectful bow. What he wanted to do was find a high, quiet place so he could shake this feeling of an invisible watchman. He had learned to trust his gut instinct, in the Blight. He didnÆt particularly care who it was û likely some overly curious servant or your average Aei Sedai - but Rand knew his own paranoia wouldnÆt let him rest until he secured his surroundings. ôI am Rand AlÆThor, Mother. By order of the Queen, I am to be ElayneÆs Warder.ö

The AmyrlinÆs eyebrows rose into her scalp. ôAre you, now?ö She murmured, breaking open the seal and scanning the letter.

Free of his immediate purpose, Rand turned and raked his gaze around in a circle of the courtyard. A crowd of men and woman gawking at seeing the Amyrlin in person, some Aei Sedai on the benches, a gardener watering a rose bush, a man in darker clothing crossing the grassà

RandÆs eyes alighted on a woman marching directly towards him, particularly on the Two Rivers braid in her hair. He had a few seconds to process the peeved look on her face and recognize her, neither of which allowed him any preparation for when she stopped in front of him and promptly boxed his ears.

RandÆs hand flew up, and he yelped in pain. ôNynaeve?ö He said disbelievingly.

ôRand AlÆThor, where in the name of the Light have you been?ö The Wisdom hissed, very much like a wet cat.

He would have respondedà

àbut his danger sense chose that moment to go crazy. Rand whipped around, almost dizzy with adrenaline, practically tasting the taint-

-A man in darker clothing. Crossing the grass. Unattended. In the White Tower? Never. Even a king waited upon Aei Sedai. Certainly not an average-looking, strangely nondescript-

-and a knife leapt into RandÆs hand.

He crossed the distance in a single long stride. The Gray Man had barely a chance to look surprised before Rand grabbed a fistful of his hair, wrenched it back to bare the neck, and slit his throat with a swing that almost took the DarkspawnÆs head off. The people that inhabited the courtyard were suddenly completely aware of the dark-garbed man, and the tall man with a bloody snarl on his face, and it didnÆt take long for the panic to follow.

Rand let go of the Gray ManÆs hair and let the body crumple to the turf. He relaxed, the niggling feeling now gone. ôIÆve been busy.ö He offered, to Nynaeve.

The Wisdom just gaped.




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That was so awesome there are no words for it.

Well, other then Best handling of Nynaeve ever.
If you can keep this up who cares of the rate at which you update this fic. Everything will just be epic!
Simply an amazing story. Fantastic. I loved the "ever pathetic, ever fools" quote from the previous chapter. Play Baldur's Gate 2 much? hahaha

I am really looking forward to seeing Rand in the tower. In particular, his warder training and future interaction with Elayne. Keep up the awesome work.


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Just finished re reading this thread and I can't say more than what has already been said, but damn, this is simply awesome.

By far the best WOT fic I have ever seen.

Now just one thing; does this/your Siuan Sanche have the Talent to see ta'veren like in the books? I expected her to be more curious or at least to appear a little bit more perturbed being in the presence of Rand if she wasn't prepared for it. After all she nearly soiled herself back in The Great Hunt when she had a glimpse of Rand and now she was mere feet away from him, not a pleasant experience if he does shine like the sun.

Of course Elaida being there can change things as I can imagine Siuan prefering dying before allowing Elaida to see her falter and show weakness of any sort.

Now will Siuan make the connection between Rand and the Dragon and or Moraine's misson to the Two Rivers and the boy that was missing?


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Well at the moment Siune doesn't know that Rand comes from the Two Rivers. The connection if its made is going to be made a lot later.

However yeah, being in the presence of a being who can literally reach out rand rearrange the pattern to his liking can't be a pleasant experience.


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I just discovered this amazing story.

Great idea and implementation.

Do you have home page or account of fanfiction.net?
marchex said:
why can't I see the story? :(
try using the quote function to see them.. this is truly an excellent start to an au wot fiction, sadly like the other few wot-stories you can find it ended all too soon :(


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