World of Tanks


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I'm surprised that this game has not been mentioned.

What is World of Tanks?
World of Tanks is a free to play online shooter featuring tanks from the first post-WWI designs to early Cold War prototypes. Aside from Shermans, T-34s and Tigers, you will see lesser known machines, prototypes, and ridiculous shit that never ever should have made it out on the battlefield.

What kind of tanks are in this game?
The tanks in the game are split up between 5 nations: the Soviet Union, USA, Germany, France, England, and China. Each nation (except China and England) has its tanks split into 4 tech trees: Artillery (self propelled howitzers), Tank Destroyers, Medium Tanks and Heavy Tanks. China only has a Medium tree with a small Heavy branch. England has a Heavy and a Medium tree, with TDs coming soon.

So how does this internet tanks thing work, anyway?
Typically, battles are fought in teams of 15 randomly chosen players with tanks of similar tiers. You win the match by either blowing up all your enemies or capturing their base. Whether you win or lose, you earn credits and experience, which allow you to buy and research higher tier tanks. Your crew earns experience as well, which allows them to learn skills that improve their performance a little. Even experienced players with 10k battles under their belt will be more or less evenly matched against you if you are in similar tier tanks.
There are six server clusters: North America, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, South-East Asia.

I've joined in January because of the Chinese tanks being released, and recently have been making forays into the US lines. It's great fun, and plus it's free to play, making it easy to start up and try out. You can check out more info about it as well as download links at here.

If you're already in the game, go ahead and post your in game name here so we can platoon and shit. If we get enough people together that's on at the same time, maybe we can even make a tank company and be bad together!


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IGN: NuitTombee

Eh, downloaded it yesterday, haven't done so hot. But I'm up for doing more.


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Snapples, forgot to add my game name. It's jnshnwng. Anyways, I've been grinding the French line to get the Batchat cuz it's absolutely amazing, and magic happens while I was on the AMX 38.

Top Gun, Steel Wall, Spartan, and Cool-Headed. It's hilarious how lower-tiered French tanks just bounce rounds like mad, especially auto-cannon shots. Pubbies don't know how to shoot you so you get some trolltastic fights where they continually bounce rounds off you with just a slight bit of angling. The T-60 to T-80 line is also pretty troll but nowhere near French level troll.


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I've been playing since July 2013, unlocked my first tier 8 a week ago, Tiger II. Currently grinding T-43 to get the next tank in line, T-44.
Username's Asurnang on EU.
Username: HardcoreHeathen
Server: North America

I've been playing for like a week, so all I have are T4s. So if you want to play a low-level game, hit me up =P