Writing aids and such.


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Just for general writing aid stuff pulled from the internets.

Such as this image:

It doesn't have to be a thesaurus kind of post like this one, or even related to grammar necessarily, just general tips, links, and motivational stuff that is helpful for writing somehow. Pretty much anything educational relating to writing fits here. Videos, images, etc...


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This, THIS is very useful. There have been soo many times when I wanted to quote something a character is saying, but "said" gets too bland beyond a point. Thanks for this Contrabardus !

To make this readable, click on the image to open it, then right click and select View Image to be able to magnify the image. It's weird that this is a two step process, but that's how the forum software handles it.

There's also the redheaded stepchild of this mess, the possessive of "Who" is Whose, not Who's or Whos. Who's is the contraction for "Who is" and Whos is not a word.
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I think the best advice we've given collectively was when we broke a writer of a bad habit. That habit was using semi-colons for the primary form of punctuation in a paragraph. Only one period was used at the end of each paragraph, but the other sentences in it were divided by semi-colons followed by capitalized first words. I personally spent hours just copying paragraphs and reformatting them just to show the writer how else to punctuate sentences.
From personal experience, having a totem/trigger helps a lot. SImply put, you have an item, place, or some other marker that tells your brain "It's time to write." As long as it is in effect, you are writing. If you HAVE to stop writing, put it away first. This helps train your brain to get into that writing mode on command, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, or for things to be just right for writing.

I bought a blank white hat, wrote "Writing" on the front of it, and put it on any time I really want to write. Sounds stupid, but it works.