Yahoo Groups - Many Missing?


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Got onto Yahoo groups to get on Caer Azkaban but Caer Azkaban and a little more than half of the Yahoo Groups I'm a member of are missing. Anyone have any idea what's going on?

Edit : ... It's back. What the heck was that? Never seen a glitch like that.

Edit 2 : It's still missing from my Groups list, and so are a number of the Groups I'm a member of, but the url to the group is working again. What's going on?


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Duraiken said:
What's going on?
Internet Dickery

might just want to have your groups bookmarked to avoid the headache
Yahoo groups do this from time to time usually after they purge a few groups the rest are a mess till they get around to fixing it
I think they delete groups arbitrarily if the group goes silent for a couple years.


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Ah. Here we go. This went up not long after I last edited my OP but before I went to bed. Someone on Caer Azkaban (it was down again but it's back up again,) copied the following and posted it in their response to the post I did about this there -

Yahoo Groups is down for maintenance apparently. At least that is the message I
get when I try to go to the group. Here's the message...

Dear Yahoo!
Groups Members,

Groups is currently down for network maintenance.

During this time, the web site will be unavailable. All
email sent during this time will be queued and sent after the downtime.
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Yahoo!
Groups Plumber


Yahoo Groups having a plumber is a bit of surprise to me, though it's prob just slang for a tech specialist. Wonder if they know Mario or Luigi.

Still, whatever was wrong seems to be over. All of my groups are back now. Still, t'was a bit weird.