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My portfolio didn't really move much over the last few days. I was expecting some extreme volatility.
I'm waiting for the actual announcement of a winner. I've noticed some fluctuations in the last week and a half, but right now I'm only a little short of where I was two weeks ago.

The real problem, is the stock exchange/wall street, which is what Trump uses as his only barometer for how the economy is going, is not really where it should be and is considered by many to be artificially inflated, most experts believe it is going to eventually bounce back, as it cannot sustain itself at its current levels. The problem is they do not know when that is going to occur or what might finally cause it. Warren Buffet equated it to a ticking clock with its hands removed. You know it is going to go off, but not when. when it does, stocks and 401k's are going to be hit hard.


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I expect it to be (counter-intuitively) when things open up some more and people get back to work. A lot of the money in the stock market now is money from people still working who don't have daily activities, wasteful stuff, or vacations to do now throwing money in their portfolio instead.


The Sentient Fanfic Search Engine mk II

Last year, I had made several large scale renovations to house related items (including new roof/gutters).

This year, I've been using this year to lower my overall debt and restructure my finances and accounts to be more flexible. I've paid off all my credit cards, and my equity loans, and while not quite there yet, I also expect to pay my auto loan off early, and been banking the rest.

Next year, plan on looking into a house wide generator and some concrete work on the driveway done.


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I would never, in all my life, expect to see this.