Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction


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Was looking through the sub catagories and I noticed that there wasn't a section for Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction. Anyone know a forum or archive that has some good pieces?

Yes I know that 'good fanfiction' and Yu Yu Hakusho are something of an oxymoron if not a full fledged myth: work with me here people.
From all I've heard, this is a fandom that has been blasted to pieces with yaoi fics. FFnet has a really big section (20,000+ stories, iirc), but you dive in there at your own risk. Sorry I can't be more helpful than that; I've read the whole manga, but have never gone looking for single-series fanfiction based on it.


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Here is one fic that can be termed 'decent'. Its got some serious flaws (such as Yuusuke's role in the mangabeing taken by somebody else and no noticable changes really taking place) but its an ok read.

The Last Mazuko by Tellemicus Sundance

Note that there ARE problems with this fic and the authors insistance that Yuusuke's role be filled, and to a degree somebody is BETTER at it kind of annoys me. But *shrug*. You might like skimming through it.


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I've been looking for good Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers and there is a real dearth. Even ignoring the problem I have with fics that portray Yoko and Kurama as seperate people, I just can't find that many worth reading.

For example, there are, unsurprisingly, a lot of Inuyasha crossovers, but that only makes sense. I mean those two were on tv at the same time and its easy to fuse the two verses together.

However, pretty much any Inuyasha crossover is either a romance or nerfs Urameshi and co. (with a sub-category of evil/stupid/incompetent Spirit World/Detectives to boot).

One that I read recently literally described fucking Toshin Raizen in his prime as an "annoyance". Then went on to call him an idiot for starving himself instead of finding something else to eat.
An older fic treated the Three Kings as pathetic posers compared to Inuyasha demons.

I'm just sick and tired of seeing such awesome crossover potential wasted like that.:angry:

moving on.

Does anybody know of good Yu Yu Hakusho crossovers?
note that I've already read and enjoyed:
The Best Defense
A Good Offense
The Poltergiest Report Card
The Infiltration of a Fox and Ex-Detective
Friends Old and New
Spirits of the World: Duel Realities

there are others, inuyasha crossovers included, but these are the ones I thought of first.