Zak's fanfics


so what do you think about these fanfics:
  1. Ani-Toonspiracy: you can watch this clip:
    where you can expect occasional updates from me
  2. U29 joins Overwatch: it's about Sora(in his KH2 outfit), Riku(in his KH2 outfit), Kairi(in her KH2 outfit), Donald(in his KH outfit), Goofy(in his KH outfit), Ash(in his Advanced Generation clothes), Misty(in her Advanced Generation clothes), Tracey, Melody(in her casual outfit), Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Taichi(in his 02!summer looks), Yamato(in his 02!summer looks, Sora(in her 02!summer looks), Mimi(in her 02!summer looks), Koshiro(in his 02!summer looks), Joe(in his 02!summer looks), Takeru(in his 02!summer looks), and Hikari(in her 02!summer looks) had a rendezvous with Recca(in his Final Burning looks), Domon(in his Final Burning looks), Fuko(in her Final Burning looks), Mikagami(in his Final Burning looks), Koganei(in his Final Burning looks), Isami, Soshi, and Toshi adventures as Overwatch members
  3. Zak's If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: basically my take of Alfabusa's TTS only loosely based on the original TTS