harry potter

  1. Innortal

    Harry Potter Harry Potter Ben 10 fusion ideas

    Had a question for those out there for a possible HP/ Ben 10 crossover. Mainly, the idea is the setup. First idea, Myaxx is on Earth, using a data storage facility for Plumbers on Earth, to gather some alien DNA samples, but trying to leave, her ship fails and she crashes in Britain. Waiting...
  2. Innortal

    Harry Potter Harry Finds a Succubus

    After I saw this, my mind went on a slow drive. This does sound like the plot for an anime: a geek befriends a new girl they do something and her secret gets exposed. The next tangent sent me on who this would be a good plot for in current fanfic. The guy in the picture--not the one in the...
  3. AoMythology

    Harry Potter On a Similar Path (a ruthless, clever and powerful Harry Potter story)

    The Threadmarks below are the corrected version of the chapters. On a Similar Path Harry, the ruthless and powerful wizard This uses Tom Riddle as inspiration to how Harry develops. True, he won’t be nearly as villainous as Tom, but he will be clearly similar to him regardless. ----- I...