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After I saw this, my mind went on a slow drive. This does sound like the plot for an anime: a geek befriends a new girl they do something and her secret gets exposed.

The next tangent sent me on who this would be a good plot for in current fanfic. The guy in the picture--not the one in the shadow at the end of the tunnel below her tail--reminded me of two people: Kensuke Aida and Harry Potter.

So the idea? Harry has a friend he is close to, who doesn't run from Dudley.

Honestly, if she was there to hide, then something far worse than an overweight bully would be her fear.

At some point in time, they get closer, but someone attacks them--could be for Harry, her, or just the random factor of them being easy targets--causing her to reveal her true self.


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I see this starting before Hogwarts with Harry being only five or six and she's twelve or thirteen. At this point, her being a succubus has no effect on Harry due to his age and looks up to her as a big sister. As he gets older, she notices that her charms aren't working on him like the other boys close to his age and tries to figure out why.

...or they're the same age and when they get older they become 'romantically' involved.

Personally I would rather see a fic where she is the 'sister.'


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Depending on where they meet, she would be the Sister for a long time, so Harry might not ever think of her romantically.

If she hides out as his age, what gets her initially bullied could be as simple as like some TV shows, her disguise never changed the outfit she wore, so that could attract bullies. If Harry tried to stand up for her, that could be the starting link of their friendship.

Not sure then how to get her to Hogwarts then, if she fears both for Harry's safety--he tries to protect her, but she knows she is stronger than him--or perhaps whatever she is hiding from is getting close to finding her, so going to ground at Hogwarts might be a good place to lie low.


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Personally I would rather see her only during the summers while Harry's at the Dursley's. My reasoning is mostly due to Mary Sues. Far too many fics introduce an OC that goes along with Harry through his years at Hogwarts and I would like to see the effects that him knowing that there is someone in the muggle world waiting for him, even if she's magical herself, and how that could effect the over all story.

Side note, what would happen if she were old enough to adopt him? What would Harry be like if he was raised by a succubus in hiding? Would she tell him what she is, or would she try to hide her nature from him?


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It also depends on how we bring them together. Could be a mother/daughter succubus duo moving nearby, which while giving Harry a friend, would also give him someone fighting for him in his corner. When Harry goes to Hogwarts, they could claim to be squibs.

They have wards around the house? Squibs whose family must have paid for it. Thus the Magical World would ignore them, and Harry would have someone to write to.

I figure they would hide their nature from him. Both to keep Harry from perhaps freaking out who they are, as well as keep themselves hidden from whatever is after them. Harry can't let slip what he doesn't know.


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It's more interesting if Harry *does* know, however, and just can keep a secret- which he can, in canon.


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While it's true that he can keep a secret in canon, how would he find out? I doubt that they (if we're going with mother/daughter) would tell him, at least not if they are hiding. He might go to Hogwarts for a few years not knowing, but then he happens to read a book that vaguely describes what a succubus is and finding something in common with her/them, tries to find out more. It would probably end up with him thinking that it's nothing but coincidence's until he mentions it to her/them in passing where she/they freeze up and he puts the pieces together.

Also, what if Succubi are the squib version of Veela? That could fit in with your squib angle. They would have an Allure, might be able to transform into a bird like form (like the Veela at the World Cup) but are unable to use wands.


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The picture has two possible setups:

1.) During the Yule Ball, they leave as Harry invites her for his date, they get close to kissing, before she drags him away and reveals what she really is.

2.) After the Dementors attack him in the park, in the tunnel, she revealed herself to fight the Dementors, or her disguise failed because of them. The person in the back could be Ms. Figg.

As for succubus/veela, I say it would literally be a day/night thing. Veela with their fire would be 'light' versions of succubae. It fits the motif of day (Veela have bird-like traits when enraged) and night (succubae have bat-like wings). Two different paths of evolution of a passion-fueled magical beings.

As for squib, do full Veela use magic? I know Fleur's angle is that she is only part-Veela and her father was a wizard. The HP wiki says that they inherit their ability to use magic from their father.
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I like @Oni_Rinku's angle of making it a pre-Hogwarts thing, but I would add the following caveat:

This girl, on account of being about 50% Magical Creature, is plugged into the Magical World and knows that Harry is the Boy-Who-Lived; but doesn't know that he's basically a muggle-born who doesn't know about Magic. She wrongly assumes he is in on The Masquerade.

Probably I would have it that her parents went into hiding by living as Muggles during the Voldemort Times, and they were like "this is actually kinda nice", so they continue to live mostly as Muggles, just going to visit relatives in the Magical World or whatever. Mostly that would be to explain why this girl would also be living on Privet Drive, or in Muggle Surrey more generally.

So I'm seeing a scenario where she has her first real experience with Fantastic Racism, and she's feeling bad about it, and is walking around outside or something, and runs into the Boy-Who-Lived, and they start talking, and he comes off as this completely enlightened post-racist kid... because he literally doesn't even know about the differences he's "supposed" to be racist about. (The fact her parents are living like Muggles also means that she would still have Muggle Common Sense, so she wouldn't come off as weirdly helpless around cars or whatever.)

So they start hanging out.

I would preserve the misunderstanding where she thinks he knows about Magic, and meanwhile he would think she was a Chuunibyou if he knew the word for it, but Harry's home life makes him really, really empathetic about wanting to pretend about that. And anyway he's so starved for friendship that he is willing to uncritically accept a lot of strangeness. I would mine that for dramatic tension and comedy, where they are having One Dialogue Two Conversations a lot.

There are a couple of different ways that could go, just like, story events that could happen, with some overlap:
1) Harry learns that Magic is Actually A Real Thing from her, and she becomes his guide to the Magical World. So he would learn about his parents and all that, but the pure wonder of the magical world would be tainted because everything he gets is from somebody from the Underclass.

2) He doesn't learn about the Magical World from her, but instead when he gets his Hogwarts letter, and he quietly decides to pretend like he actually knew all along. Maybe a few years later he admits he originally just thought she was a Chuuni, and they have a laugh.

3) She admits that she's a Succubus or whatever, and he admits that he can talk to snakes. She's really flattered that he would respond to her confession of being a "suspicious" Magical Creature by sharing the secret of his Dark Talent and trusting her; meanwhile, he's still ignorant of the Magical World generally and is just reciprocating the secret of his "freakishness" when she tells him hers.

4) They attend Hogwarts together and she's the Designated Heroine.

5) Her parents have her attend Muggle School so she can live in the Muggle World and have a good job and not have to deal with the Fantastic Racism; so he continues to only see her during the summer. I would take this story as being almost a series of "interludes" where instead Harry only refers to the events of the School Year. I would probably have his friendship with this girl cause increasingly large butterflies to the plot which grow over time.

6) Her dad works at Grunnings and is really leery about her hanging out with that asshole Vernon's kid, and then does a double-take when he finds out that actually that boy is The Boy Who Lived.

7) Her dad works at Grunnings and hears a lot of stories from Vernon about "his ungrateful nephew", and although he took it with a grain of salt, he's still leery about it and thinks it's weird how opposite-world things look from the outside. Also yeah, The Boy Who Lived thing happens.

8) Her parents unsubtly push them together; they are cynically trying to make The Boy Who Lived into a Creature Rights Activist, and she is mad they're trying to exploit her friendship, but also grateful for the chance.

9) This girl's presence acts as a catalyst for Dudley's emotional growth which mostly happened off-screen in the books and culminated in that discussion in book seven; so Dudley grows up faster in this story, and reconciles with Harry earlier and more fully. Heck if Smeltings was co-ed (I dunno if it was in canon but Make It So for this story), you could even go full Romcom and have a bit of a love triangle between her, Harry, and Dudley, where she goes to school with Dudders and sees him grow up? Or at least use it that Harry can be jealous about Dudley getting to see her during the school year and not him.

I would probably write this from her perspective.
Like, I would mine the dramatic irony that she's thinking that the Boy-Who-Lived is so much more humble and kind than she expected, while making it clear to the Reader that she's missing that he doesn't know anything about the Magical World. Possibly by only having short interludes from Harry's perspective, like Point Five above.
And it allows you to completely avoid having Hogwarts as a setting, which I think would be interesting in an HP fic because it's different. So going from Point Four above, she meets up with him every summer, and she has a normal, adventure-free childhood.

Another option, maybe running with Point Nine, would be that they write each other a bunch of letters? A story that's just a series of letters between two people going back and forth, that's a solid, well-established premise, but I dunno if it's something I could write. Heck you could mix-and-match, have chapters that are just letters during the school year, interwoven with narrative chapters during the summer.

That's about what comes to mind from this premise.


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The problem with Harry knowing their secret early on is that it would eventually leak out. I know Snape and Dumbledore know Occlumency and Legilimency, and some stories have done them passively scanning the students for information, though I do not know of any canon supporting that. If hidden, it could also lead to some misconceptions, such as Dumbledore thinking Harry was returning to his own home during the Yule Break, not knowing Harry was going to stay with the family that befriended him.

Depending on how we set the family up--mother/daughter only or include a father--the issues of magic could be written off as maybe old knowledge, magic from some squibs they knew of, who told them of Diagon Alley and such. They may not have any idea about recent events, depending on how long it was before they had interacted with the current magical society. But they knew enough to get there, make a deal with the Goblins to assist in their hiding, and move there. If they came post-First Blood War, then they would have missed Voldemort's first fall, as well as the intro to the Boy-Who-Lived mythos. The daughter would then be picked on for being weird, as she wouldn't know how kids that day normally act.

The mother figure would stay around, being occasionally invited into the social groups Petunia likes to parade in front of, and likely to start fires in it for her own enjoyment?

"Oh? You sent your nephew to a juvenile facility? Which one? Oh, how odd, because I know no facility named that exists."

"Well, the police had a video surveillance set up at the park, and guess whose boys they caught tearing it up?"

Then the mothers would fight back, trying to spread rumors about the 'single unwed mother' if no father was around, or if there was, that she would be some 'cougar on the prowl' for payback. That would then influence the youth, thinking the daughter would be the same way, starting out with them saying the only reason she was friends with Harry was that he was her practice for when she went after popular boys. So they would at least have to learn or know how to fight back physically without breaking their cover.

Harry goes to Hogwarts. That secret would be exposed the first time they received a letter from Hedwig, if not from Harry telling them, from the knowledge they have of local magic users, and what they use for correspondence. It would add more focus to Harry's summers at home, with a few sections dedicated to what they would do while Harry was away with whatever information they learned, after letting Harry know he could trust them, claiming themselves as squibs for cover.

Visiting when Harry was grounded after Dobby, claiming to have heard their nephew was gravely ill, and wondering what hospital he was at, or why they had bars on his windows--and was such authorized by the local HOA?

Slipping a story to a few reporters that there didn't seem to be any information on Sirius Black ... or a trial. What was being hid?

Then we have tie-ins to the realm Harry deals with.

The Philosopher's Stone? It was really a channeling crystal that succubae used instead of feeding. It gathers life force let out in a crowd, bits of a soul that shed off like cat hair, and allows the holder to channel it into themselves. For a human, it can grant restored youth and a longer life. If they know enough about atomic structure, they can use the boost in magical energy to permanently conjure or transfigure things, such as gold. It was a prize old Nick stole in his youth from the home of a recently slaughtered succubus, and claimed to have made when he figured some of it out.

History? Well, both Veela and Succubae came to our world, tried to fit in. But learned that if they had children with magicals, the child did have the ability to use human magic, but their mother's side became weaker with each generation it occurred, eventually dying out fully when the line has their first son. The Veela stayed, the succubae didn't. Of course, it pops back up occasionally, like Tonks's metamorph abilities from ancient shapeshifters. But Veela and Succubae have such low numbers to begin with. And given how a family only having daughters was viewed in the past... Some missing people from our world were actually those that were taken back to whatever realm the succubae and veela came from, especially if they were not magical, so pureblooded daughters could be had.

Could even be used as an oddity during Year 4. Fleur can 'sense' someone has marked Harry, but can't tell what, as even modern Veela have forgotten about their succubae sisters.

Side note: I always found it odd that the mythos got out. For all of Dumbledore's claim that he wanted Harry to have a normal life, someone had to spread that mythos about, which of the survivors of that night (Hagrid, Harry, Voldemort, Snape, and Black), someone had to spread the word of what was assumed to have happened. That only leaves the two likely suspects of Hagrid or Albus spilling their thoughts.


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Side note: I always found it odd that the mythos got out. For all of Dumbledore's claim that he wanted Harry to have a normal life, someone had to spread that mythos about, which of the survivors of that night (Hagrid, Harry, Voldemort, Snape, and Black), someone had to spread the word of what was assumed to have happened. That only leaves the two likely suspects of Hagrid or Albus spilling their thoughts.
If the people weren't told about Harry surviving the Killing Curse, then why would they believe Voldemort was gone? From the first book, people were celebrating all day after Voldemort's visit to the Potter's home. Don't forget that we know that the Dark Mark faded sometime after Voldemort fell the first time.

Alternatively, what if she was the Succubus' version of a muggle-born? Going on the theory that they're not able to use wands for some reason, the ministry might not track/know about her being a first gen Succubus, thus she wouldn't have any knowledge of the magical world. Now instead of a mother/daughter duo that know about the magical world, we have Harry finding out on his own (maybe with Hermione's help) that his old muggle friend is a Succubus and him being the one to tell her.

By the way, I've been calling her Alisa in my head for some reason.


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Thanks for the name, was in a bit of a quandary about that--was trying to avoid Lilith.

I don't think being the muggle-born equivalent of a succubus would work. She'd have no guide for her powers, and even if she didn't attend Hogwarts, she would lash out and expose herself. Having a mother would give her someone who could teach her control and temperament. The other way may seem more like a Mary Sue insert, I fear. Also, such would suggest that while existing, the Ministry would have no way to track them, which is a hard sell, because they have to have some way to ensure a magical species does not reveal magic to the world, like a pissed off centaur.

At the least, she would need a way to hide in the mundane world. Without an adviser, I see that being difficult if not impossible. Lemon, if we have Sirius discover her while hiding, and deciding to make up his failures to Harry by sending her to him.

Also, when Harry discovers this, he will want to help. As such, he may not want to return to Hogwarts, no matter the year, because he believes Alisa--liking the name--needs him more, With a teacher for her, the secret stays such longer, and when exposed, Harry doesn't fear returning to school as abandonment of her. Plus, as them faking her being a squib for an angle, she could go to the Yule Ball with Harry, as she would already know about magic.


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Perhaps the mom is the muggleborn, and she's intentionally hiding them? There's a lot of anti-creature people in the ministry, like Umbridge.

If we do that, is there value in the mom realizing who Harry is? Also I like the idea of the succubus!mom trying to ship the two.


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The mom couldn't be. If we go with them related to Veela, then it is the females who carry the line. No male Veela exist, so it would have to be the mom. Th male version, the incubus, could simply be an urban legend, even among them.

Her husband could have been a Muggleborn, someone picked up before Voldemort's first reign, and spirited away so that they missed the war.


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The dad intentionally hiding them away works too.

So is the dad still alive, or is the mom simply continuing where the dad left off? What happened to the dad?


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The dad would have to have been Muggle. If he was Squib or Magical, then Alisa would be able to use wand magic--guessing on the former, as they never say if a Squib having a child with a Veela would be a magical Veela child.

The original plan was that in the realm of the succubus, there was a civil war of some sort happening. Wanting to escape and save her child, the mother took them to the human world. I assume that some of the taken men were Magical, so they would have current or semi-current information. So she went to the human realm, looking for a place where they wouldn't stick out. As for the father, not certain if he survived, died in the fighting, or died beforehand. Just him being there, depending on how long he was missing, could attract attention, because people will want to know where he was. In fact, the ones they take, they may only keep them for a while and return them after so many births, minds erased if they didn't want to stay.

We see them as people who are finally found, but no memories of where they were. "I just woke up and wondered how I got there." Beforehand, it would be ignored, as it would become a rumor. Nowadays, they would be victims of a conspiracy no one is certain about.


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Father is gone, mother is from a line where an ancestor had a child with a Magical. She is the last of the line able to use magic--too diluted to stay active, and her child's father was a Muggle, making her a full succubus. She was trained in their realm, as the Ministry was as annoying to 'half-breeds' now as it was then, if not worse. So the line would go occasionally for supplies, but be taught in the realm.

Gives her the ability to know how to get to the human world with their stuff, how to get to Gringott's, and how to set up a safe-house.


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So just to make sure I understand, the mom is half witch half succubus, and her daughter is full succubus?


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So just to make sure I understand, the mom is half witch half succubus, and her daughter is full succubus?
Seems more like that each generation after the magical blood is introduced it grows weaker in it's influence until it disappears and the resulting child is a pure breed.


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Seems more like that each generation after the magical blood is introduced it grows weaker in it's influence until it disappears and the resulting child is a pure breed.
The HP wiki says that about Veela hybrids, that they will have the allure, but didn't state if they could develop bird-like traits or throw fire when enraged, but that even the allure would eventually fade as the line developed.

So I put that into the succubus species as well. When one of her ancestors had a child with a wizard, they too produced a half-succubus who could use wizard magic. But with the hatred they had going on in GB at the time, they chose to return to the Succubus Realm to raise them--maybe even was an heir who would have gotten nothing, or Muggle-born. Afterwards, the line married only non-magical people, thinning the magical blood even more.

Until now, the only child she has currently is Alisa, her father non-magical, so the diluted blood was diluted just enough for Alisa to be a full-succubus with no human magical talent.

The mother depends on what JKR didn't reveal. As far as we know, if say, Fleur had married a Muggle, she would have still had a daughter who was Veela and Magical, as those traits breed dominant. But she never stated at what point if the line kept marrying magicals, when the Veela blood would become recessive. Fluer was 1/4, her daughter was 1/8.

So when does it fall out? 1/16? 1/32?

At that number is where Alisa is, her mother would be the one before it. Her power might not be very strong--or perhaps even enough to be registered at any school, but it would be enough to help her out and flee the Succubus Realm, and knowledge from the one magical ancestor she had would tell them where to go in London to get help.

As for living near Harry, the whole neighborhood would be perfect, since if Harry is not registered there, there would be little to no chance of running into someone magical who might blow their cover, or report them to the Ministry.