Anyone else use Taadd, and having trouble with it currently?


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The site I mostly use to read manga is Taadd, as it has (had) a handy tracker for when series I like update.

It's not working correctly however, as it's only showing updates that occurred on or before 8/11. Also, if I click the site logo to back to the main page from my follows page it makes the main page also only show up to what was on the site on 8/11.

So yeah, anyone else use Taadd and having a similar issue? Kind of a pain, as I track a bunch of different series currently.


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Might be just you... I do not use Taadd... but I checked it real quick to see... right on main page it showed on the right a column of updated manga for 8/17 and even 8/18


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Like I said, the main page works fine as long as I don't go to the page where I track specific series.


On another note: Anyone have an alt site I can use that let's me track series? The whole reason I liked Taadd is that I didn't have to sift through tons of other manga updated each day to see if one I was reading was among them.

It's also been really bad lately about an invasive pop up scam telling me to update flash. Practically every time I click to a new page.
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Yeah, I've noticed the invasive pop-ups also. It's making me leery of the site as a whole.