Cerberus (Wrath of the Titans): China Walls

This is a modernized ancient-mythology short-story movie fan-fic about Cerberus and the G7 Summit, inspired by the films Wrath of the Titans and Bedazzled.

It's meant to ask the question, "Are movies about capitalism-imagination and spirituality reflective of real world omens?"

What do people (on this board/forum) think about movies/stories about ancient-world gods visiting modern civilization?

I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Movie Fanfiction section or the Original Fiction section...

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Alas(!), the great wandering young American philosopher, was in China evaluating the modern world impact of globalization structures such as NASDAQ, the World Bank, and NATO. Just ahead of the G7 Summit in Beijing, attended by U.S. President Donald Trump(!), the Chinese people were preparing for all kinds of 21st Century capitalism-festivities, and there was a planned parade celebrating consumerism-culture in Beijing. Alas feared that there would be some terrorist threat in Beijing around the time of the Summit, so he was careful not to tread too hard while studying macro-trends regarding the flow of commerce and consumers in this sensitive time of capitalism-flowery(!). Alas did not realize, however, that the deviant underworld demon-god Cerberus (multi-headed hound/dog of Hell) was lingering under the grounds of Beijing as the Summit date approached, considering ways to disrupt normal pedestrian activity to throw a monkey-wrench into capitalism-idealism. Cerberus was, after all, a 'messenger' of symbolic turbulence machinations (e.g., Gulf War, 9/11). The G7 Summit was held in Beijing for 'special consideration' because China wanted to be invited formally to stay at-pace with member-nation Japan(!).

Of course, Alas had studied various theories/ideas regarding the flow of goods, the building of nation-states around mercantile platforms (e.g., European Union!), and the value of commerce in times of great networking expansion. Alas wondered about the security-preparations ahead of the G7 Summit that would safeguard Beijing from terrorist threats from anti-globalization groups and forces such as ISIS and Cobra(!). While Alas was ruminating on all this modern civilization 'intrigue' and insight, the Hell-hound Cerberus began watching Alas and noting his careful trek through this modern terrain of commerce-driven intelligence (e.g., Wall Street!). Cerberus wished to gain Alas's audience and wanted to debate/discuss with him about the value of capitalism as it related to globalization-oriented power-structures (e.g., World Bank). Cerberus decided to visit Alas in a dream (while he slept!) to talk to him about the Summit, globalization, American capitalism ('TrumpUSA'), and the role of the gods(!).

CERBERUS: Do you know why I'm visiting you in your dream, young Alas?
ALAS: I'm only 24 years-old, but I'm a college graduate and world-learned!
CERBERUS: Yet you are surprised by my visit to you in your dream-sleep...
ALAS: Yes, well, I'm wondering what the role of a wandering 'student' is in these times!
CERBERUS: I came to you in your sleep to discuss with you matters of modernism...
ALAS: Is it because I'm in Beijing near the G7 Summit?
CERBERUS: Yes; and I've noticed you're keenly interested in capitalism/globalization.
ALAS: Yes; the engagement of modern minds in new age networks creates potential idealism!
CERBERUS: That may be well and true, but the threat of terrorism looms on the minds of many.
ALAS: Why is an ancient-world demon/god interested in the G7 Summit, Cerberus?
CERBERUS: I may be an 'ancient-world' entity, but my interest in civilization is timeless...
ALAS: Are you an advocate of globalization-oriented capitalism in the 21st Century, Cerberus?
CERBERUS: I'm a multi-headed demon-hound/dog, so I don't think heavily about the 'timing' of power-spheres!
ALAS: So your perspective on modernism is geared towards 'convenience-imagination' then, Cerberus?
CERBERUS: Precisely; I'm wondering if all these new age 'conveniences' (e.g., eTrade, Facebook) create sloth.
ALAS: Capitalism may be convenience-gauged for shopping/marketing, but it's also a politically interactive 'system.'
CERBERUS: Modern people have difficulty 'freely trusting' such interaction with the macro-system 'user-board.'
ALAS: Well, it's not like Microsoft and Amazon became popular overnight, so civilization-critique is mostly 'delicate.'
CERBERUS: It's true we can find 'niches' of interaction-based optimism in modern capitalism...
ALAS: Perhaps President's Trump attendance at the G7 Summit will signal some kind of promising pact.
CERBERUS: I suspect America is keen about forging mercantile-bridges between the Koreas!
ALAS: Trump oversaw a nuclear-test crisis with North Korea and lauded the PyeongChang Olympics alliance between the Koreas!
CERBERUS: Perhaps the U.S. government is intuitive about modern globalization 'needs' and desires, but is it honest/sincere?
ALAS: If modern globalization-capitalism (e.g., World Bank, NATO, European Union, OPEC) facilitates peace, America will cheer.
CERBERUS: America is the world's official 'Big Brother' and diplomat of capitalism, so it must endorse 'creative metaphysics.'
ALAS: I suppose you're monitoring this activity (and me!), because you're a 'messenger' of socialization and opportunism(!).

When Alas awoke from his strange dream during which he was 'chatting' and debating with the ominous Hell-hound Cerberus, he felt like he was very anxious all of a sudden about security and optimism regarding the upcoming G7 Summit in Beijing, which would be attended by U.S. President Donald Trump(!). Alas concluded that he dreamed Cerberus was 'conferring' with him about the 'value' of modern globalization/capitalism, because he wanted Alas to think in a focused manner about the socialization-impact of networking-infrastructures that anti-capitalism terrorist groups (e.g., ISIS) wanted to destabilize with coordinated attacks on hubs and traffic symbolic areas such as Hong Kong and New York(!). Alas feverishly wondered if all this modern talk about capitalism-oriented 'ideology' was a 'pre-cognitive omen' about the gods from Heaven and Hell monitoring human civilization as it wrestled with matters of economic pacts and betrayal-inquiry. Was this the time of a great Innovation Tribulation perhaps? Would China become a 'trade-brother' to the American empire? Alas remained intrigued...