Chuck versus the Ultimatum


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At a fairly early age Bryce Larkin has come to terms with what made him different than those around him. At first he didn't realize exactly what it was but it was an offhand comment at a gym meet, "It's like he has no fear", that started him down the path. It was like he had no fear, but that wasn't exactly right. 

He had fear, it just never caused him anxiety. Instead it made him want to fight. Simply put he was 100% fight 0% flight. 

Which sort of made hiss friendship with Chuck Bartowski a bit of a conundrum. Chuck at first impression was all flight and no fight. 

But they balanced each other out nicely. Chuck tempering Bryce's, well, Bryce-ness that tended to push him well into the douche category, and Bryce pulling Chuck out of the darkness into the spotlight. 

Sure, Chuck had some hidden depths and triggers which would evoke a rather non-normal Chuck-like response, but normally Chuck was quite normal. Quite innocent.

It was this very reason when Chuck did phenomenally on a certain aptitude test that Bryce flipped to fight without a by-your-leave to his common sense. 

Brazenly trying to blackmail your CIA recruiter is a rather idiotic thing to do, especially before you get any training of any sort. 

Needless to say the conversation didn't go anywhere close to how he thought it would go. 

"Are you so sure you want to send your best friend to Gitmo? Let's lay it out. One, he is the best friend and roommate of a CIA recruit, that puts him under a basic watch. Two, under watch we uncover that not only does he have hacking skills, but enough to put his alias of Piranha on NSA's top wanted list. Three, well three is so classified only a handful of the people in the word know it and sadly I don't, but surely it is enough to make him interesting and in the case of your claim, interesting is not a good thing. Four, he cheats, for the first time in his life, on what essentially is an admittance test to the United States intelligence community."

"So, Bryce, did or did not Charles cheat on this test?" 


"No, what?"

"No, Sir."

"Good. Now instead of me asking you to kill him I get to ask you to recruit him. I so would have regretted losing such a promising student."