Harry Potter Dark Mark-eting


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I've got an idea or plot bunny percolating that if anybody wants to use in a larger story, feel free.

The idea is that an older Harry gets tired of Dark Lords popping up every 20 years or so and decides to get a little proactive but sneaky about detecting and eliminating them.

He, and maybe an accomplice design some utility spells that would be useful to aspiring Dark Lords like documentation on how to recreate something along the lines of Voldemort's Dark Mark. The aspiring Dark Lord can choose any symbol he wants for the mark, but the rest of it is provided in a template.
Then there are other spells, like ways to communicate privately between those Dark Marks, a spell to put out a summoning call so your minions will know the location to apparate to, a spell to determine the location of any of your minions, and a spell to let you listen in on your minions through their Dark Marks. Also the Dark Marks include a feature that lets the Dark Lord bypass any occulumancy defenses for free access to their minions' minds via legitimancy, and possibly allowing it to happen via Dark Marks.
Maybe a few other utility spells. Oh, and the use of these "slave" Dark Marks requires that they be tied to a "master" Dark Mark.

Then Harry documents all this into a little book, and seeds these books free of charge in places where people would go to look for Dark Arts stuff like the Restricted Section of Hogwarts and various stores in Knockturn Alley. The book has stuff on the cover that indicate it is for aspiring Dark Lords.

However, all of these books have a little "End User License Agreement" for freely using the spells. They Dark Lord must accept the EULA to see the information needed to actually cast the spells, and EULA sorta acts like a Fieldius charm, preventing anybody who has not accepted the EULA from learning how to cast them.

The catch? The EULA has a lot of tiny, barely legible with a magnifying glass print and is very long. It includes a lot of disclaimers of liability and responsibility for the creators of the book and spells for their misuse for illegal purposes, and buried in incomprehensible legalese is an agreement that Harry and his accomplice and possibly their descendants can also use the Dark Marks to get information "for marketing purposes". Harry can now use the Dark Marks to listen in on conversations and plots, he can perform remote legitimancy, he can track the location of any Dark Marks in use including the master dark Marks.
The EULA permits him his access. So, he can find out who these aspiring Dark Lords are, where they like to hang out, and who their minions are via the spyware built into their Dark Marks, and nobody realizes this because nobody bothers to read the EULAs.