EVE Online on Humble Bundle


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For the next 6 hours still, Humble Bundle is selling the starter pack for as little as $1, so if anyone is curious about the game and think the trial is too limiting, this should give you 44 days to try without any limitations on ships or skills (except for having to train them first, of course).

If you want to try and want another 7 days, use this link:
https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=4fc66607-a113-41df-a486-20638799d339&action=buddy and you´ll get a 21 days trial to add the 30 days from the starter pack to.

I will NOT get any reward from the link, I´m just putting it here for those who want the extra week.


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No thank you, I've already lost most of my free time and soul to WoW.