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Ferrets and Pigtails û Under a Blue Moon
A 'Home' Sidestory

Blue [bloo]:
the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nm.
depressed; melancholy
indecent; somewhat obscene; risquÚ
the sky; the heavens
the sea; the ocean
alcohol intoxicated
marked by blasphemy

Ranma cursed as he bounced around the bulkhead, praying that he wasnÆt suddenly going to collapse a wall and vent atmosphere into the shipÆs hull he was fighting in, but these guys werenÆt giving him much choice.

It had started off like any other trip to a new world, sneak on board, and stay generally out of sight until it reached some other port. Except that this time freaking space pirates had decided to attack the ship he was on. They were all women, and wearing form fitting bright red body suits that could reflect a great deal of damage, and wielding swords of various types û it was how heÆd pegged them as pirates in the first place.

At thirteen, Ranma couldnÆt put nearly the force into his blows that he could as an older teen. To alter this, heÆd started incorporating more and more in the way of meteor blows into his fighting style, and inner chambers like this hull were perfect for that, if it wasnÆt for the fact that any miss on the enemyÆs part with enough force would open them up to deep space.

He was, of course horrified that his current fighting style strongly resembled HapposaiÆs but he remained strong, reminding himself that he wasnÆt into peeping on girls and stealing panties.

Of course, his new idea for a spell hadnÆt helped that image either. ôGrav Bomb!ö He chucked a brackish sphere from each hand. An intense gravity field wrapped around a core of anti-gravity, the æbombÆ pulled itÆs victims closer before letting loose with what amounted to a concussion charge, sending pirates flying in all directions.

He took a moment to knock out the woozy, then made his way out of the storage deck to go find the bridge. It wasnÆt really all that hard on a ship this small, and the pirates werenÆt really all that hard to handle, though their numbers and the other passengers occasionally made it tricky.

Of course, being a physical powerhouse armed with gravity magics doesnÆt mean youÆre invincible. He barely caught sight of the one he assumed was the leader because of the fancy decorations on her red jumpsuit, when she turned and gestured at him, causing his vision to fill with sparkles, just before he fell unconscious.


Azulia was an aptly named world. The vast majority of it was covered in water. That, coupled with some unusual heat dispersing properties in the atmosphere and itÆs proximity to its sun, meant that the vast majority of the planet was limited to three ecosystems: Ocean, Jungle, and desert, often existing right next to each other as temperature and humidity shifted. The water was blue, like any other world, but unlike so many others, so was the sand. And the 'greenery'. And, of course, the fur of the animals that had adapted to such conditions over time. In fact, about the only prominent feature of the planet that wasn't blue was the moon, which was just as off white as any Earth native would be familiar with.

The people here were predominantly tanned, oiled women who did not wear a lot of clothing. They were also quite friendly, as any sort of violence seemed to be too sweaty a chore for them to take any great part in such things. It used to make the traveler, who was accustomed to people wearing a great deal more clothing and not being quite so free with their attention, somewhat nervous, but at the moment he didnÆt quite care, too caught up in his own worries.

He was screwed. HeÆd screwed up. Again. Catastrophically. He could not even begin to comprehend just how bad this would look. He was the deadest dead man to ever be still walking. He had lost a Lost Logia. Again. Ignorance would not save Yuuno Scrya this time.

Still, there was no help for it. HeÆd have to go call this in at his ship, which would raise questions of its own. Azulia was a non-administrated world, though they knew about space travel as it featured heavily in their histories. But a non-administrated world and a lost Lost Logia û on his vacation from being Head Librarian, no less? He was a dead man.

Grumbling a bit to himself, Yuuno came up upon the shallow bay where heÆd hidden his ship, and called it up to him. At least, he thought to himself, IÆve learned enough to figure out when I should call for help. He couldnÆt exactly count on finding another Nanoha around here.

Nanohaà He shook his head ruefully and backed out of any fantasies. He was likely to get chewed out over this. Reaching the surface, his non-descript ovoid ship gently floated over to him û where it was intercepted by a falling escape pod. Both objects promptly exploded, knocking him off his feet.

He pushed himself up on his elbows and gaped in dismay at the destruction. There was a slight moaning to his left, and Yuuno saw a thirteen year old boy laying there groaning, obviously out of it. Yuuno scurried over to make sure he was alright, leaning over him and preparing a diagnostic spell.

The boyÆs eyes suddenly snapped open and he roared out. ôDamn you!ö

ôGah!ö Yuuno jerked back, falling on his ass.

The boy then blinked a few times, then spotted Yuuno. ôOops,ö he said sheepishly, sitting up and scratching the back of his head. ôRanma Saotome. Sorry about that.ö

Yuuno sighed. ôI donÆt suppose youÆre carrying any kind of communicator or beacon on you, are you?ö

ôUh, no.ö Ranma screwed up his face.

Yuuno hung his head. ôI figured as much. WeÆre stranded here.ö


Yes? No?


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Ranma and Yuuno, chillaxing on a desert island planet with hot, tanned, scantily clad babes and about to do some crazy Lost Logia-ing? Yes.

Plus, yanno, it means that Yuuno's about to become the man. Just because I prefer Nanoha/Fate doesn't mean that I hate Yuuno: in fact, he deserves the ladies.

EDIT: In fact, let my imagination run wild for a few moments: Ranma, while helping Yuuno find his lost Lost Logia, helps Yuuno with his lady problems, just as the pirates with the skintight red outfits raid the tanned scantily clad islanders, resulting in Yuuno intervening, which then culminates into Yuuno waking up surrounded by said pirates and islanders, sweating and significantly less clothed than several hours before.



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A side story into how Ranma and Yuuno became friends, or otherwise respectable acquaintances. A House and Wilson relationship perhaps?


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You forgot Ranma getting some of his own in that scenario Sect.


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cgobyd said:
You forgot Ranma getting some of his own in that scenario Sect.
Unfortunately, he doesn't get any, because they think he's twelve, and treat him like Yuuno's cute younger brother. This angers him. Maybe.


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Yeah, Ranma's a bit young, but he'd not upset about that fact. Relieved is more like it.


ôSo what are you doing out here, anyway?ö Ranma had already told Yuuno what had happened on the ship heÆd been on, leaving out the little things, like not being on board legally. Those kinds of details tended to get a man in trouble, and his companion seemed like the straight-laced type.

ôAh,ö Yunno brightened, glad to be away from talk of space pirates for the moment, as they strolled down the streets of Sininen, AzuliaÆs captial. ôIÆm an archeologistà in my spare time, anyway. I was down on one of the neighboring islands doing a dig.ö

ôThatÆs cool. Find anything interesting?ö

Yuuno nodded. ôYes. I found this lost logia. ItÆs called Viahtaa according to some of the carvings in the nearby walls. ItÆs a blue ball about the size of my fist.ö Yuuno clenched his hand raised it for comparison. ôI unearthed it in a sealed room last week at the dig site.ö

After more or less six years wandering through TSA space, Ranma would have to be a complete moron to not know what a lost logia was. ôWhatÆs it do?ö

Yuuno sighed. ôI have no idea.ö

Ranma considered this. ôCan I see it?ö

ôIà lost it.ö Yuuno slumped over. ôAnd now I canÆt call for help about it.ö

Ranma winced. ôWell, I can help out, right? I mean, I donÆt have anything better to do until we can get a ride out of here.ö He paused. ôSomeone is going to come looking for you, right?ö

Yuuno nodded. ôEventually. ItÆs still a few months until IÆm expected back at my job from this sabbatical, and my flight plan is logged, so theyÆll know where to look.ö He grimaced. ôBut IÆve seen what out of control lost logia can do first hand. I canÆt let it get that far.ö

Ranma shrugged. ôWell, weÆll have to see what we can do about that, right? WhereÆd you loose it?ö

Yuuno paused. He didnÆt suspect Ranma per say, but he was awfully young, no matter what heÆd said about the pirates on his ship. It was more likely that heÆd been shoved into the pod by a panicking attendant or something before things got too bad. Still two heads were better than one, and it wasnÆt like poking around the square where heÆd misplaced it could do any harm, right? He pointed off to the left. ôOver there. I suppose it couldnÆt hurt to search again.ö

Ranma waltzed off, and Yuuno followed, once more taking in the architecture. In stark contrast to the rest of the planet, the Azulians had painted their cities in a riot of colors û none of them blue. He had no idea where theyÆd gotten the dyes, but it was a fascinating thing to look at, especially from up high.

Catching up to his small acquaintance, Yuuno took in the Papukaija Bazaar. Ranma glanced at him as they walked through the area. ôOkay. Where were you when you realized you didnÆt have it?ö

Yuuno shrugged, and pointed over at a stall nearby. ôThat one. It has some fascinating artwork, and I went over to take a look, but itÆs all very expensive.ö

Ranma eyed the stall for a second, then smiled. ôLetÆs go then.ö

Yuuno shrugged, and followed the kid up to the art dealer again.

ôAh, young sir,ö The slightly rotund man behind the counter smiled, ôAre you back to buy some of my art?ö

ôNo,ö Yuuno demurred, ôI was just wondering if youÆd seen my ball at all.ö

The manÆs face darkened. ôNo, young sir, I have not. Now, if you are not here to purchase my wares, please move along.ö

Nodding, Yuuno turned to move away, only to find heÆd lost his young charge. ôRanma?ö

ôYo.ö Ranma was tossing a small ball up and down, with a smirk on his face.

YuunoÆs mouth went dry for a moment, then he nearly collapsed in on himself with relief. ôThatÆs it! Where was it?ö

Ranma chuckled, and handed him the Viahtaa. ôWas easy. IÆve been to a lot of small places like this, you know? HeÆs not really a merchant. HeÆs a thief. Probably pays for some of these kids to be pickpockets. Maybe even gets stuff out of the area by æsellingÆ what they find to the ærightÆ customers.ö

Yuuno frowned. ôIÆve been to a lot of places, too, Ranma, art dealers are pretty common. What if you were wrong? Or got caught?ö

Ranma shook his head. ôArt? Sure. ThatÆs pretty common, but he needs to make a living, right? His prices were too expensive for that. He tries to cover that with some quality, but you donÆt see a lot of that either at one of these things. If he was selling good stuff at those prices, heÆd have a regular shop to keep things indoors. Too much chance of theft that way.ö

ôWell, thanks anyway. IÆm glad to have it back now if nothing else. ThereÆll be less trouble that way.ö Yuuno smiled, and glanced up at the sun. ôCome on, itÆs getting to be mid afternoon, and thatÆs a little too hot for me. WeÆll find somewhere shady to relax before finding a place for the night.ö

ôYou havenÆt rented anything on your own?ö Ranma was surprised to hear that.

ôNo,ö Yuuno shook his head, ôI either spent the night at the site under a tarp on a bed roll, or in my ship. WeÆll have to find something.ö


Back in the bazaar, the æart dealerÆ swallowed nervously as he looked for the foreignerÆs æblue ballÆ. He couldnÆt find it. This is bad. This is very, very, bad.

The æEye of the WorldÆ. The fucking Viahtaa itself!
HeÆd recognized the ball immediately, of course when one of his little thieves had handed it over, and sent word to one of his many æfriendsÆ that he had found it. Years of searching, and heÆd found it. They would probably be here any minute. No time to have any chance of recovering it.

Taide Mydda, æArt DealerÆ, slumped to the ground and cried silent tears. IÆm fucked.


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He had no idea where theyÆd gotten the dies
s/b "dyes."

"Eye of the World," huh? Why does that not fill me with ringing confidence?

Mighty Bob

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Saw your mention of a side story in the other thread and came to read this....damn interesting. Ranma interacting with someone of the Nanohaverse....without any of the baggage he has in 'Home'. Damn interesting so far.

Kinda weird to see Yuuno being uneasy bout Ranma's apparent age, considering how much he, Nanoha, Fate and all did from age 9 onwards. Or is there some other reason he's suspecting Ranma that I'm just being dense about?


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No, he's just being slightly oblivious, and more than aware that most people never make it to the level that Nanoha was at nine.


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now that I've caught up...


looks good. Very good.

I... Really have nothing more to say until I see more from this side story.


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Off to a good start, I'd say. Don't really notice how Yuuno being oblivious though.


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NeverwhereCM said:
Yeah, Ranma's a bit young, but he'd not upset about that fact. Relieved is more like it.
Well, I was referring to my comment about being treated as Yuuno's little brother.

Anyways, that was surprisingly quick. And easy. And painless. I doubt that's going to last.


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Sect said:
NeverwhereCM said:
Yeah, Ranma's a bit young, but he'd not upset about that fact.? Relieved is more like it.
Well, I was referring to my comment about being treated as Yuuno's little brother.

Anyways, that was surprisingly quick. And easy. And painless. I doubt that's going to last.
They've just pissed off the local version of the mob. How is that quick, easy, and painless?

B.B. Rain

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...Sniper, back of the head?

Except this is a flashback/prequel, so that can't work out...



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I somehow managed to get Yuuno and Ranma to have a two-page conversation on weather and women. I'm not sure how this scene got that large, but since it is, I'm going to just throw it up and get back to writing more interesting things.


The Vuode was a tiny, cramped little place that the two could stay in for the night, given that it was YuunoÆs money they were spending. Ranma reciprocated by sharing some of the food out of his weapons pockets. After eyeing a few of the patronÆs bowls, they didnÆt think theyÆd want to eat here.

Finishing up his meal and looking around at the place again, Ranma grumbled a bit. ôYou sure we couldnÆt have just stayed outside?ö

ôNo,ö Yuuno was no stranger to sleeping outdoors in less than optimal conditions himself, but shook his head. ôThe storms here are horrible. They build up over the water and are almost never broken up by landmasses, so they just keep getting bigger and fiercer. We need to be under a roof tonight.ö

ôYou sirs need anything else?ö The pretty young waitress had been dropping by pretty often, and dropping even more frequent hints, which did not escape either young man at the table.

Yuuno blushed a bit, which did absolutely nothing to discourage her. ôAh, n-no miss,ö He stuttered slightly, causing her to giggle a bit, ôweÆre fine.ö

Ranma laughed after the waitress went back to her job. ôMan, itÆs funny as hell being on this side of it things for once.ö

ôWhat would you know?ö Yuuno grumped, crossing his arms over his chest.

Ranma fixed him with a strange look. It wasnÆt the hilariously cute look of a child aping the mannerisms of an adult, but a look of genuine wisdom and experience. ôIÆm five or six years older than you. I just look young.ö

Yuuno suddenly had no problem at all believing his earlier story about fending off the pirates before being caught by surprise. ôIs that natural for your people?ö He briefly envisioned a planet of young boys and lolis.

Ranma shook his head. ôNah. ItÆsà well, letÆs just call it an accident.ö

Yuuno shrugged. ôIÆm no good with women, anyway.ö

His companion blinked. ôYou seem to attract them well enough to me.ö Yuuno glowered at him, and Ranma smirked. ôAh. YouÆre no good with a specific girl.ö

The sometimes-ferret slumped his head down onto the table. ôOkay. Fine. Yes. Just drop it, okay?ö

ôSo how long have you known her?ö Ranma completely ignored him.

ôDidnÆt I just ask you to drop it?ö There was some heat in YuunoÆs voice.

ôWhy,ö Ranma deadpanned, ôDo you have anything better to do?ö He continued in a more conciliatory voice. ôBesides, you look like you could get it off your chest.ö

Maybe it would help, Yuuno considered. ôWe met, when we were nine. Somewhat similarly to this, actually. We saved her planet from some rogue lost logia.ö Getting it off his chest or not, Yuuno wasnÆt about to admit that this was the second time heÆd misplaced one.

ôSo you hung around fairly often?ö

Yuuno nodded. ôI stayed with her, actually.ö At RanmaÆs slightly startled look, Yuuno explained. ôI was transformed into a ferret at the time.ö

Ranma fixed him with a strange look, then smirked. ôWell, that explains it.ö


He snorted. ôThatÆs her first impression of you. A pet. IÆve screwed up enough first impressions to know just how important they are. IÆm guessing youÆve kept in contact since then?ö

Yuuno nodded. ôYeah, we see eachother fairly often, now that sheÆs stationed almost exclusively on Mid-Childa.ö

Ranma nodded. ôYep, that likely the problem then. YouÆve never forced her to reevaluate her opinion of you, so she still sees you as that ferret deep down inside. She knows youÆre a guy, but ità just doesnÆt seem important.ö

ôSo you think itÆs hopeless then?ö Tuuno eyed the seeming-boy, getting a little frustrated.

To his surprise, Ranma shook his head. ôNope. In fact, youÆre in the perfect situation to do something about it!ö

ôEh?ö Yuuno wasnÆt quite sure when this had turned into completely helping him with his love life, but figured it couldnÆt hurt. It wasnÆt like there was a chance Nanoha would ever hear this conversation. More to the point, the sounds of the intensifying storm outside were keeping all the conversations private.

Ranma sighed and rubbed the back of his head. ôLook, IÆll be blunt. IÆve been trying to get a rise out of you most of the day, but youÆre too damn passive. The æsensitive sideÆ thing only works if itÆs a side.ö He fixed Yuuno with a stare. ôDo you know what being all æsensative sideÆ means to a girl you grew up with?ö Yuuno shook his head, and Ranma narrowed his eyes. ôIt means youÆre one of the girls.

Yuuno let himself slump back to the table as Ranma continued. ôAnd this bumbling shy boy thing youÆve got going for you only works in the beginning. YouÆve got to have something to back it up.ö RanmaÆs voice lost some of the heat then. ôBefore my, uh, accident, I made made two different women go from wanting to kill me to wanting to marry me inside of five minutes. IÆd like to think I know a bit about what women like by now. And itÆs the three Cs. Calm, Confident, and Competent.ö Ranma paused to consider here. ôI was never really all that good at the calm part myself, so I kept pissing them off, but the other two kept reeling them back in.ö

Yuuno propped his head up on one palm, elbow rested on the table. ôAnd this helps me how?ö

Ranma shrugged. ôWeÆre going to be here a couple months, right? Use that time to build up some confidence and competence. YouÆve got the calm thing down at least. But the point is that when you get back, you have to be obviously different. Force her to reevaluate her opinion of you. A second first impression.ö

Yuuno blinked. ôIt canÆt be that simple?ö

Ranma shrugged. ôItÆs a bit of a gamble, actually. YouÆre in trouble if she doesnÆt like the new you, but IÆm thinking youÆve known her long enough to be able to tell if youÆre going in a direction she doesnÆt like. But if youÆve ever wondered why a lot of girls go for complete scumbags? ThereÆs your reason. TheyÆve usually got the three Cs down, even if they arenÆt good people.ö

ôIàö It made a scary amount of sense, Yuuno realized. Finally realizing he had to say something, he said, ôIÆm going to sleep on that. Goodnight.ö

Ranma stretched, and stood to follow. ôSÆpose I should too.ö

Yuuno darted up the stairs when he realized the waitress was angling to intercept.


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Well NOW this is getting interesting. ^_^


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Interesting? So far Ranma and Yuuno have only pissed Taide. Very soon they'll have pissed of the local mob, the royalty, the church, and the space pirates.

And the conversation on women is the most interesting thing so far?


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Well, you haven't gotten to the others yet, so yes, it is so far the most interesting thing to read.

Although you didn't mention a church or royalty being involved until now. That gotten my attention on how the hell you're getting Ranma and Yuuno pissing those two groups off now.

I mean, what the hell did they do? Accidentally saw the queen/princess naked or something?


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I blame my love for character interaction and development.

Everything else so far was basically putting up the setup, NOW things are becoming interesting because things are HAPPENING.

Even Ranma's little altercation with the pirates didn't feelt all that dynamic.

Now the pieces are in place, everything is setup for an epic story, let us see how things unfold. ^_^


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armedlord said:
I mean, what the hell did they do? Accidentally saw the queen/princess naked or something?
That's not the problem - it's the solution.

Sort of.


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A 'sort of' kind of solution...? :blink:

Figure of speech of course, but now I'm dying to see what happens next that the solution to the problem is seeing someone naked. :lol:

Er...question: will this fic also have a bath house scene?


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So what, they've got an engagement for them on Azule?

Character growth is good. Question, though- in the sequel/main story, is he ever going to put the pieces together and realize that Yuuno's crush was/is Nanoha?


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No, there won't be a bathhouse scene. I try not to pull the same trick twice, even if it is canon. That said, I'm sure there will be plenty of reason for the two to be confronted by naked women at some point or another.

And yes, Ranma figuring out that it's Nanoha should be in chapter eight - possibly chapter nine. And Ranma chooses to help Yuuno out a bit more rather than comment on his taste in women. Bros before Hos, yo.