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If the Fan4stic movie taught me anything, horrible movies don't always tank careers.
True. Creed did a lot to make Michael B. Jordan an real up-and-comer. And his role as Killmonger in just amazing - one of the best parts of the movie. More than made of for that craptastic FF film.
Jesus Christ, why...?

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Why is DC obsessed with making all their superhero movies ultra dark and gritty? It hasn't worked for anyone but Batman, the only other successful DC movie was Wonder Woman and that was also the only one that wasn't grimdark, and the Marvel movies they are desperately trying to catch up to mostly aren't dark and gritty either. So why the fuck do they keep doing it?!


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I can accept the Robin one(he is Batman's sidekick), and if you took away the stupid fur coat from the Starfire one, then it would be okay as well, since Tamarwhatsits are like Kryptonian lights. But Raven with a little doll, and Beast boy trying to look edgy...
tbh, I was the near the opposite in thinking all of them were pretty shit except BB's.


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I actually like Beast Boy's - like TC_Hazard said, it's the only one that looks somewhat right. Also, if you look at the background in Robin's, I'm pretty sure those are his parent's corpses.


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The R batarang is the most silly thing I've ever seen :D

why people want "edgy robin" and use Dick "all DC loves me" Grayson?

And lastly, Star Fire my god that's and horrible costume


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Isn't the 'R'-arang canon, though? I'm pretty sure I remember Tim Drake using in one issue of Batman, back in the 90's I think?

No, it was in Teen Titans Volume 3, written by Geoff Johns. The opening arc, with Jericho-possessed Deathstroke.

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The word "unitard" is problematic these days.
Huh? How?

Is it to do with silly people going 'It ends in "tard," so it must be insulting people of low intelligence,' or something?

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Yes. I'm mocking the social justice types who complain about words because they think they know their etymology because it sounds like another word. For example, niggardly.


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Jack Kirby's inital sketch of the Coal Tiger, later renamed Black Panther:



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Is it just me, or do you also think he's wearing flippers in that image? (flippers = swimming flippers)