Futurama Ideas Thread

Well, Futurama is once again cancelled. It gave us a lot of good episodes and a lot of bad ones, but it was overall a good run on Comedy Central.

And I found myself looking through the Futurama fanfic sections and finding myself... Disappointed. Most of the good fanfics were written years ago. The current crop suck. So why not open this thread for some ideas for plots?

So, here's one: In "Benderama" The only members of the military who responded to the giant monster that landed were Zapp and Kif... On a whole planet of drunk people. And Zapp was actually being pretty heroic and competent, and making quips that were... Dare I say it... Funny.
Intentionally funny I mean.

He didn't succeed in stopping the giant but he was putting actual, heroic effort out there.

Which gave me... A crazy idea.

What if Zapp Brannigan is a true awesome space hero, as great as the legends say he is? Intelligent, decisive, awesome...


Alas, this is unknown to everyone else. And when new anti-hard liquor regulations are passed on the Earth military, Zapp tries to keep up. However...

Imagine Kif Croaker, young ensign, top of his class, gets a chance to work for THE Zapp Brannigan! Greatest Space Hero! As his personal assistant!

Kif then notices his captain seems to drink a lot, and being concerned for his well being, removes the alcohol per regulations.

And Zapp Brannigan the dunce... Is revealed.

It would fit with Kif's life that he's responsible for his own terrible fate, after all.