Guess who's dead now.

Actress Yoko Shimada, best known in the West for the 80s mini-series Shogun, age 69, multiple organ failure from colorectal cancer


Actor and TV director Tony Dow, best known as Wally Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver, age 77
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Uhura was one of my first tv crushes. Always loved Uhura. And was so excited when I recognized Nichelle's voice in animation. This hurts. Rest easy among the stars, ma'am.


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Actor Roger Mosley, best known as T.C. on the original Magnum, PI, age 83
Heh... was just coming here to report that myself... died from injuries he got in a car crash. Kind of odd since I still think of him as the chopper pilot from the show all those years ago...


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For the Finnish people, Vesa-Matti Loiri has passed away from cancer.

I know this man as the man that made Uuno Turhapuro such a household name here in Finland.

*salutes* Rest in Peace.