Happy New Year's 2021!


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Still a little under an hour away for me, but I'll ignore that...

So 2020 was a trying year for lots of people. I was fortunate enough to escape most of the impact outside of having to wear masks in public and not being able to travel, but I know for sure that's the very small minority. With the coronavirus vaccination, hopefully 2021 will be a lot better.

What are your guys' resolutions?

None of my goals for the next year are resolutions in the strictest sense of 'I have to make a change' to achieve them, as I'm set up already to achieve all of them. But, in no particular order:

1. Purchase a house (I live in the Canadian equivalent of middle America, where housing prices are 2x-3x a decent annual income, not 10x or 12x...)
2. Increase my net worth by a specific amount
3. Lose a decent amount of weight
4. Continue to reduce my gaming and reading backlog
5. In the spirit of this being The Fanfiction Forum, actually write some more. I wrote about 20k words this year. I'd like to get an order of magnitude more in 2020, 200k, and potentially even start at one of my ideas in the original fic ideas topics.

Maybe even use this topic to come back to on 31 December, 2021 and see how you've actually progressed!


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My main resolution for the year is to clean my dang house. I'm lazy, so it might just take all year... :p

Happy New Year, y'all!


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Happy New Year, everyone.


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Happy New Year!

In 2020, I've written- give me a moment, to find how many words I've published in fanfics.

Edit: 40k + 75k + 30k = 145 thousand words across all my projects.

(40k for Thousand Hands, 75k for The True Last Senju (Quest) and 30k for On a Similar Path)

If we count one-shots and aborted starts, then a total of a bit over 150 thousand. :D:)

There are plenty of people who are more productive, but of us here, only Lord Raa is (probably) more productive. I would like to surpass this performance of mine, though, for 2021.
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