Jak and Daxter Fanfic

I'm looking for someone to co-write a Jak and Daxter fanfic with me. The time line is right before Jak 3's plot begins.

I've had writer's block for nearly 7 years now and I would really like to write a fan-fic. Specifically a Jak and Daxter fan-fic.

I would write a chapter, send it to your e-mail or FB or whatever, and you would reply with your chapter. If we both love it, we could submit it to Fanfiction.net and create a joint account, or just use my account and share the credit. (We would share credit, regardless.) We could discuss ideas and possibly create even more fan-fics!

The only condition I have is that I want to use my OC, Roseel. She is a former Wasteland Monk, who is now a self-titled Wastelander. (Self-titled because she never fought in the Area in Spargus.)

Please e-mail me at elvish.nightmare@gmail.com if you're interested, or find a way to contact me on here.

Thank you! 3