L.A. Confidential Scandal Magazine

Hey everybody!

I'm Andy, 23, Italian.

I've recently read L.A. Confidential by James Ellroy and I was enchanted by his writing style and how he uses fictional magazine extracts or articles to tell a story, so I got this little crazy idea going on in my head...

Picture this:

- A fictional Scandal Magazine with a flashy layout, just like Hush-Hush in L.A. Confidential (Google Images, look up: "Confidential Magazine").

- An intriguing and ever-evolving front-page crime story (e.g. a murder case) that unfolds issue after issue into a totally unexpected, mind-bending plot, because it will be developed through the articles submitted by different 'reporters' facing the challenge of being consistent with the more or less subtle hints left in the previous articles, while giving their own twist to the events told.

- Lots of scandalous or just funny side stories to be told in short articles or blurbs, for those who just want to give it a try and unleash their creativity.

So I'm looking for creative people who would like to join me on this adventurous challenge (digital mag, non-commercial) and submit their periodical contributions. No pressure and no commitment.

If you are into this idea and want to discuss it further, just let me know per message or reply below!