Loki: Agent of Yggdrasil


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It's just after Loki learns that Old Loki (King Loki) is being protected by the All-mother thus ensuring his doomed future. At this moment, The All-mighty of 'Oh my Goddess' fame makes him an offer...become an Agent of Yggdrasil, fixing bugs and other issues across the multiverse. Each time he succeeds, Yggdrasil will 'Overwrite' one of Loki's crimes from the past with a new deed...overruling Asgard's version of him....and if he does enough heroic deeds for Yggdrasil it will undo 'The crime that cannot be forgiven." allowing their to be three Loki's: The innocent, The Trickster Agent and the Burning King.

Loki accepts and the adventures begins.

The thing I like about this idea is that anyone can write in it. I've told you the opening, and given you the goal that Loki is working towards but leave it open for other people to write adventures in. Obviously King Loki will be trying to trip him up though this time he's at a disadvantage due to the reality hopping nature of Agent Loki's adventures. Other entities also want to see Loki fail (Hild, the Anti-monitor, Krono the mad guardian, etc) so this will not be easy.

The Kinds of adventures he goes on.

1. Enter the world of Evangelion and prevent the annihilation of the human race.

Miss Laufeyson joins Nerv as the head of S2, and eventually takes Shinji under "Her" wing preventing Misato from having a bad influence on the boy, while trying to prep him as a kind of failsafe. For whatever reason humanities fate (under normal circumstances in Eva realities) is left up to Shinji to decide. Loki hopes to prevent things from going that far, but if it comes down to it, the boy needs to believe, Deep down, that Humanity is worth fighting for....beside it's been awhile since he raised a kid, could be fun.

2. Enter the universe of Warhammer 40K and prevent the "Ascension" of the Emperor. I see Loki Befriending Magnus long before the Heresy and using that connection to break Magnus "Contract" with the Warp and ensure that he never sends that message to Terra, leaving the Thousand Sons as Loyal Marines in the war against Horus. This is a long game of Xanatos speed chess Between Loki and the Gods of Chaos, with the fate of the Imperiurm of man hanging in the balance.

So on and so forth....thoughts?