One thing I like about fan-fics is that they cater to an audience interest in re-presenting what they find most intriguing about a story-environment.

I'm a big fan of Batman (DC Comics) love-stories, since they present interesting ideas/images of real peopled dealing with the nefarious problem of criminal insanity while negotiating the human sensitivity to vulnerable emotions (e.g., loneliness, escapism, delight, etc.).

So this is a Batman-adapted fan-fic about a strange love story!


Bruce Talon was a powerful American vigilante who had ties to the very talented team of American vigilantes known as the 'Dark Knights.' Bruce called himself 'Bat-Man,' since his cape and mask made him look like a bat, which he liked since he was fascinated by the survival instincts and night-vision of bats! Bat-Man had many allies, all members of the Dark Knights, including Gorgeous Girl, War-Hammer, Spy, Hacker, Nurse Ninja, and Giant.

Bat-Man and the Dark Knights helped America deal with a number of evil-doers, including the Red Hood Gang, Black Mask, Iron Opium, and Doctor Ugly. Now, Bat-Man wanted to settle down and read books and watch movies (he was almost 40!). Bat-Man decided to rent the John Boorman film "Excalibur" [1981] one night in his mansion. The film presented a lush portrait of the fabled English kingdom of Camelot and how it was challenged by a dastardly warlord named Mordred, the son of his estranged evil sister, Morgan.

As Bat-Man watched the Boorman film, he became entranced by the side-story of the wandering knight Lancelot who would try to help Camelot deal with Mordred. Bat-Man watched as the powerful wizard Merlin tried to help the regal King Arthur bring Lancelot into the kingdom of Camelot and learn about the magical sword Excalibur, which was procured from the hands of the mystical Lady of the Lake. Bat-Man became obsessed with the Lady of the Lake and the mythology surrounding this sword-wielding 'muse.'

As Bruce/Bat-Man read more and more about the Lady of the Lake, he became convinced she was real. He decided to travel to England to search for her, around the area where the actual kingdom of Camelot supposedly sat. Bat-Man sat by the lake where he thought the sword-wielding muse resided and prayed and wrote prayers in his journal --- waiting for her to surface. Bat-Man waited...and waited...and waited. There was no response. Despondent but still inspired by his travels, Bat-Man decided to return home.

Two months passed and Bruce (Bat-Man) received a phone call from a woman claiming a co-worker wanted to set the two up on a blind-date. The woman's name was Talia and she worked as a legal-clerk at Talon Industries, the company Bruce inherited from his deceased father. Bruce agreed to meet Talia, and the two went out to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. Bruce was drawn to Talia's intelligence, attractiveness, and overall charm, but he also thought there was something unusual and even strange (something secret) about her. Nevertheless, the two continued their relationship.

Bruce asked Talia to marry her one year later. The wedding was the toast of the city, and everyone was invited (including the mayor). Bruce told everyone Talia was the special jewel in his heart and that he looked forward to a comfortable life retiring with her (perhaps in Switzerland!). Bruce and Talia were referred to in the press as the 'Fortune Couple' (since Talia was apparently the daughter of a very wealthy Algerian politician). Bruce and Talia went on their honeymoon --- to Fiji --- and were looking forward to a happy life together. When they got to Fiji, however, Talia started confiding in him.

TALIA: I feel so safe with you, Bruce!
BRUCE: I'm glad! Isn't Fiji nice?
TALIA: I love it; I want to confide in you.
BRUCE: I want you to trust me...
TALIA: I'm not who you think I am.
BRUCE: What do you mean? Your father is an Algerian politician, right?
TALIA: No. My father is the wizard Merlin. I'm the Lady of the Lake.
BRUCE: What?? Are you alright? You're speaking like an insane person!
TALIA: You must believe me. I've searched for someone to care for me.
BRUCE: The Lady of the Lake may be real, but I never found her.
TALIA: I know you came looking for me when you visited England!
BRUCE: You knew? I can't believe this...
TALIA: I want you to prove your love for me.
BRUCE: How? What on Earth can I give you?
TALIA: I guard the Fountain of Youth (as well as Excalibur).
BRUCE: Alright. Why are you telling me?
TALIA: Prove to Merlin that you are not 'greedy' for my treasures.
BRUCE: Oh, you want a man to care about you and only you!
TALIA: That's right. Do you love me, Bruce?
BRUCE: Yes, I do Talia (that is your name?).
TALIA: Haha, yes, my real name is in fact Talia.
BRUCE: Well...'Talia, the Lady of the Lake.' I'm flattered (to say the least).
TALIA: Love requires simple 'child-like love-speak,' not fortune...
BRUCE: Maybe you and I will find a 'crazy love' neither of us expected!




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You are not painting your OC lover in a good light, or even a overly redeemable light.

Script form can be the death of a story... but that story is so unbelievable and has so many issues, even for Batman, that I would not want to read it even were it fleshed out.
Chapter 2: Confidence

Well, since the first post failed to satisfy, at least in the mind of one reviewer, I opened up this old thread and opted to post a quick and fun second chapter, describing the rise of a nefarious new crime-couple (Joker and Harley Quinn!) who seem to 'turn the tables' on the definition of love and confidence. I chose to post this type of story in Original Fiction rather than Comic Fiction, since I took rather grand liberties on the historical bio/specifics of these DC Comics characters/avatars.

I hope you like it!



After some time, Batman and Talia became quite a 'handsome' couple, and American journalists labeled their romance as a thing of offbeat charm and surprise. Batman was hoping that the courtship between himself and Talia would inspire youngsters to think less about crime and more about normal civil life. However, a nemesis of Batman rose to prominence and started upsetting this delicate balance of civil sanity and peace that Talia helped Batman build. This nemesis was the eerie Joker. Joker was a gangster who was disfigured in a toxic accident, which drove the criminal half-insane and compelled him to don a clown-face and purple gangster suit.

Joker was no small-time crook. He managed to steal the Crown Jewels in London before kidnapping the NYC mayor and his daughter Andy holding them both for ransom while broadcasting his ransom-demand on pirate radio(!). Joker planned to now plant explosives in the Gotham City Police Department [GCPD] headquarters but before he did, he kidnapped a beautiful criminal psychologist who worked at Arkham Asylum, the center for the incarceration and treatment of the criminally insane! This psychologist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, was a graduate of Yale University and a happily married woman. Joker persuaded Harleen to become his accomplice, sidekick, partner...and lover. Harleen found his sinister persuasion too 'hypnotizing' to ignore and became his 'evil song-bird.'

Batman and Talia chased around Joker and Harleen for about 2 years without success. Harleen had become a serial-killer and wielded a large blade and wore a painted clown-face, like her 'lover' Joker, and renamed herself Harley Quinn. Joker and Harley were the Satanic rendition of Bonnie and Clyde. The journalists suggested that the two evildoers were not only alarming because of their diabolical minds but that they were also 'sin messengers' because of Harley's infidelity towards Dr. Jonathan Crane, the brilliant abnormal psychologist who worked alongside Harley/Harleen at Yale for multiple years (before she recklessly betrayed/abandoned the poor doctor!). Batman knew that if Joker and Harley were not arrested, Americans would become disarmed by their special brand of vice and lust(!).

JOKER: We're quite the 'flower.'
HARLEY: Crime definitely pays...
JOKER: Batman won't catch the likes of us darling!
HARLEY: We're too 'cute.'
JOKER: I once dreamed of becoming a cop, ya know...
HARLEY: Don't be're my 'bad angel.'
JOKER: I suggest we r on Gotham Bank!
HARLEY: Ooh...let's dress up as Muslim terrorists.
JOKER: The press will say, "Gotham is plagued by 'bad love' and bad politics.
HARLEY: You're such a genius, Mr. Joker.
JOKER: And you're my devilish dumpling, ya know!
HARLEY: I was gonna end up a doctor with Jonathan Crane (yeck!).
JOKER: Glad you left that pigeon for me...the dashing Joker(!).
HARLEY: I wonder if the criminal mind can overwhelm the patient one.
JOKER: I intend for us to overwhelm Batman's pedestrian mind, darling!
HARLEY: We'll rob Gotham Bank and use the money to travel around Europe.
JOKER: That's a rather...civilized agenda, Harley!
HARLEY: Our 'love-speak' will confound the priests.
JOKER: My goodness, you remind me of my dear departed mother...


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