Mega Man X/ Vocaloid Cross over ideas

So, im looking for a place just like this.
Im a huge Mega Man X fan, Specifically Zero. As well as a Vocaloid Fan, specifically Megurine Luka. They seem to fit together.
I want to try and write a good action/romance fanfiction with Zero and Luka.

Is anyone familliar with these who would be able to help me.

My premise is that During the Maverick Wars, Humans have lost hope. The Vocaloids(singing reploids) were created to help bring hope to the humans through song. Sigma the leader of the Mavericks wants to stop the vocaloids from bringing hope to the war. During a concert given by Miku and Luka, Sigma attacks. The attack is thwarted by Zero and X. After the attack Zero and X meet the two vocaloid singers and Zero and Luka start to fall for one another. Sigma senses this as a weakness in Zero and plans to kidnap Lukka to turn her into a maverick to destroy Zero and the Maverick Hunters.

This is my basic plot. Can anyone please help me flesh out the plot and maybe help me write this fanfiction together.