Naoko and Shinji


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Had a random thought last night while watching some recorded Adult Swim.

A Rick and Morty style for an anime.

So, replace them with Naoko Akagi and Shinji.

Scene given to me by a friend.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea, Naoko. Don't I really need school?"

"It's fiiiiiiine, Shin-BRAAAAP-Shinji. There's nothing you can learn in there that I can't teach you. If you're really BELCH worried about it, I can rig up something with the Magi and your nerve clips. We'll just pump it in there. Now get in the portal, we've got more important stuff to do!"

"L-like what?"

"Universe 47 Tokyo Mall is having a sale on Hello Kitty merch, and you're gonna BUUUURP distract security while I clean them out!"

"Oh geez, Naoko..."


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Never seen Rick and Morty... heard of them though... I thought it would be a Shinji and Naoko romance... ah well...


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Hell, I'd read it just to watch these two interact, subvert, and drive the normal cast to drink.
And inversely cause Misato to give up drinking.