Naruto Family Challenge


Knower of Stuff
This challenge is based on "What if Naruto was raised by...?"

The main challenge is what would Naruto be like if two weeks after the sealing was adopted by Kurenai Yuhi?

There are several things that I would like to see including:

-Before Kurenai adopts Naruto she is given a 'mission' to watch over him and grows attached
-Kurenai stops a young gennin from trying to kill Naruto (this could cause her to grow attached)
-Kurenai was Kushina's student (I'm not sure if she was in cannon)
-Due to a flair of Kyuubi's chakra from a young Naruto, a seal left on Kurenai by Kushina changes the young woman into a partial Uzumaki granting her strange new abilities (chakra chains, more potent chakra, becoming a natural sensor, a small portion of the kyuubi's power, ect.) You can pick two powers maximum.

-OPTIONAL: Kushina is brought back to life (she was sealed in a scroll to heal/someone did a forbidden technique to bring her back, ect...) after Kurenai adopts Naruto. At least one year has passed sense Kushina 'died.' Kurenai feels threatened by Kushina suddenly coming back after asking about her son. I leave the possibility of Fem/Slash up to the writer.

Rules of the Challenge
1. No M/slash
2. No Gender-Bending
3. No Harems
4. The power of the log is almighty.