NBC's Chuck Alternate Ending

@AndyTheNeumann's Alternate Ending to Chuck: Chuck loads Ellie's program onto the Intersect glasses. He puts the glasses on Sarah instead of himself, and she remembers everything. Then he goes back down to diffuse the bomb. He looks deep inside himself, hoping for a way to remove the bomb. Then he flashes, and the words Intersect 1.0 quickly pass across the screen. He then successfully diffuses the bomb. General Beckman retires from the CIA with great honor. Shaw gets cancer and dies (he was asking for it lol). Morgan and Alex get married. Cassie pursues his true love. Ellie and Captain Awesome stay in their current home and Frost lives in Chuck's former apartment, devoting her life to raising Clara. Chuck and Sarah live out the remainder of their lives in peace, in their dream home with their beautiful baby and loving dog, far away from the spy life.

Explanation: Chuck was able to flash because of the Intersect he had inside of him. If you recall, as a boy he accidentally uploaded the Intersect 1.0 off his father's computer. It helped him to beat Shaw after the Intersect should have long since driven him to insanity.