Notes from the Apocalyps: Bay Area

Notes from the apocalypse: Bay Area

Found inside the backpack of a dead survivor on the tenth floor of the trans America pyramid. The corpse had been dismembered and eaten.

June 7

Found a bike on the streets of SF.
It's owner didn't need it.
Trust me.

Only a few of them in the streets, and these ones are particularly quick.
It doesn't matter.
The bike gives haste.

Thanks for the bike, street spirit.

Found a couch to sleep on in the big pyramid building.
Had to break the window to get in, don't think any of them heard me though.

I'll go up to the 10th floor just in case.
10 floors is plenty.

Can't keep my eyes open.
I hate traveling alone. No one to watch your back.

Gotta sleep now.
Notes from the Apocalypse: Bay Area.

Found written in sharpie on the Bart service corridor. The note was right.

June 17

Flares above the door.
Canned food inside the electrical box.
Do not open west side service door.

There are hundreds of them behind it.

Good luck.
Notes from the Apocalypse: Bay Area

Passage taken from a journal found inside an incinerator in Atherton, CA. Along with the journal is a floral dress, long clippings of red hair, and a bloody rag.

August 23,

Joanna ran away last night. She had been going on about how the doctor wasn't to be trusted.

I used to trust him.

But I noticed that every time one of us runs away, a few days later we would get served meat.


The girls who've been here longest tell the rest of us to not worry and to just trust the doctor.

"There's food in your stomach and ghouls outside the gate. What more do you want?"

I want to know where the meat is coming from.

Is the doctor feeding us our sisters?