Oneshots and Omakes: Another blade in a second


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Decided to give this fic its own topic.

I've been having problems trying to finish this. I'm tempted to have that in Akemi's tale, Motoko decided to pair up Tomoko and Keitaro. but it kinda seems out of character for Motoko.

Not quite believing what she had heard from the seemingly emotionless girl that had appeared from a time portal, Tomoko asked. “What... What did you say?”

“I greeted you, past version of Mother. then the past version of Father, and the past version of Aunt Motoko. Finally, I stated who I was,” Akemi answered.

“Urashima! How dare you cheat on me and my daughter in the future!” Motoko yelled as she lept away from Keitaro and put her hand on the handle of Shisui. Before she could pull her blade out, Akemi pulled out something like a futuristic handgun that had the Molmol symbol on it and pulled the trigger. A bunch of red ribbons came out of the handgun device and wrapped around Motoko, trapping her arms at her sides and binding her legs together.

Motoko struggled for a little bit before she started to fall over. However, both Keitaro and Tomoko rushed over to try and catch her. Tomoko was successful because Keitaro still had his cast on.

“How dare you, Tomoko! How dare you-” Motoko said before Akemi pressed a button on the side of the handgun device and the red ribbons extended to cover Motoko's mouth.

As she put the bound and angry Motoko on the couch, Tomoko asked Akemi, “Why did you do that?”

“She was attacking him because I appeared. Would you rather I let her attack him?” Akemi asked back as she put the futuristic handgun away.

Tomoko sighed before she answered, “No, but I have another question. If you are really my daughter from the future then why are you using a gun?!”

Keitaro was a bit surprised at the bit of anger in Tomoko's voice when she yelled the last part.

“Because Aunt Sarah and Aunt Su told me it's better to be prepared for anything,” Akemi replied as she walked over to a chair and sat down. “And it was better to tie up Past Aunt Motoko than to attack her and risk damaging the Hinata.”

“So I take it Su made that gun? Bit odd that it doesn't cause any explosions or shoot missiles...” Keitaro muttered.

“Don't be absurd, past version father. If it shot missiles, it'd be a missile launcher. As for why Su made it, I believe it was because of a bet Su had with someone if she could invent something that could harmlessly take someone down. I never was told who, though,” Akemi quickly stated. “So why did Past Aunt Motoko talk of having a daughter with Past Version of Father?”

“You... .aren't the first one to travel back into the past. It was someone from a timeline where I married Motoko,” Keitaro said as he sat on the opposite end of the couch Motoko was on. Motoko was still glaring at Keitaro and Tomoko.

“Ah. That explains her attitude.” Akemi said to herself as she rubbed her chin.

It was about that time what Keitaro had said hit Motoko. Her anger seemed to drain away as she thought, 'Wait... So I might not even have Minako? My marriage to Urashima is not set in stone?'

A cold chill seemed to grow in Motoko's stomach at the moment.

“So tell us. Is your purpose for coming here is to tell us how Mr. Urashima and myself get together in hopes that'll insure it'll happen to us, like how Motoko's possible future daughter did?” Tomoko asked.

Akemi's eyes briefly widen a bit at hearing that, but she then said, “Yes, though I'm surprised that a relative I'll never meet had a similar plan that I had.”

“I have three questions. The first being, why do you think that going back into the past to talk to us is a good plan?” Keitaro asked, hoping that he wouldn't upset Akemi. Though he was mostly concerned with at how much Akemi seemed to act like something like either Rei from Evangelion or D from Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. It just didn't seem like how a child would act if they had either him or Tomoko as parents in Keitaro's eyes.

“Because a discrepancy in the timeline was detected. While Su believed that it wouldn't effect our timeline, I wanted to make sure, so I managed to talk her into letting me come here,” Akemi.

“Second question – do the version of us that are your parents know that you are here?” Keitaro asked. He was surprised that she shrugged.

“Maybe, maybe not. For all I know, they knew that I was going to come back in time, since both are on a second honeymoon at the moment in my time,” Akemi answered.

“Can you go back to your time?” Tomoko asked, sounding very concerned at the moment. Both Keitaro and Motoko's eyes widened when they thought about that, but everyone seemed to calm down when Akemi pulled back a sleeve on her Hakama to show a similar watch as Minako and pointed at it.

“Before I answer your last question Future version of father, since it seemed like future Aunt Motoko has calmed down, I'll free her,” Akemi said as she pulled out the gun, pointed it at Motoko, and pressed another button on it. The red ribbons detached themselves from Motoko and went back inside of the handgun. Akemi then put it away.

“Why do you seem so... reserved?” Keitaro asked as Motoko stretched a little bit to insure she was freed from all the red ribbons.

“I never thought much about it, but we're getting offtrack. I'm not here to be interviewed, I'm here to tell you how she and you get together,” Akemi replied as she pointed at Tomoko and Keitaro.

“I guess you're right...” Keitaro muttered.

'Is it right to deny this child's existence to save the one that claimed to be mine?' Motoko thought as Akemi studied her. 'Then again, how can I be sure that either child are who they claim to be?'

Akemi then looked at Tomoko, who seemed concerned about something. But she seemed to hide it as she said, “I'd like to hear your story, so please tell us.”

Inwardly, she thought, 'If she is my daughter, does she know who I really am? And should I hope to be with Keitaro?'

Akemi then started to explain, “From what I was told, Aunt Motoko kept going back and forth between getting close to Father and keeping away from him emotionally. Mother tried to get Aunt Motoko to stop flip-flopping, but due to the events that happened only a while ago from your perspective, Aunt Motoko seemed to further close herself off for a few days. But don't worry, It was more along the lines of she had asked for permission for a few days off from Father in this case.”

'So my younger self decided to meditate to both calm down and to try to decide what she wants,'
Tomoko thought, as she suppressed a smirk.