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All right, every now and again I am plagued by ideas for a series. I don't know if these concepts are worth pursuing but I feel the need to share the ideas with someone in the hopes of getting some feedback. Perhaps that feedback will refine an idea until it's worth writing about, perhaps I'll learn I am on wrong track entirely, either way the feedback will be invaluable. That said, I welcome people to post their own original idea in here as well so I may return the favor.

First idea

Working Title: What to do with our summoned demon?

The Magicians Club was established in [Insert Name] High as a place where budding young magicians/illusionists could practice and discuss their tricks and perform for the local community. However, four of it’s female members got their hands on an old magic book from a strange little curio shop in town. On a lark, the four try out one of the spells…..and end up summoning a demon. Realizing their terrible mistake they frantically try to banish the thing, but screw up the spell and bind it to them instead. Essentially they form a contract that keeps the creature on earth as their servant until certain conditions are fulfilled at which point one of them, becomes the demon’s.

At first they are terrified but calm down, deciding all they have to do is never fulfill the terms of the contract and they’ll be just fine. As for the demon, it wakes up and takes a human form…which looks like a 10-12 year old foreign boy (Dark skin, blue eyes and silver hair). The demon honestly doesn’t seem particularly happy about being summoned, and only get’s less happy when he realizes these girls have no intention of fulfilling the contract and letting him go free.

So after a little arguing he storms off, only to realize he has to stay within a certain range of one of the girls, meaning he’s stuck with them until his contract is fulfilled, and his full powers can only really be used in their service/protection. After deciding who get’s to keep him for the night, their adventures begin.

Some notes:

-          They manage to pretend he’s a foreign exchange student or family friend of one of the girls to explain his presence with them
-          He passes himself off as a genius, and thus is in the same class as the girls.
-          The girls have grown up together and are all rather close.

Sai is the name of our young demon, and by their standards he is really young. The child of two Fallen (the beginners of the demon line) he has a lot of power, but has trouble accessing it safely. He generally does better with smaller finer tasks (when it comes to magic) than the big stuff. This has forced him to become really clever since demons are not known for tolerating signs of weakness.

Sai is a very curious soul, kind of a researcher/explorer at heart, thus he’s able to pass himself off as a genius since he’s very good at math, biology, history etc. In fact the only thing he has real trouble with…is physics and that’s due to growing up in a place and among st a people who are not subject to the rules of physics as they exist in the human realm.

After their first Meeting Sai becomes noticeably more friendly and helpful to the girls, slowly getting them to think of him as a helpful if rambunctious little brother. All except Saki, who realizes the truth, he knows he can’t brow beat them into releasing him so he’s going to become their friend learn about them, then manipulate them into granting him his freedom.

Thing is, since he’s a demon and not a fallen he’s never chosen to betray the All-mighty, meaning he has a choice. Heaven, as represented by the arch angel Raziel is trying to get him to turn away and enlist with them, while Beliel is working to drag him firmly into Hell’s legion. Sai wants no part of this war, but might be forced to take aside as his plan backfires and he actually begins to think of the girls as his precious people, which get’s exploited.

I’m still working on the girls, but I do have the following.

Saki is more or less the lead girl, the biggest skeptic when it comes to real magic, and thus the one who feels most responsible for allowing this demon summoning to happen. She’s an only child but her parents are often very busy and so she’s latched onto her friends and is fiercely protective of them. She is the last one Sai wins over and even that only really happens when he finally puts himself in real danger for them at the end of the first season (I figure this could run for about 2-3 seasons depending). Until that point she’s not buying his ‘Helpful little brother schtick.’ But plays along to a certain degree so she can foil whatever he’s planning.

By season 2 she’s included Sai in her mental list of friends and thus becomes protective of him…which bemuses the demon….and to his surprise…warms his heart as he too is an only child with few (ie No) friends in the demon realm.



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Idea 2

I've got no choice but to trust the evil overlord

So we have a hero that's been looping back again and again in an attempt to prevent the end of the world. Although very skilled and knowledgeable by his final loop nothing he or she does seems to prevent the end of the world due to a lack of access to the areas under the Demon King's control. Desperate and having learned a lot about the Demon King, the hero forces said King into the Loop in their place and acts as something of a spirit advisor.

The Demon King took power from the Mad Lord long ago and has been fairly reasonable as far as Demon Kings go. The Demon King, however, is beset by upstarts, noble demon families, and various other factions all vying for power and implementing various conspiracies to bring about their own ascension. These attempts to fight off would be usurpers cause the Overlord to miss the signs pointing to one faction trying to end the world. Now with a fresh start and a Spirit advisor the Demon King goes on the offensive, rooting out corruption and conspiracy in a desperate attempt to find out who is or-castrating the end of the world before it's too late.